Chapter 1

You Are My Puppets

A boy with black hair and green eyes sat in a room surrounded by puppets. The one he was working on now was a male. The puppets hair was blue and his eyes were being painted red. He was about to put on the smile when the door suddenly burst open. "Yo, Adrian! You still making those puppets?" A voice suddenly boomed causing Adrian to drop the puppet and turned around sharply to see another boy with black hair and blue eyes who held a book in his hand. "Ilume! You almost gave me a firkin heart attack. And for your information yes I'm still making my puppets. I was almost done until you interrupted me." The puppet maker picked the puppet back up and begun on making the mouth.

"How do they not freak you out? Dolls are scary beyond reasoning." Ilume asked as he walked over to Adrian and picked up one of the puppet makers resent puppets. "Because I'm making them. And I make them in a way that isn't unnerving. Now brother can you please leave so I can finish this one? Unless you want me to make a scary one and put it next to you while you sleep." Adrian gave an evil smile and Ilume stiffened.

"Okay okay I'm going. But you can't stay in here all day. I bet you were up all night creating this one." Ilume spoke walking over to the door.

"Ya so what? I don't need sleep. I never get tired." Adrian replied as he got more paint for the dolls lips.

Ilume gave a sigh before saying, "When you finish this puppet at least go outside for some fresh air. You've been in this room creating your puppets for three days straight now." With that, Ilume closed the door and was gone. Giving a heavy sigh, Adrian stopped and looked back over to the door. "Maybe I should take a break after this one." He sighed before quickly finishing the puppet. He stood as he felt himself loosen up as his fixation of puppet making faded. Adrian put on a black jacket and wrapped a long dark green scarf around his neck. Going to his door, he looked back and scanned his room for one final look at his puppets.

Adrian walked out of his room and looked at the clock to see it was 12:32 PM. 'When was the last time I slept?' He asked himself as he went outside and walked down the street. Every time he tried to sleep, he felt the need to make more puppets. He could never stop; even when he wanted to he had the urge to continue. With a troubled sigh, Adrian continued down the street. "Hey Adrian!" A female voice called out behind him. He turned around to see a girl with long brown hair and green eyes around his age. "Hey Sally. Everything okay?" He asked her when she arrived in front of him. "I should be asking you that. You haven't come out of your house for three days. It's not good for your health." Sally spoke crossing her arms. The girl wore a white summer dress and had a green chocker on her neck.

"Ya, so I was told. I did try to stop but I couldn't." Adrian told her with vacant eyes. "Maybe you should go see a doctor or something." Sally suggested as they started walking.

"See a doctor? That wouldn't make sense. Making puppets isn't an illness so why would I go to a doctor?" Adrian asked with a raised eyebrow. He just smiled and shook his head when she shrugged. "Maybe go to a therapist and talk about your obsession?" Sally asked.

"It's not an obsession it's a hobby." Adrian told her with narrowed eyes.

"Adrain, maybe you should go home and sleep for a bit. Ilume told me you haven't been sleeping within those three days because you were making your puppets." The girl spoke with a worried expression.

Adrian rubbed the back of his neck giving a heavy sigh. "That's the thing. I'm not tired at all. I don't need sleep." He told her. "Try? Please?" Sally asked taking his hand and gave him pleading eyes. He blushed slightly before looking away. "Okay fine I'll try." He spoke starting to go back to his house. Adrian opened the front door and went straight to his room before falling onto his bed. When he closed his eyes, he had to force himself to keep them closed and pushed away the urge to create more puppets. With a groan, he sat up. The boy looked around at his puppets before standing and going over to his work bench.

He picked up his recent doll with the blue hair and red eyes with a sigh and looked for the hooks in which he'd attach the strings so it could become one of his Marionette Puppets. "Hey, Adrian." A voice spoke. Adrian looked around his room and looked back to the red eyed puppet in time to see it blink. It began standing up on its own. "It's nice to see my Marionette has followed in my foot steps. Then again, I am your Puppeteer." The puppet smiled and Adrian sat there before quickly picking up the doll and got ready to throw it to the ground but felt himself being held back. Something turned him around and forced him to place his recent puppet onto the work table. He was released from what felt like strings controlling him just like a puppet.

