They walked in silence, Himeko growing even more embarrassed as people began to stare at them. "Have we met before?" she suddenly asked.

"Huh?" Yuki was caught off guard. "No, what makes you ask that?"

"I don't know, when I saw you today I got the strangest feeling that we've met before, but I can't figure out why. You just look so familiar to me," she explained.

Yuki was quiet for a few moments. "No, we've never met before."

With that he was silent the rest of the way.

After a while they finally made it Himeko's house. Yuki stopped and stared for a few moments. "This is your house?" He questioned curiously.

"Mhm," Himeko nodded. She didn't like bringing people to her house, they always stared at it, and asked too many questions since lived in a Japanese style mansion that spanned over about 10 acres of land.

"Okay, so how do we get in?" he asked.

Himeko was surprised that he wasn't asking any questions regarding such a big estate. "Just let me down, I can do it."

Yuki gently let her down, and she proceeded to head over to the small intercom receiver that rested on the wall next to the gate. "Open the gate, it's me." She spoke to it as she held down a red button.

After a few moments a man's deep voice answered. "Of course Miss Himeko."

Almost immediately the gates opened to reveal the front of the house. "Well thank you again for everything. I owe you so much," Himeko spoke softly.

"I already told you its fine. Now let me walk you to the door, it's only proper manners," he told her.

After nodding slightly, Himeko and Yuki silently walked to the massive front doors that swung open to reveal a very worried looking woman. "Himeko, where have you been? I've been worried sick!" she exclaimed.

"Kaneda, I'm fine. I had a little accident, but it could have been worse. I'm just bruised up a bit, and I think I hit my head," Himeko explained.

Kaneda, the Toma's maid, gasped. "Just wait till your parents hear this, they are going to have a fit!"

Himeko's eyes widened. "Please don't tell them, it's nothing really. With a little rest I'll be just fine, there's no need to worry them when they're always so busy."

"Well," Kaneda examined Himeko. "If you insist on it I won't tell them, but you have to cook dinner tonight. Both of your parents are in Hong Kong on some business, and your brother is in England at the moment so it will only be the two of us."

Yuki watched their bickering, it amused him. When Kaneda spoke about Himeko's family he noticed that Himeko became incredibly sad, but he didn't say anything.

"Alright," Himeko turned to Yuki. "Would you like our driver to drive you home? Your parents must be really worried."

Yuki waved his hand dismissively. "My parents are away for a while, so no worries."

Kaneda chimed in. "What are you doing about your meals then?"

"I mostly just eat takeout," he shrugged.

"That's unacceptable," Kaneda shook her head. "You're staying for dinner then."

Himeko looked at Kaneda in shock. "Kaneda he must have things to do, we wouldn't want to trouble him."

"He's staying and that's final. Now both of you get in the house before you catch colds," she demanded.

Himeko mouthed a "sorry" to Yuki who simply shrugged and walked into the house.

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