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Summer flew by with little excitement. The only bit of news had made some students attending Greyson High squeal with excitement; it had been forever since they gathered new students that weren't freshmen. Others simply groaned with an eye roll. New students meant Macy Holland got to influence more people's state of mind, but no one knew what the new students were. They could be exactly like Macy, if not worse. Then there was the option of them being helpless adolescents desperate to be loved, as Arabella would put it.

She nodded in agreement with her first-day-back-to-school outfit, although it had just been tight jeans rolled up two inches passed her ankles and a plaid blue and white shirt that was starting to hug her figure, and a white tee under that. It had never been exactly unbearably hot in Jublin City. The hottest it had ever gotten was 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The average summer day has always been between 80 and 75.

She pulled her black and ebon purple curls a bun where the purple dominated. "Mom, I'm leaving!" She chimed, slipping her bag over her shoulder and tying her black converse shoes.

"Be safe. And stay away from the Price kids, I heard they're nothing but bad news," he mother called out.

Arabella chuckled, "They Price kids hasn't attended any school out here since seventh grade, mom."

"Oh, you didn't hear? They're back. The whole bunch, too. Just keep your distance, I don't need a hospital calling me telling me my daughter done been beaten by a Price kid."

"That was four years ago," Arabella muttered. "I'm out, see you later."

The walk wasn't long since she lived just five short blocks away while other students lived five long ones. Ever since the Price kids, Arabella's mother had been overprotective by moving closer to the schools and not letting Arabella hang out with her friends after school. Her social life died down after that year.

"Wow, looks like you put in an effort to look relatively decent," Nala teased her friend, opening her locker that fortunately had been located nearby Arabella's.

"Shut up. I don't look any different than I did yesterday," Arabella said, nudging Nala.

"Oh, look, the Prices' are back. I'm praying to God they aren't the new students everyone's so desperate to meet. What a bummer that'd be," Nala shook her head.

Both girls turned their heads to look towards the main office. The oldest Price that happened to be a senior was the first face they recognized. Before, the boy had blonde curls that crowned his hair. Along with the acne bumps that favorite his cheeks as freckles would have. Now the boy had a buzz cut that made him seem more mature, his darker green eyes became nonchalant, his slim build turned into a lean muscular body shape. And he was taller, 6'0 to be exact.

All it took was one glance her way that sent cold pain to the healed scar that rested on her neck, close to her collarbone. She closed her locker door shut and pulled Nala with her down the corridor.

"Shit, Price has gotten pretty damn if you ask me. What's wrong with you, anyway?" Nala lightly laughed.

"I don't like him," she shook her head slightly. "And please don't ever call him pretty damn hot. Xavier is pretty damn hot, not him."

"You're probably the only girl insane enough to say that, but I completely respect your opinion," Nala said, nodding at one of her friends that walked down the hall. "I hope one of our new students - if they aren't the Price bunch - is a boy and he's a cutie."

"Still trying to get back at Isaac, I see," Arabella noticed. "Maybe you two should just get back together."

"Maybe I should just throw you in a dumpster," Nala raised her eyebrow at her friend. "Any further crappy suggestions?"

"Have a mint. Your breath stinks."

"Your mama stinks."


No one noticed the actual real students until lunch since that's when the two arrived. Isaiah and Jamie King sat together in lunch room, avoiding any persons with senses that may be as strong as theirs. It's better for them to not attract attention to themselves.

"I don't want to be here," Jamie murmured slowly to her brother. "Ask me to socialize again and I'll cut off what little manhood you have."

Isaiah gasped, as if shocked. "And you always wonder why your fortunes stay the same. You'll die from loneliness 'bout time you're twenty."

"You'll die from trusting so many people so easily before you can legally drink alcohol," Jamie deadpanned.

"You're a punk, Jay," Isaiah retorted.

"Funny how that's coming from a coward," Jamie semi smiled, knowing that will push Isaiah's buttons.

"I wasn't going to have a duel with my grandmother," he snapped.

"You went behind her back and stole her brownies," Jamie shook her head. "Coward."

