Hi guys, this is a poem i have written about someone who was once close to me and i wanted to share with you all what happened 2 years ago :(


To Who I Once Called "Friend".


To the one I once called 'friend',
We once had a bond that could never be broken,
We made friends at the age of 3,

Singing and dancing in the open,
Without you no one was there to hear my plea,
That echoed above the roaring seas.

I had a bright future didn't you see?
'Cause for what ever matter you stood by me,
The one who helped me through all my problems,
You were the artist,

The one who painted what life was for my clouded eyes.
When you started secondary school two years back,
You changed, like the color white to black.

From the girl I once knew,
To the one who's smile became a tattoo,
The one who liked boys,
To the one who disgraced my idol...

How could you?
Our friendship was just going out the door,
For that the day you lied to me,
My heart shattered to the core.
Who is this 'new best friend' ?

The one your sister bluttered about?
Was this the reason your acted out?

To say those words that started our feud...
And ended our friendship.

The words that are making me feel the way I feel now?
Why did you change?

The next day you said sorry,
I did as well,
But we were never the same after that.
I moved on,

Did you?
To the one I once called...

"Best Friend."

Basically it was saying that my friendship with someone really important to me ended two years ago. I am over it now, but it felt good letting out the feelings from before :)

And this is my first poem! And my 1st publishing on FictionPress! No flames please!

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