Die Hitler-Jugend


The wind blew with great volume and power as the trees outside of Hans's window swayed back and forth. The rain patted against the window making soft and comforting sounds to Hans as he laid his head down on his studying desk in his room. He had the radio on very low to make sure that he wouldn't wake any one up who might be sleeping in his home. The radio broadcast that he was listening to was one of Hitler's rallying speeches a few days ago. Hans loved listening to Hitler's speeches they filled him with national pride and gave him much excitement about the future of Germany. Hitler mostly talked about the Aryan race in this broadcast and about their natural strength and beauty. Whenever Hans heard this he could not help but feel flattered being handsome, tall, blond, and blue eyed which are the exact characteristics of being an Aryan. But as the broadcast carried on it began he began to talk about the inferior races such Jews and Gypsies. Hans had never met a Jew in his life but he heard about how disgusting they were and how they are never more but dead weights on society. At that moment Hans heard the small bell ring and his mother calling him for dinner. Hans leap up out of his chair hungry and ran down the stairs in anticipation for his mother's usually well cooked meals. He sat down in one of the oak wooden chairs that his father had made himself and grabbed both pieces of silverware ready to tear at whatever food is going to be put before him. His mother came in the room smelling of weird perfumes that Hans didn't know the name of. She was just as Aryan as Hans was with long blond hair that went past her shoulders and was as good looking as he was. She came in the room holding two decorated plates that had been in the family for generations and placed one before and Hans and the other across from him where his father had always would sit. On the plate was corn, mashed potatoes covered with gravy and one large piece of steak. Mother always knows how to make a proper meal. Hans thought happily as he digged into his meal. As he did his mother left and came back with her own meal. Hans quickly noticed that his father wasn't at the table across from him and the steam was becoming smaller and less radiating off of his meal every moment. "Where is father?" Hans asked with an innocent curiosity in his tone. His mother sighed depressingly and said with a sad tone. "I guess your father will be late again tonight Hans." Hans picked up on his mother's obvious disappointment and said with concern. "Mother it is okay you know that the he does what he does for the Fatherland. You should be proud to be married to such a patriot" Hans's mother looked at him with a face that Hans could not exactly decipher and then put her hand on his. "You truly are the son of your father." What does that mean? Of course I am the son of my father. Hans thought with a hidden puzzled face that he didn't want to show to his mother. She lifted her hand off of his and the door opened in the front room with a loud creak and the sound of the storm outside. Then there was a loud bang that startled both Hans and his mother. Hans called out to see who it was. "Father is that you?" There was a moment of silence and that a mumbled. "Yes Hans it is me." His father walked into the room with his large figure and put his soaked SS overcoat on the coat hook. He sat down with a great pace in his step that was similar to Hans's eagerness to eat dinner as well. They all were enjoying the meal until Han's father broke in saying to his mother. "Hans and Astrid I must tell you something important that is happening." For a moment there was a long pause almost as he if he didn't want to say. But then a large smile spread across his face and said. "Hans we want to send you to one of these youth movements that the country seems to being going crazy over." An excitement rushed over Hans that only came once in a very long time. "Do you mean the Hitler Youth father?" Han's father smile got even larger from seeing the young enthusiastic boy. "I knew you would want to join Hans. I hear soon that it is going to be compulsory for every boy and girl to join." I can't believe this happening to me. My other friends have gone to his and I have always been jealous. But now it is my time. "It would truly be an honour to be part of such a movement Father." Astrid had a look as if she had eaten something rotten. "I don't want him to go Bernard he is only fifteen. He is our boy! He needs to have a loving mother and father at this age not a cruel instructor." The Fuhrer will be my father. Thought Hans bitterly as his mother look as if she was about to cry. Bernard gave his wife a distasteful look and said with an authoritative voice that Hans had always strived for. "One day our boy will be a man! Do you want him to be weak and feminine like a girl? Germany needs strong boys and men to defend against it enemies." Astrid was nearly crying now and had a weak tone that needed silence to fully understand. "There will be a time when he will be a man and that time will be very soon but don't you think that we should let him enjoy being a boy first." She is a traitor to the fatherland I must speak up for myself. "Mother I don't want to be a boy anymore I want to be a man who ready to fight and die for my nation just like my father." Astrid couldn't handle it anymore and stormed out of the room crying like a lover getting her heart broken. Bernard put his hands through his thick blond hair like he will commonly do while frustrated or stressed. "Your mother truly does not want you to join the youth Hans. Hans do you want to join the youth?" Hans had never answered a question before with such fast speed. " I would truly love to join the youth father." Bernard replied with an almost pride in his voice. "That's what I wanted to hear from you Hans. You will leave in a few days but you will still attend school begin to get prepared you have a whole new chapter of your life ahead of you."


