The time always comes,

When the crimson army is set free.

From the place in which they are prisoners,

And have been for eternity.

But the silver savior is approaching,

And is the only everlasting key.

The fight for freedom continues,

As they scramble in the artery.

Glazing over every inch,

On the hunt for felicity.

She invites the silver savior closer,

As they try to release the detainees.

The ruby slaves prevail in getting away,

Forever and always, ignoring destiny.

They discharge over her arms,

Leaving no inch coloured naturally.

So to the floor they fall,

Diffusing further on her knee.

She enters the excited bathtub,

And submerges the crimson army.

They flow faster and faster,

Filling the oval trap to capacity.

She breathes her last breath,

And her heart beats its last beat.

It slows to a hum,

And she's gone in one, two, three.