"How are you talking? I'm going crazy now. I seriously need sleep." The boy started to turn and walk over to his bed but was turned around again and saw the puppet with crossed arms and was tapping his wooden foot on the table. "You can't sleep. Being my very first Marionette, I wasn't able to fully enchant you using the dark magic I'd learned and attach you to the other Marionettes bar." The Puppet walked over to one of his Marionette's and looked at it with satisfaction. "I'm not a Marionette. And you're not my Puppeteer. It's the other way around, uh, I guess I should give you a name." Adrian sighed holding his head. 'I'm talking to a firkin Puppet.' He sighed to himself.

"No need my Marionette. My name's Jeff." As he spoke, the Puppets hair became black and his red eyes became blue. "You just-How-You're just a Puppet how're you doing all this!?" Adrian panicked slightly and looked around to make sure his other Puppets and Marionettes weren't changing appearances or moving on their own accord. "I am the Puppeteer of this world. I create it and I can do whatever I please." The "Puppeteer" walked over to one of the other Puppets and crossed his wooden arms. "That one's a beauty. I must've not been watching when you made her." Jeff spoke and looked back to Adrian.

"You see, my precious Marionette, I've been getting really board with the normal life puppet show I've been putting on for myself. So, I've been working on making some enemies for my world to make things a lot more interesting. I'm almost bringing you a warning. Temporally, all strings attached will be loosened as you all get ready. I'm sure you're board to death of such a normal life style. And don't worry, I'll remain as this Puppet in proof that your lives will all change very soon. And I'm warning you, once you've been damaged, your wounds will never heal. Some of my poor Marionettes will die but its all part of the fun is it not?" The more Jeff spoke, the more paranoid and upset the boy became.

"NO!" He suddenly burst and went to grab the doll but was stopped and saw the glint of wires on his wrist and arm. "Now now Adrian there's no need to be so upset. They're only Marionettes nothing more. But you, I couldn't live with myself if you got destroyed. So I'll be there to help anyway I can. Now if I let you loose of your strings do you promise to not kill my new form?" Jeff asked crossing his arms and tapped his foot. "I promise." Adrian glared. "Good." Jeff smiled and the boy felt more in control of his body.

"We should go tell the others before the show begins." Jeff gave a small laugh before jumping off of the table. Adrian quickly caught him before he could hit the ground. "I still created this Puppet. I don't need you damaging it." The boy sighed before putting the Puppet onto his shoulder. "Just don't forget who the Puppeteer is." Jeff smiled. Suddenly there was a knock at his door and Jeff called, "Come in." Adrian quickly covered the Puppets mouth and saw Ilume walk into his room. "Who're you talking to?" His brother asked with concerned eyes. "No one." Adrian tried to relax and took a deep breath. "Ya, there's no problem. He's only just being my special Marionette." Jeff suddenly spoke. "And my second favorite Marionette has just arrived." He smiled at Ilume who stood there frozen in the door way.

"Kill it with fire!" Ilume shouted turning but he was stopped and Adrian saw the glint of invisible string wire. Ilume was turned back around and pointed to the Puppet. "Why haven't you burned it yet?" Ilume asked trembling. "Because I can't. He won't let me and besides I spent all night working on this Puppet so I'm not breaking it." Adrian told him. Jeff gave a nod, still sitting on Adrian's shoulder. "What does it even want?" Ilume asked and gave a small scream when Jeff went off Adrian's shoulder as invisible wires held him from falling. "A good show." Jeff smiled.

Ilume fell to the ground, fainted. "Huh. Didn't know my Marionettes could have emotions like that. All part of the dark magic I put into them I guess." As Jeff spoke, Adrian ran over to his brother and placed Ilume onto his bed. 'What the hell is going on? I'm not a Marionette and neither is anyone else.' The boy trembled slightly and stiffened when he felt the wooden hand of Jeff on his shoulder. "The sooner you accept it the better. I'll see you in the morning my dear Marionette." Suddenly the doll went limp and Adrian turned so he could catch the doll. It was back to its original state.

A/N: Wow you guys almost got a full 2k chapter xD that was the plan but I decided to end it there :/ ya I know I got three other stories going on but this was just begging to be written! It was based a lot off of the song Discord and also where the idea came from. Hope you all like it :D R&R please :3