Christian had his head laid on the top of his desk feeling drowsy and his eyes slowly closing. He could feel the pleasure of finally get some rest for a short moment until he felt something soft hit the back of his head. He looked up and around his classroom confused to who threw it. He then heard a fit of laughter behind him and instantly he knew who it was. It was Max and Wilhelm the two boys who loved nothing more but to make Christian's day worse. He decided to just ignore them but before he could turn back to the front the teacher called on him. "Christian can you please give me the answer." He panicked and had no idea what the teacher was talking about earlier. Please not again why does this always happen to me? He got out of the chair and stood up as tall as he could with his short appearance and was perplexed as to what to say. He suddenly heard a small whisper from someone beside him saying. "Because it is the right thing to do." He was too nervous to think clearly and repeated what he said. The teacher's face changed from confused to a large and ugly frown. "So you believe that the reason some people don't agree with the Fuhrer and his policies is the right thing to do." I am so stupid why I always fall for such things. Christian thought depressingly as the teacher came stomping towards him and grabbed him by the ear. "I swear teacher that is not what I meant to say!" He squealed as the teacher brought him into the hallway and the class snicker behind his back. The teacher put him against the wall and went back in the class to grab the ruler for his punishment. My parents are going to kill me if they know I got in trouble again. "Put your legs apart." He obeyed slowly and knew what was coming and the pain that would be inflicted on him. The teacher put his hand back with the ruler in place and hit his thigh. It gave him a large wince and he began to feel the tears welled up in his eyes. No I can't cry I can't. I'll never hear the end of it from the boys in my class. But he couldn't help himself and one large tear streamed down his face. After a few more hits and with a large and purple bruise with a small stream of blood dripping down his leg he walked back into the classroom. He quickly wiped the tears and looked at the class expecting that there would no one to show any pity or sympathy. In his surprize he saw for a brief moment a look of sadness on the tallest boy in the class. He was sent back to his desk and the class was silent until the recess bell went off and everyone poured outside with enthusiasm and excitement that Christian lacked knowing that he will be alone like he always was at recess time. Christian was a short boy with a small and thin body. His hair was dark like coal and his eyes were large and green. His family oddly enough appeared to be all of Aryan stock except him. His mother explained to him that he must have got isolated genes from somewhere generations ago. He never like that answer and always wished he had the looks and complexion of his siblings and parents. As recess started Christian went under the slide, where he would always go. He sat down under the slide and began to rub the painfully purple bruise on his thigh. He wished to go home but he realized there would be punishment there as well. Christian wished to look ahead hoping for a more joyful future but he couldn't see any only being fourteen made it worse. As his despairing thoughts passed through his mind it only got worse as Max and Wilhelm were not yet done having fun tormenting him. Both of them stood at one side of the slide and began to spit their venomous hate towards him. "Christian what are you doing under this slide? Are you watching girls under here you creep!" Said Max with obvious enjoyment in his tone. Wilhelm added in with delight. "You're not only a cry baby you are also freak!" Both them did their high pitched giggling that would come from boys their age. Christian could feel the tears at the back off his eyes again ready to pour out bound to cause him more suffering. All of a sudden Christian heard an unfamiliar voice from behind his tormentors. "Max Wilhelm what are you doing?" Both of them turned quickly with a visible nervousness that Christian picked up and enjoyed to watch. "Oh Hans how is it going?" Wilhelm said anxiously as he rubbed the back of his head. "Good but whom are you talking to?" Max quickly added in with a fear in his tone. "No one well no one in particular." Christian scuttled over and saw it was the same tall boy from class that was in the front row. Hans looked around Max and saw Christian scuttled in a corner with his knees high up and his hand around them in a defensive position against the verbal attacks. "It doesn't look like no one. Why don't you two go and play soccer or something they need more players." Wilhelm showed a sign of relief and turned to Max with ease. "Yeah let's go and play soccer there is nothing better to do." Max made a simple nod and the two of them were off running towards the rest of the class playing soccer. Hans ducked under the slide with his tall figure and said carefully. "Do you mind if I sit under here too?" Christian made a small whimpered. "No." Hans then subtly sat down beside Christian with a vague smile. For a moment there was an uncomfortable silence until Hans said with care in his tone. "So are you okay?" What is this another cruel joke. Christian though before saying. "I…I don't think so." Christian said with his eyes becoming watery and his nose getting runny. Hans said awkwardly with his hand in his golden hair. "Well I can help you with this." Christian put his head between his bare knees to cover his disgraceful sobbing face. "How are you going to help me with this?" Hans made a large swallowing sound and cleared his throat as he if were about to speak to a crowd. "Well I could give you some advice." As if it isn't anything I have heard before. Christian thought as he lifted his head and looked forward to ashamed to look at another boy with such feminine emotions. "You have to learn not to be such a weakling; Germany is looking for strong boys and men to defend it. Leave the crying and shivering to the women." How am I not surprised that would be his advice. "How am I supposed to defend myself against those two brutes every day?" Christian went from sorrow to slight anger in his voice. For a moment Hans was stumbled and replied with. "You have to at least fight back! You know how those two are truly cravens and nothing more." Christian turned to his him red faced and all. "That is because you are tall, you are strong, you are intimidating, and you are Aryan." Hans was stumped and Christian knew he would be with that response. "I can help you then." Hans said as he put his hand on his shoulder. Christian felt an odd sense of comfort. "How are you going to help me?" Hans pondered the question with an intentional fast pace and said. "I can't always be your guardian angel. But I can help you become stronger and help you become the man that the Fatherland needs."