The fall breeze whistled through the air as the white haired girl, Himeko Toma, stepped through the Kaisei Academy gates, a red scarf protecting part of her face from the cold. It was silent as she walked, so silent that her footsteps echoed throughout the school yard. She could feel the unfriendly cold stares from everyone around her, but there was nothing she could do about it, there was no way to evade them. Suddenly, a tall hostile looking girl appeared before her, her long black hair blowing in the wind behind her.

"Hey freak" the girl, also known as Akiko Kumori, remarked. "Didn't anyone tell you it was against the school policy to dye your hair?" She pushed Himeko's bag out of her hand and onto the ground.

Himeko said nothing as she began to bend down and pick her belongings up, but was stopped when she was pushed to the ground, her face blank as she looked up at Kumori. "Did I say you could pick your stuff up?"

Kumori then began to slowly raise her leg behind her, preparing to kick Himeko who now resided on the ground. Just as she was about to kick her a voice rang throughout the yard. "Why don't you go pick on someone your own size?" the high pitched voice bellowed.

A girl much smaller than Kumori suddenly appeared between the two, Mariko Suzushima. Kumori eyed her, not sure how to respond. "Keh, whatever I'm getting bored anyway," she muttered as she turned around and began to head into the school.

Mariko smiled. "Mhm," nodding she turned to Himeko. "Are you alright?" she extended her hand to her.

Himeko nodded slightly as she was pulled up to her feet. "Sorry you had to help me again Mari," she mumbled.

The surrounding crowed was now migrating into the building as well. "Please, Kumori has been scared of me since pre-school, and besides, what are best friends for?" she smiled brightly as she flipped her chocolate brown hair that rested just above her shoulders.

With that the pair quickly put their things away and headed to their class room. Once again everyone stared at Himeko as she made her way to her desk in the back of the room next to the window. Even though she had gone through the same thing time and time again it still bothered her. As she stared out the window she recalled her parents taking to her when she was very little, telling her that she was special since she was born with pure white hair and crystal blue eyes.

Himeko exhaled. "There's nothing special about me, I'm just a freak," she thought.

She had lost herself in her thoughts, desperately trying to escape the life she wished she never had, until suddenly someone was calling out to her. "Miss Toma," it called.

Himeko shook her head slightly and looked to the front of the room where her teacher, Mr. Shima, was standing. "Miss Toma please try not to space out again. As I was saying, a new student will be joining us."

Himeko hadn't noticed the new student until he was pointed out. His tall stature towered over the very short one of Mr. Shima, and his sandy blonde hair laid just above his bright green eyes. "Is he a foreigner?" she thought.

"This is Yuki Otanashi," Mr. Shima continued. "He just transferred here from Kikokushijo Academy, and will be with us for the rest of the year, please make him feel welcome, now for your seat."

The class broke out in mumbling upon hearing what school he had transferred from. "That's a big international school," one girl said to another.

"I wonder where he's from, he looks pretty foreign to me," a boy mumbled.

Mr. Shima Cleared his throat. "Alright that's enough. Otanashi, you may take the empty seat next to Miss Toma. Will you please raise your hand Himeko?"

Himeko slowly raised her hand as she locked her gaze onto the new transfer student. A strange feeling had managed to spread throughout her body, it was almost as if she had met him before. As he made his way up the isle she searched her memory, for something, anything that could explain why she felt the way she did.

When she snapped out of her thoughts she noticed that his face was very close to hers, his eyes locked with her own. "You can put your hand down now," he smirked.

Blushing bright red Himeko brought her hand down quickly, and turned to face the window. She could hear the entire class laughing at her, but she didn't turn around to see.

For the rest of the day her gaze never left that window. She could feel the new student's eyes on her throughout the day, and it made her feel uneasy. No matter how much she thought she couldn't explain the nagging feeling that she had met him before.

Finally, after a very long and unsettling day, the bell to leave rang. Himeko hurriedly collected her things, and rushed out of the class room, trying to avoid the new student altogether. She quickly put on her black trench coat and her red scarf as she walked out of the building and off of school grounds.

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