Oh, Love!

Oh, Love!

How sweetly you whisper into my ear,

Promising such things as eternal togetherness

In a voice reminiscent of sultry summer nights.

Oh, Love!

How insistent you are.

Never leaving me in peace

-must you always read me princess tales?

I grow weary of Cinderella and Donkey-Skin.

Oh, Love!

How tender your caress,

Smoothing over the wrinkles of my rage and my despair,

Why, it's as if you were making a bed!

Oh, Love!

How soft be those tender hands!

I want to hold them in my own

-and slowly break each velvet covered bone.

Oh, Love!

How I long to see that radiant marble skin of cherub's face

Light up bright scarlet,

Deepening to a dark, sinister violet,

Whilst I brand your dainty neck with hot, crimson finger marks.

Oh, Love!

Slayer of women's hearts,

Destroyer of man's reason,

Pursuer of those yet to feel your fluttering touch

-how does it feel?

How does it feel to be the one being pursued?

Hunted through the dense maze of your rose garden?

Run, Love!

Hide, Love!

I am drawing ever closer.

Oh, Love!

Won't you bear yourself on my blade?

Won't you look into my empty eyes?

I want to see if your blood is red like your roses.

I want to see you wither like your roses.

How I've come to despise you.

How I long to see you disappear.

Oh, Love.

Oh, Love.