"Tonight, my place?" Macy smirked, leaning into the truck of the two Price boys. "There'll be a lot of virgins and alcohol."

Gabriel snorted at the thought of even attempting to get drunk. People of his kind would have to buy out two bars just to get mildly drunk. Caleb elbowed his younger brother. "Aren't you afraid we'll scare everyone away?"

"If they can't handle you, that's their problem. It's me that wants you there," the girl murmured with a mischievous grin.

"I'll think about it," he obliged, nodding towards the scantily dressed redhead.

"Alright then, Price," she smiled, walking towards her car taking small steps hoping the boy was staring at her, but about the time she made it to her car, the boy's truck was nowhere to be found.

"Slut," Nala muttered under her breath.

"Do the guys that have intercourse with her know she probably has an STD?" Arabella wondered aloud.

Nala laughed, "They're all probably too busy being 'excited' that they haven't noticed she has visible signs of herpes."

"Jeez, that's not even nice, Nala," Arabella said, holding in her laugh. "Are you going to that party tonight?"

"Are you going?"

"Mom said I couldn't, but I'm thinking about going anyway," the girl shrugged, pulling her hair out if a ponytail just to place it up into a bun.

"And I thought being rebellious was just a phase for you. If you go, just make sure you don't drink unless I pop up," Nala nudged her. "Want a ride home?"

"Sure, and that was just twice," Arabella nudged her back.

"You've only been to three parties," Nala pursed her lips, "unless there is some tricky pattern, it is bound to happen again, my dear friend."

"Shut up."

"Just promise me you won't drink unless you have someone to take you home."

"You make it seem like I'm an alcohol addict. I only drink when it's supplied and I'm not going to get drunk," Arabella muttered. "Hi Amelia." She said as she climbed into her friend's mother car.

"Hello, Arabella," Amelia replied, ever so joyous to see one of her daughter's only sane friend.

"Any progress?"

"She looks at me when she thinks I can't see her."

"Excellent," Isaiah said. "Nice to know you don't feel the need to threaten me every time I bring her up."

"Oh, I do feel the need to threaten and insult you, but I save my energy for the dreadful party I must attend," Jamie said. "You're going, right?"

"Maybe. Someone has to hold you back when you get out of control," Isaiah teased his sister, sliding his arm across her shoulder. "I have a feeling a lot of vampires are going to be there."

"Of course they would. It's easy to corner drunken kids," Jamie noted, unimpressed. "You'd think they'd actually put in an effort."

"As long as they don't mess with her, everything should keep you okay," Isaiah said.

Jamie crossed her arms. "I am not a wild animal."

"You act like it, kid."

"Can we just go to Bennicity so we could get this interrogation over with?"

Jamie stood with her arms folded, still unimpressed at the guy in front of her. What kind of self-respecting vampire would allow themselves to so easily be under the influence of one of the poisonous? Surely, he had to know the information. He had been hunting, along with the others. The blood dripping from the scratches caused by Jamie still wasn't enough to satisfy her or break the conman. She connected her fist to his hard jaw. "What was her trail?"

"Like I would tell you if I knew," the conman spat, his fangs apparent when he spoke.

"You don't understand," Jamie said, wiping his blood on her leather jacket. "You're not like us. You're not immune to the sun like we are. Tell us, or burn. It's not hard to blow the roof off this place."

"You're not threatening, girl," he spoke, his English accent thick in his words.

"Girl? Is that supposed to be insulting?" She asked, raising her eyebrow.

"I don't see how it could be a compliment," he sneered.

Jamie stalked back towards the restrained conman, her mahogany eyes blazing and her nails sharp and intimidating. "Tell me, mister, how many children did you plan on having?"

"I don't see what this has to deal with any - "

"I'm going to go work, now. Stay put, alright? And there's spaghetti on the stove."

"Yeah, mom," Arabella muttered, frustrated with still not being able to draw the girl correctly. "Later."

"You alright? You could invite Nala over and some friends," her mother said softly.

Arabella shot her a look. "Mom, I'm fine. Go to work, please, or you're going to be late and lose your job."

Her mother licked her lips. "Goodnight, honey."

"Night," Arabella sighed staring at the drawing on her sketchpad. 'Why can't I stop thinking about her,' she thought to herself. The girl sat up with an exasperated sigh and decided to throw on a better outfit to attend Macy Holland's party. She changed out of her jeans and white tee into tight, black pants and a black and white striped shirt that hugged her top and stopped exactly at her waist line. Feeling a bit self-conscious, the girl placed her black windbreaker on her shoulders. Tonight, she thought, may be fun.

Arriving at Macy Holland's party had not been what Jamie predicted. There had been a ratio of two vampires to every five human beings. There were exactly eighty-five bodies in the oversized house and each had their own scent that messed with Jamie's nose, along with the distinct smell of Arabella. Jamie couldn't help but to wander into the same room as the girl, shooting glares to every vampire in the room that shot her dirty looks. It wasn't eccentric for the King family's skills to be known amongst the vampire community and what they were capable of scared the hell out of most of them. Except for the tarnished Price family; they'd never been afraid of the Kings. That is why the two oldest boys had the audacity to taint with a person that already had been connected to a King, or rather the daughter of a Wakani. A cursed.

