I would like to thank everyone who is reading this. This took a while because it's hard to write about the one in my life that I love in a way that others would understand. It was worth the time and effort, and I hope that some of you can relate or understand.

Also, message me or review and tell me if you have fallen in love with someone or something in your life. I'd love to hear others' lives hardships and triumphs.

A Beautiful Thing

Some point in time, in everyone's life, you fall in love. It may not be with a person, but all the same, you fall in love. And well, for me, it was a person. I fell in love with someone I never thought I would ever even know. But the fact is I didn't immediately fall. I slowly fell. I didn't even realize I was falling until I hit the ground. It was unexpected and almost scary, but I knew it'd be okay somehow... That I'd be okay. Once I realized these things everything felt different. It wasn't a bad different though; it was just different. I saw things in a new light - In a better light. I finally saw how beautiful things were, and still are.

There's tough times in everyone's life, but those tough times make the good times even better and sweeter. The good times are what make up for the bad times that may seem to go on and on forever to no end, but the good times always come around. And when I fell, it was amazing. Of course, it wasn't what I expected but it was still just as great. Me falling was the good part after my tough times of dealing with a divorce. The good came a long time after the tough; I didn't think anything could get better than how it already was, but I had been wrong and found something and someone perfect.

I met this girl at school in the 7th grade. I didn't like her at first; in fact I kind of hated her. Once I spoke to this girl, I began liking her. I was not accustomed to this feeling but thought nothing of it. Not until she came over to stay the night. Things were fun but once this amazing girl left my house... I immediately knew what this feeling was I had.

No. It wasn't friendship.

This feeling was much stronger than I ever had before. I really liked this girl, more than I've ever liked anyone before. I had been messaging this girl through an app on my iPod Touch and a month after, we started flirting. I was not even aware we were flirting until I spoke to my close friend about it. And my close friend told me to ask this girl out. I was much too nervous. Heartbreak and rejection was something I didn't want for I didn't know what to expect. I was too nervous so I never asked this girl out. Although, the girl happened to like me back and so we just decided that we were together. I knew after 2 months that I definitely had a big crush on her. I didn't know what to call it at the time but when we went ice skating for a field trip at school, we kissed for the first time. The feeling I had wasn't friendship.

No. It was love.

I fell hard onto the ground. I couldn't stop thinking about this girl for at least a month. I wanted things to be perfect for her because, to me, this girl was perfect. I didn't care what others thought - I loved this girl. Nothing could change my thoughts about her. She made- no. Scratch that. She inspired me to open my eyes and my mind. I realized the world was such a beautiful thing. People actually could love and be happy, even though it was tough for everyone, not just for me. I learned to be empathetic, caring, kind, supportive, open minded, honest, trustworthy, and trusting to the best of my ability. Another thing I also learned was that everything is different. Everything works differently, everything thinks differently. And different is in no way a bad thing because the world wouldn't be so beautiful if everything was the same. Just because you do not understand something different doesn't mean it's bad. Different is good. And there is no real way to compare something that is different.

Love is a beautiful thing and different for everyone. It makes you do really stupid shit and think stupidly. You know better but yet you don't care and just don't think about it too much. For me, this love mainly taught me that different is okay and a good thing. After all, even though I fell for a girl, another female, it was okay. This girl made me forget that people don't accept homosexuality because I was loved and she was loved.


Love is a beautiful thing. Love can do wonders to everyone and everything.

Love makes the world go round.