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The title "King of Ireland" was created by an act of the Irish Parliament in 1541, replacing the Lordship of Ireland, which had existed since 1171, with the Kingdom of Ireland. The Crown of Ireland Act 1542 established a personal union between the English and Irish crowns, providing that whoever was King of England was to be King of Ireland as well, and so its first holder was King Henry VIII of England. This caused strife between the people of Great Britain and Ireland but the Irish could not do anything until;


May 14th 1543

Another family chased out because of unfair laws, another person treated terribly because of this unlawful subjugation, another house burnt, another person almost beaten to death because of inhumane and unfair laws.

Eamon was tired of it all, what was supposed to be a short pleasant walk to the market turns into a sorrowful feast for the eyes. He as soon as he got into his small cottage he wanted to just lay on his bed and sleep but he first went to check on Cormac the other cottage occupants and his good friend for thirty-five years.

As soon as Cormac saw him though, he knew something was seriously annoying Eamon. "What is it this time?"

"It's that blasted man, King my arse, the idiot just keeps adding taxes and squashing our freedoms all because we do not truly matter to his power base and grand plot. If he felt the need to declare himself king of Ireland he should ideally care for all his people not shouldn't he?"

"What's got you saying that Eamon? Bad day at the market?" "Terrible, to go pick up some local market produce to simply survive and some English speaking prick thinks since 'our king' is English then they are first class in this society."

"It has me positively fuming." "Well in a society where you know the alpha of the pack is closer to you than someone else you, most times feel like you have a right to treat them like shit."

"I know that Cormac I'm just tired. It may seem like while terrible I should just deal with it you have to think about the fact that this is general treatment everywhere along with the fact that he denies our religion and tramples our rights as his citizens. If he doesn't want to take care of us he should leave us be."

"If you're that angry petition to the king for redress."

"Which king the fat English one or an Irish king who I don't know about." "There are numerous chieftains from Westmeath westward who still have some power within their domains, ask them for asylum."

"So run away and leave everyone to suffer?" "We are old men Eamon what do you propose we do about it then, find an Irish king to petition to?"

"No, make one."

"You advocate rebellion, treason?!" "No, I advocate freedom. I am tired Cormac, but not too tired to do anything. If we die today we have done nothing for the world for our people and I for one will not have that happening. You were a great tactician and strategist in the army during your youth and I had- no have some good amount political savvy, together who would beat us?"

"The massed English levy and standing navy for one. War is not child's play Eamon never forget that, do not just scream rebellion and think that we are free. You need soldiers, command, knowing England ships, public support and money."

"We should have patriotic men in the country, you are a military genius, the war does not have to be naval, again patriotism and for money I have a plan."

Cormac laughed. "After all I've said war is still a game to you. What about that king huh, you'll need a leader, a figure, inspiration to the soldierly you have not told me where you'll find or how you'll pay for?"

"We shall find one Cormac don't worry, just trust me friend." "You talk of this like it's simple child's play!"

"Do you trust me Cormac?" "Y- you-*sigh* yes, yes I do." "Then help me." "I will friend, I will."