Jamie watched the girl from a distance as she put a cup full of strong alcohol to her lips. Jamie could practically smell the alcohol on the girl's breath and she hadn't even opened her mouth yet. That ended though when two guys went up to the nearly intoxicated girl. Watching them constricted Jamie's stomach. She recognized one to be a vampire and the other to be a regular human with no specialties or knowledge of the redheaded vampire beside him.

"New girl, huh?" A guy approached Jamie from behind. She reluctantly peeled her eyes off Arabella and turned around, faking delight.

"My name is Jamie, kid," she said coolly, leaning against the wall beside her and clicking her tongue to the roof of her mouth. "What do you want?"

"The name's Xavier," he informed her. "I was just going to ask you to dance."

She glanced back at Arabella to make sure everything was alright. She wanted to bang her head against a wall so she wouldn't think of the girl so much. "Not interested, Xavier."

He leaned against the wall, mimicking her posture and took a sip from his cup. "What are you interested in?" He glanced his eyes to where she was looking, but his human eyes couldn't actually see clearly through the crowd of people.

Jamie flickered her eyes to his. "Listen, Xavier, I don't like you. I most likely will never be interested in you. Got it?"

"You don't have to like me to dance with me," he faintly smiled, "you just appear to be a tense person," he slurred.

"And you appear to be a drunk person," she said clearly so his intoxicated mind would understand even partially. "Leave me alone."

"You seem to be an antisocial - "

Fed up with the boy, Jamie pulled him into a feverish kiss that disabled the guy's mind once she pulled away. "Taste that?" She asked with a blank expression.

The boy's grin fell with realization if the bitter taste left in his mouth.

Jamie nodded, satisfied. "That's the taste of death."

"Here, take another drink," the brown haired boy offered, handing Arabella a beer.

"What's you guy's deals anyway?" Arabella asked with an uncontrollable grin on her face as she drunk from the offered beer bottle. "Tryna get a look in my pants?"

The red haired boy silver eyes flashed blood red with a smirk teasing his lips. "Just a friendly gesture, really."

"Hey, why don't we get out if here anyway and get some air?" The brown haired boy offered.

"Should I even trust you guys?" The girl giggled, her eyes wandering around the room, but they didn't seem to find what they were looking for. "My mother's talked about guys like you. You get me a drink and expect something in return."

"I can't hear what you just said," the redhead lied, speaking louder. "Why don't we go somewhere quieter?"

The pretty girl shrugged her shoulders and followed the two boys out of the room. Right before exiting she found herself locking gazes with mahogany eyes that belonged to a face she's been so desperately trying to draw correctly. Something clicked, oh now I know what's been bothering me. The pull towards the girl with the sly smile was so strong that Arabella no longer wanted to chat with the boys. She'd rather had stared at the girl, but the redheaded boy had a grip on her arm so tight that she felt his nails dig into her wrist.

"Ouch, guy let me go," she said, wincing at pain shooting up her arm. "Dude!"

"Still can't hear you," the redhead smirked, dragging the girl through the house and stopped when they were outside. Arabella couldn't recall the front nor back of Macy's house looking how her current location looked. There were no cars parked, no porch lights, and certainly no house around her. To her dismay, the girl's head felt to move too slowly. She could barely focus her eyes on the blazing ones in front of her. The redhead grabbed the girl's neck and slammed her against a tree, nearly knocking her out.

Before the guy could lick the blood off of the girl's wrist, a quick punch knocked him out of his train of thought.

"Do you not feel me all over her?" Jamie sneered, holding the guy up by the collar of his shirt. The kick to the side came like a flash which surprised the guy. He's a vampire, she's a vampire, so what makes her able to move much faster than he could decipher?

"What the hell are you?" The redhead asked as the girl stepped away from him.

"Something you don't want to fuck with," she spat, walking towards the girl lying on the ground, completely out of her mind. She made sure her nails were at their normal size before she slid her arms under the girl's knees and mid-back. She found herself staring at the brown in the girl's eyes. She felt like taking the contacts out of her eyes to reveal the ebon purple, but that wouldn't be fair. She's drunk and drugged.

"You love her, don't you?" The redhead asked through clench teeth, holding his side that has been kicked.

She flashed him her flaming eyes and sharp fangs before taking off with the smaller girl in her arms. The heat from the girl's body started to spread to Jamie's. She kept the feelings in her stomach under control, but she couldn't help but to hold the girl's body affectionately against her own as she carried her back to Jublin City. On the way there, Arabella had been muttering and mumbling incoherent things with her eyes closed as if she were sleep. Jamie wanted to slap herself for thinking it was adorable.

After making sure no one was in the house, Jamie used a nail to open the door so there would be no damages or suspicions. She carried the girl through the dark house and laid her on the bed that was covered with the girl's distinctive scent. She searched the house for things she could use for the girl's wound. She would have just healed it, but not ever has she healed any type of human before so the outcomes were unpredictable. She found a first aid kit and cleaned the blood off of the girl's wrist and used peroxide, holding her palm on the girl's head so she wouldn't wake from the stinging or remember most of the night. She easily wrapped it up and placed the kit back in the bathroom where she found it. Her superfluous action of pressing her lips against the girl's forehead made her surprise herself. She furrowed her brows and quickly left before she did something else stupid. It left her lips tingly.

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