No Name

When you come from a family raised in religion

But not particularly religious

But you are

And you happen to fall in love

Yet you're pressured and pushed away from that

By your parents, by your religion

To do well in school

To not love who you love

So you don't follow your love

And when you find someone who's nice

Who understands you

At least you think he does

And who you love as a friend, just a friend

But are pressured into being his girlfriend

By your parents

Your friends


Pressured into loving someone you don't love

But not wanting to hurt them by telling them

Suffering in silence

Your mom asking why you haven't kissed him yet

You replying "It hasn't been the right time."

That your beliefs won't let you

They won't believe that

No one will believe that

Even though it will never be the right time, not for him

Because although he loves you, you don't love him

And now

You don't know what to do