"Alright then," Isaiah conceded, scanning the crowd. "I spy with my little eye someone with black - "

Jamie glared at her brother, her brown eyes turning a mahogany color as she stabbed him in the shoulder with a fork. "I will murder you," she murmured.

"First of all," Isaiah announced, pulling the plastic fork out of his shoulder easily. "That didn't hurt one bit, little sis," he smirked. "Secondly, you need to get over it. She's here, you're here, do you not see the sign? Grandma never lies."

"She lied when she said you're becoming a handsome young man," Jamie snapped. "Bring her up again and I'll -"

"Hello! My name's Macy Holland. I don't think we've ever met," The redhead said happily with her two friends behind her.

"Didn't plan on meeting you," Jamie deadpanned, putting a chip into her mouth, briefly closing her eyes so they'd return to their normal color. "Never will, Macy Holland and her two bitches."

"Ignore her, she's PMS-sing," Isaiah chuckled, holding out his hand and standing up. "Isaiah King."

"Then I shall be your Queen," Macy smiled, shaking his hand.

"That was horrible," Jamie snorted, gathering her tray and exiting the four introducing themselves.

Macy rolled her eyes and continued. "This is Martha and Jasmine. So, what brings you guys to Jublin City. This city never usually gets new people."

Isaiah shrugged, "Just got tired of our old place."

"I don't suppose you have heard of our back to school party taking place Friday?" Macy smiled, spreading her red covered lips.

"Nope, just got here," Isaiah said with a charming grin that always seemed to get him what he wanted. "Am I invited?"

"Of course, handsome," Macy said, "give me your phone and I'll give you the details."

Isaiah fished his phone out of his pockets while scanning the crowd. It hasn't even been ten minutes of them being at the school and Jamie has already managed to get into an argument with someone. Jamie has never been the one for fighting, but once the guy reached out to touch her, she took a step back and connected her hand to his face, leaving blood from nail scratches and a slight smirk on Jamie's face.

"Try to do it again, Price. I dare you," she murmured, fighting back the urge to strangle the boy. "I'll attract even more attention. You know I don't give a shit."

"Jamie," the boy started, lightly touching the scratches on his cheek. "You take things to the heart way too much. Shouldn't you of all people know that nothing good comes from a hostile girl?"

"Don't call me a girl," she snapped, reaching out to strangle him, but the older Price grabbed her middle to hold her back. "Let go of me."

"Only if you promise to not kill my brother," he whispered in her ear, "you're causing attention and it's barely your first day here."

"Let go of me before I clip your balls off with my nails," she threatened in a hush tone and a polite smile.

To everyone that wasn't in earshot of their conversation, it would have looked like a couple. The way Caleb Price had his arms wrapped around her middle and his front pressed to her back; it looked like an affectionate gesture.

"We have a truce. There are rules, dear," The oldest, Caleb Price whispered in her ear.

"It expires in a few months. Don't be late to your family's funeral, dear," she spat back, maintaining her smile. Caleb let her go as Isaiah approached them.

"Later," Caleb said, walking towards his younger brother Gabriel and grabbing his bicep to drag him out of cafeteria. "Tryna make everyone hate us already, dumbass?"

"She started it," Gabriel whined.

"You missed out on lunch. You should've ate it in the cafeteria instead of being a book nerd all of lunch," Nala said as they walked to their fifth period class. "There is a new guy and he's a cutie and there's a new girl that evidently doesn't like the lesser cute Price kid. She freakin' scratched the guys face, and then Caleb came to the rescue and held her. It was adorable, really."

"I could care less, honestly," Arabella muttered.

"What happened over the summer that made you so very boring?" Nala asked.

Arabella frowned. "I just don't like the Price kids."

"Yeah, and I don't get why not."

"I just don't. Leave me alone about them. I already have second period with him and he was constantly glancing at me. I felt his eyes on me."

"I wish his green eyes were on me."

"Please, stop," Arabella requested with a disgusted look on her face.

"Alright class, your seats are already assigned," the English teacher announced as students entered the classroom.

Jamie mentally cringed at the sight of her seat partner's name next to hers. She ran her fingers through her hair and flopped into her designated seat. She couldn't help but to stare at the girl as she looked around for her name. Her eyes landed on her name and she said something to her friend that Jamie couldn't catch, and then the girl colored slightly.

