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Chapter Two

Jackson's P.O.V

I stood on the stage behind the podium, shuffling through the papers of my newest case. This case truly baffles me. After being on the job for a few years now, I have seen my fair share of peculiar cases, but this one is different. I didn't have much more time to think about the case because just then, I heard the two large double doors fling open and loud voices and footsteps began entering the auditorium. Goodness, this takes me back to my old high school assemblies. I quickly shut my folder, looked up and smiled at the curious faces that were in front of me, and watched the students fill the empty seats before me. One of the teachers' classes caught my attention. All of her students came into the auditorium in a quiet and very polite manner, but I was skeptical, because all high schoolers are crazy, but that teacher, she seemed so, so, different from all the other teachers that were surrounding me. She seemed to stand out in this huge crowd of people, but why?

" Hello everyone, like you just heard, I am officer Jackson, and I'm here to answer your questions about… the Briar Rose. So let's start shall we?"

A number of hands rose into the air, and I called on the boy up front.

"You there, your name please?"

"Uh, T-tim. S-so, who exactly is Briar Rose?"

This first question earned a few laughs from the crowd, but my expression did not change. I must be professional after all. My mystery teacher thought so too. She merely rolled her eyes at the rude students who laughed.

"I am so glad you asked Tim" I began. "Briar Rose is an infamous criminal who seems to be hunting down criminals who are guilty of murder, but have not yet been caught. In a way, you could say that she is helping us more than doing bad, but a life is still a life. Each and every one a precious treasure that should never be taken for granted. For this reason she is considered a criminal in the law's eyes. The reason I have been assigned this case. Another question?"

Their hands once again soared into the air. "Hmm you there in the center." I said, pointing at the girl who had been quietly listening intently in her seat. "Your name?"

"Of course, my name is Isabelle Andrews. I want to know why the press has decided to call her Briar Rose?"

"If you ask me, this name is pretty clever. Let's see if you think so too. A show of hands, how many of you know the story of Sleeping Beauty?" Almost every hand in the auditorium was raised. I smiled. "Perfect. Now do you remember the name that was used to hide the princess' identity? It was Briar Rose. I believe they chose this name for two reasons. One, being the fact that she puts her victims into a deep sleep, a coma I guess you could , because she leaves a white rose on her victims chest's as her trademark. Many of the officers at the station believe that the white rose stands for a new beginning. Clever, don't you think?"

"So then she doesn't really kill them like the rumors going around?" Isabelle quickly asked.

I took a breath "Correct. As I said, the victim is in a long coma that we have not found a cure for. Though we hope to find it soon so we can prosecute the criminals."

"Then how does she put them into that state?" Isabelle asked without hesitating. She is quite a curious one isn't she?

"Um, well, we do not have enough information to make any inferences just yet. It's something that still confuses us. Hehe, although a fellow officer at the station believes in magic. He is convinced that the Briar Rose is using a magic spell that causes this effect. Yet that accusation is just a bit hard to believe." My comment got the audience laughing, and I took a quick glance toward the teacher that had led the quiet class into the auditorium. To my surprise, her expression had not changed. Not even a small grin showed. It was obvious that she did not find this crazy idea a joke. She looked...kinda pissed. As the audience began to settle, I saw Isabelle getting ready to launch another question at me. She was stopped by her instructor. Who just happened to be that same teacher that I've had my eye on for a while. Why was she so distracting? Then I saw a hand. "Yes gentle men in the white t-shirt. You are?"

"Eric, I was wondering if you had any background knowledge of the Briar Rose?"

I sighed "Sadly, no not yet, but we are getting know she is a young woman, maybe in her late twenties, and that she is an average height. We're no where near her identity, but we're still investigating. This is just the beginning." Eric raised his hand again. "Okay Eric." He looked confused.

"How do you know it is a woman if she leaves the victim in a coma?"

"We have one witness, just a homeless man from an alley that was hidden by a box at her latest crime scene. Unfortunately, she had a mask on. When he was questioned as to how she 'killed' the victim, he merely said they were visited by an angel and she was gone. A girl now. Anybody? Yes, you in the back with the red sweater."

She hesitated, "Oh, ok, um I'm Caroline. I wanted to know what your opinion on her motive."

I thought for a moment, and said "We truly have no idea yet. I myself believe her intentions are good for the most part. She seems to be taking out the murderous criminals and isn't necessarily killing them. I can tell she has a good heart."

I answered a few more question and looked at the clock. By then I said "Anyway, thank you for listening. The school day is just about up. Please have a wonderful rest of your day." .

As the classes were about to leave, I caught up with that teacher, held out my hand and said " Hi I'm James Jackson" she didn't look at me when she replied.

"No, really? You just talked to us about a criminal for the past hour," she said sarcastically.

"Well then, uh, who might you be?" I asked.

"Sorry no time gotta go bye!" she said, while rushing off to the teachers lounge. I decided to follow her, and I put my ear right next to the door and I heard the other teachers chatting.

"Elenaaaaaa! You sneaky fox! How on earth did you get that handsome officer to come up to you?" They all asked in unison. So that's her name. Elena...well, at least she thinks I'm good looking.

"Huh? You mean that dork face back in the auditorium? I didn't do anything. " Aaaaaand shot down….

"Well, you really should be more nice to him you know. He is a cop after all" another teacher said.

"and a dreamy cop at that. You should give him a chance." another chimed in.

"Who said he liked me? And who said I liked him? He just introduced himself, probably because I didn't find any of his 'jokes' funny." Elena stated. So cold….

I didn't want to hear the rest. I walked to the steps outside the school. I stood there after the bell rang. All of the kids rushed to get on buses, parent's cars, bikes, and sidewalks. The school was deserted after the kids left. I finally saw my target, she paused when she heard me coming. "Is there something I could help you with?" She asked while staring at her phone.

I felt so stupid, "Well I really didn't get to catch your name earlier so…" I looked at her. All I could do was stand there.

She sighed, "All of the students call me Ms. Rosette." I was so glad she gave me a name to add to Elena. I just smiled.

"Hey, so do-" I was cut off.

"Well if there is nothing you need from me I am going to go. I am very busy, see you around town, bye" she said. She walked with such speed that left me standing there feeling like a total idiot.

My hand slowly hit my face as I mumbled "Idiot, idiot, I am such a big idiot." Well, I know there's one more way I can get to know her… so I headed back towards the station.

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