Unlike Valendor, Corawell wasn't cramped at all and was rather spacious. They landed in a field with flowers and an umbrella acacia tree except that it bore souls as "fruits". "Lady Allaura loves to sit under that tree and works," Ume sighed happily. "Oh, in case you're wondering, Corawell is the name of the tree, which is also the Pillar of the World. Let's have a seat over there, shall we?"

After everyone was seated, the wisp began, "After the soul has been purified, it will brought here while they rest until it's time. When you ring that bell, the souls that are ready to be reincarnated will come to you. We sped up the process for your father so ring the bell."

Adia did as she was told and the soul that was her father came to rest on her lap. "Now hold it gently and imagine what you want it to be. Do you want it to be a boy or a girl? What are its hair and eye colors? Where will it live? Think of the physical characteristics. Don't worry about its personality; it has been ingrained in the soul already. When it's done, the soul will disappeared, which means that it is now in the world of Samara."

She closed her eyes and thought hard on what she wanted her father to be. During that time, the soul began to fade away until finally it was gone. "Good job, Lady Adia!" Ume praised. "And that is how you both perform the life cycle."

Turning to her mother, Adia told her, "I made father into a Kreesian boy because I figure that you may meet him again since we mostly stayed there." Kejuta patted her thoughtful daughter's head though she seemed to be deep in thought. "What's wrong, Mother?"

"Oh, it's nothing. I was just wondering about who we were in our past life," Kejuta admitted. "Shall we be heading out now?"

The wisps cleared their throat. "Um… we didn't tell you?" Un started. "You two must stay in your respective worlds for the rest of your life since these jobs are for eternity. Deaths and births happen every day after all. Well except on the Yuzema Festival since that is your only day off; this means that no one dies or is born on that day."

Pendance and Adia looked at their mother worriedly. They knew that she would be upset that they won't be there with her. "Don't worry, Mother," he comforted her. "You can always visit us, right?"

Un and Ume glanced at each other before exclaiming, "YOU'RE their mother!?"

Kejuta nodded. "Is there a problem with that?" she wondered. They shook their heads.

"Actually no, but we thought you were their aunt or another relative," Ume shifted awkwardly, "Lord Seitha has told us that their successors were supposed to sterile just like them. But then, he did say that there may be an exception since he didn't know how their powers would affect mortals…"

Aundra grinned. "Hear that, Kejuta?" she said amusingly. "You're an exception! Hey, since you can give birth, why don't you give birth seven times so that we can get all of the Ilmarians instead of waiting for who knows how long?"

The Ilmarian of Fate scowled. "No thank you," she replied. "I promised myself that I won't have any more kids and childbirth is rather difficult to be honest." The other woman just chortled.

Adia went over to her mother and hugged her tightly. "Don't worry, Mother," she declared. "I won't be lonely because I have the wisps to keep me company. Besides, what Pen said is right. You can see me whenever you want." Kejuta hugged her in return.

After the Ilmarian of Life bid everyone farewell, they returned back to Valendor to drop Pendance off. "Take care, Mother!" he said as he hugged her. Looking at the others, he continued, "Don't worry about me. I'll do my duty with the utmost responsibility that Seitha would be proud."

"Make your father and me proud," Kejuta said sadly and walked back to the others. Marika created a portal to Samara and they disappeared. As Pendance watched the gateway shrunk, he felt sadness in his heart. This was the first time he was not with his mother and sister. Looking at the souls below him, he wondered if there was anyone he knew or at least a friendly face.

"I'm going to take a walk," he told the two wisps, which followed him. Walking among the crowd, he studied them but they seemed to be cautious around him. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.

"Pen! Is that you?" a woman's voice shouted. Turning around, he was surprised to see Eloria. She looked to be around thirty years old.

"Eloria!" he shouted with surprise as he hugged her. "Why are you here? What happened to you since we last met?"

"I'm dead, you silly," she teased. "Anyway, my family and I settled into a small kingdom of Lycia after we escaped and a few years later, I married the mayor. Unfortunately, I died giving birth to my son. Imagine my surprise that you're the new god of the dead. I knew that there is something special about you! Oh, I'm glad that you still have my memento. It looks nice on you. Why don't we find a quiet place where we can talk privately and catch up?"

Offering his hand, Pendance replied, "I would love that." His friend took it, and they walked together while chatting about the good old days.

Meanwhile, the others landed in the middle of Ongera. "Are you okay, Kej?" Brenton asked. She nodded.

"I'm fine," she reassured him but sighed. "I guess I have to get used to the fact that I'm an empty nester now. Anyway, what's next in our agenda?"

"I was thinking of showing the world to you," Marika noted. "That way everyone will know more about the people and their cultures."

Aundra nodded with approval. "We would love that," she answered. "I think Kejuta would benefit most since she is most likely the Seeker whom you're supposed to help because she is in charge of gathering the Ilmarians together. Not to mention, this is a perfect time to find that Shuvyral you created, Kej, and seal it away. I would join you on your journey for a little bit, but I have to go back to Kreesia to do my political duties. Brenton can stay with you and help you out. Likewise he can teach you the languages, Marika, during your travels. Which reminds me, when will the next Ilmarian appear?"

He closed his eyes as he touched his book. "Hmm…" he mumbled. "It looks like we would have four more Ilmarians within the next century. Remember that Marika mentioned all of the small kingdoms being established in Ongera? Well, it looks like they're going to be at war with each other so a lot of Ilmarians will be born during this time. I don't have the exact year, but I think the first one will be at most fifty years from now."

"Then I suggest that we begin our excursion quickly before we get caught in the war," Kejuta recommended. "Despite the fact that we are immortals, I don't want to die again because it's still painful."

Everyone agreed and after making sure that they got everything, they set off on their journey.