"Hi, I'm Arabella," the girl said with the color still in her cheeks slowly fading.

"Jamie," Jamie muttered, slouching in her seat. If Isaiah saw her, he would have surely started tearing up from laughing.

"Where're you from?" Arabella asked, biting her lip out of habit.

"Out of state," Jamie said, trying to not keep herself from looking at Arabella, but miserably failed. She knew her Grandma fortunes were accurate, but she didn't think she'd get the picture of what the girl actually looks like. Even the faint scar located on the heart of her cheek was accurate. The only thing off were her eyes. In the picture, the girl had deep purple eyes instead of regular brown ones.

"Very precise," Arabella nodded sarcastically.

"I tend to be a very precise person," Jamie replied easily.

Arabella smiled slightly, "I take it you're a fellow smart-ass."

"I have no idea where you'd get that idea," Jamie said, almost, very slightly smiling, but the sight of Caleb Price entering the class with Macy Holland walking right behind them made both girls lose their expression.

"Damn it," Arabella muttered under her breath.

"Shit," Jamie said loud enough for Caleb to here once he passed their desk to get to his, right behind them. "Why do I have a feeling this whole seating arrangement will be a pain in the ass?" Jamie muttered under her breath.

Arabella merely swallowed and sat up straight, feeling watched by the blonde boy behind her.

"I quit this school shit," Jamie said to her brother once they left the school.

"But you get to see Arabella every day," Isaiah teased.

"Mention her again, Isaiah, and once we get home I will kick your ugly ass," Jamie deadpanned.

"I'm so scared of you," Isaiah mocked her. "I don't get why you just don't talk to her."

"Because my future features no significant other. If I get close to her - in the end I end up alone, so forget it." Jamie absentmindedly glanced at Arabella while she crossed the street while looking down at her shoes and biting her lip.

"I think you'll regret everything if you don't go after her, in my honest opinion," Isaiah stated.

"I don't remember asking for your honest opinion," Jamie retorted, averting her eyes from the girl with a slight blush on her cheeks.

"You're lucky you're my sister," Isaiah muttered.

"I'm dying to know why," Jamie said dryly.

"If you weren't I would have thrown you into a wall and snapped your tongue off by now," he admitted.

"Oh, shut up. You know you love that I was adopted," Jamie barely smiled, shoving her brother.

"I have a feeling today was a good day," Arabella's mother said once Arabella walked through the door.

"Well, yeah. Neither of the Price brothers talked to me, and there's this new girl I sit next to in ELA that seems to dislike them as well. Mom, can I go over to Macy's on Friday?" Arabella asked with the cheekiest smile she could make. "Please."

"Not with the Price kids back in town. It's too early, dear," her mother said in a soft voice.

"Mom," the girl sighed, "you can't keep shielding me. It's been almost five years, mom. Honestly, can't you trust your only daughter?"

"It's not you I don't trust. I don't trust any of those hormonal teenagers," her mother responded, wiping her flour covered hands on her apron.

"I'll be with Nala," the girl lied, but she's become so good at lying that even her mother couldn't tell when it had been taking place.

"I don't know," her mother mused, "not this week, honey, but any other week and I promise you could go."

"Thanks," Arabella muttered dryly, taking her bag and herself upstairs. She dropped the bag next to her door. She grabbed her sketchpad and unused coloring pencils she received last year from an aunt she rarely ever talked to. It seemed to her that people she barely knew are usually the people she's delighted to be around. She's only had one class with the girl and the joy ended when Caleb Price walked into the class and sat right behind her table mate. She had felt shivers run up her spine and had been tense during the entire class session. That was until Jamie whispered something to her that seemed odd. Only eight people actually knew what happened and the people in the neighborhood just thought they beat up the girl pretty badly.

"Don't worry. They're not gonna hurt you again." Coming from the new girl from school, it reassured Arabella but she couldn't understand why. She also couldn't understand why she's been absentmindedly drawing the girl. Four pictures later, she was left unsatisfied because she felt like she was getting her brown eyes all wrong.

Author's Note: Not much of a cliffhanger due to my dull writing, but I promise it gets better