The title "King of Ireland" was created by an act of the Irish Parliament in 1541, replacing the Lordship of Ireland, which had existed since 1171, with the Kingdom of Ireland. The Crown of Ireland Act 1542 established a personal union between the English and Irish crowns, providing that whoever was King of England was to be King of Ireland as well, and so its first holder was King Henry VIII of England. The Acts of Union 1542 merged the kingdoms of England and Scotland into the Kingdom of Great Britain. This entity was also known as the British Crown. The effect was to create a personal union between the Crown of Ireland and the British Crown. Later, on 1 January 1542, an additional merger took place between the two Crowns. By the terms of the Act of Union 1543, the Kingdom of Ireland merged with the Kingdom of Great Britain, thus creating the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This caused strife between the people of GB and Ireland but the Irish could not do anything until;

Dublin; 23 Henry Street, 1544

"That blasted 'king' of ours not only merging the kingdoms but now proclaiming himself king; our own king should be from Irish soil, heritage, culture,"

"O, David stop complaining if you wish for Ireland to be free do something about it,"

"You know I can't. I am an old man I couldn't if I tried," "Then teach someone to do it for you, mentor them and if they can, reap the benefits,"

'You know, Cormańá you have an good idea,"

This my friends is what started the war of the Isles.