SIDE NOTE: This story is based in real-life events, names of people and places were changed for security purposes. I also wanted to point out that the purpose of this story is only to help me with depression (as my counselor suggested), I am by no means trying to make my family, friends, and ex-boyfriend look bad. As this is a story to entertain people, it could have some dramatized parts. Finally, this story is not only about my life after my break up, but also the type of life with my friends and family. I would appreciate if there is no judging from you, the reader, and if there are no questions about my personal life on the review comments. They will be all ignored. Instead I would appreciate comments regarding the story itself (if you would like me to write more, etc.), and how I can improve my writing. Thank you.

A Broken Heart

Chapter One- That Picture.

Working as a server has always been a pain, mentally and physically. But working at that place in specific was like working for Satan, literally. Not only was it a family restaurant, it was also my uncle's property. Yes, for you it might seem like a work where you just go and gain money. But it is different. I like working as a waitress because it is fun to meet new people, being able to make some money, and have a taste of independency.

But like I said, this place was literally like hell.

There was nothing more terrifying that have to work for my uncle, who was my family. As you enter the doors of the simple looking restaurant, you start feeling off. It feels like if they were looking at you, judging you from the moment you enter to the moment you are out.

It is hard to explain, but it is something that my co-workers can feel. Thankfully. For them, working for my uncle is like working for a person who doesn't deserve anything but misery. I know, it sounds like if we are all exaggerating, but it is nothing but the truth.

Not only is there a lot of illegal activities going on in there, but there is also verbal violence coming from our boss' mouth. He is the type of boss who makes you feel like if you were the most useless piece of shit on Earth, like if you are a robot with no feelings at all. Most of us are used to his words already, starting with an "In life, you…"

And so on.

But this day in specific felt bad, I knew something was going to happen. The day before this one, I received some text messages from my ex-boyfriend. He was complaining about my friend's behavior, saying I shouldn't hang out with them because I would turn like them. I disagreed of course, because those two people that he was being so rude about were not only my friends but they were the people who I could rely on the most. The people that I loved and cared about, because they did the same in return.

And there he was, calling one of them a cunt.

As I entered to the restaurant, I went to were my friend was. She is a beautiful woman, tall, with tan skin and beautiful body. In fact, most of the rumors that surround her were because men would always flirt with her. The thing is, she would most likely never flirt back, and she would just be amiable towards them. People would instantly think she was flirting back, giving her a bad reputation.

"What happened yesterday?" I told her, looking at her with a serious look. She stared away for a moment and then looked back at me, and then she opened her mouth slowly as if she was thinking what to say.

"It was weird" she started, speaking in a low tone. "You see, we got to that place where we usually drink." She paused, as if she was remembering the name of the place. "The Hollua, you know that place down town. Eva and I went there, we just wanted to have some fun after work."

"Then what happened?" I asked, as if I wanted to rush her to say what happened with him. She noticed this reaction of mine, so she dropped the bottle of wine that she was holding, and stared at me with a worried look.

"I was trying to avoid him, because I didn't want to talk to the person that made my friend cry. But after two attempts, he called me and Eva to where he was." She said, and then held the wine bottle again. She took a wet napkin and started cleaning it, looking into it as she tried to speak.

"He asked me if I had money." She said.


"Yes, and well my answer was 'yes'" she sighed, "after that he said 'well you don't need it, you have men around you to buy drinks for you'."

"Why would he say that?" I said, anger growing inside me.

"I don't know, but after that he turned to the table behind him and asked the men sitting there if they thought I was pretty." She paused for a moment. "I thought it was rude of him to say it, but that isn't it."

"What else happened?"

"When he noticed Eva he told her 'Oh you are that girl who is trying to have my ex-girlfriend date other men,' but lucky of me Eva didn't understand what he said and ignored him completely.

He was probably mad because of this, but she wasn't trying to be rude or anything." She finished. My heart was now racing, I felt bad in so many ways. Like always, I was feeling guilty because of what happened.

My friend Eva was indeed trying to get me to meet men, but she did it because she knew how much I was suffering because of my last loss. It wasn't because she wanted me to date any men, it was because she cared about me. At the end though, I told her to stop because I didn't want to date anyone yet. All I wanted was to have a break from love, or to at least heal the heart that my ex-love still held.

I suddenly felt uneasy, I couldn't stop thinking of how Eva could be hating me for gossiping stuff to my ex-boyfriend. But it wasn't like that. I wasn't dating anyone, or texting someone else. As I took some deep breaths, I noticed that Eva was just entering from the main entrance. She stared at me and smiled, like if nothing has happened. I went rushing to where I was, worried of her reaction.

"Eva, I am so sorry!" I yelled. She stared at me worried, like if she didn't know what was happening.

"Annie, what exactly are you talking about?" She said.

"What happened with my ex… I am just sorry."

"Sweetie, it wasn't your fault, but I have to tell you something." She said, and then stared away.

"What?" I said, my heart started beating fast again, I knew something bad happened. I could feel it.

"He was with sitting with another woman, and it looked like if they were dating." She said, staring at me worried like if she was waiting for my reaction. I stared at her for a second, and then I sighed hard closing my eyes.

The first thing that came to my mind was a picture of them both, having a long and sweet talk. I was picturing her as a beautiful woman, wearing something nice and mature, probably drinking wine. Then I pictured him, drinking his usual drink. Alone, talking about life, and how they wanted to start meeting each other.

"She didn't last there for long though, she was there for about 30 minutes, then his friends got there." She said, putting her hand on my shoulder. "He doesn't deserve a beautiful woman like you, you are better than that."

"Yeah, I know" I said, my voice breaking as if I wanted to cry.

I felt dumb somehow, because I was there suffering while he was already thinking of someone else. I now knew why he wasn't answering to my texts anymore, even though he was the one who suggested keeping communication after our break up. It was like if my heart was breaking once again, I was thinking;

Was it that easy for him to forget about me?

After all those "I love you" that he said to me?

I was surrounded by anger, desperate, wanting to ask him why he was doing that. But I had no right to do so, because we weren't together anymore.

We were nothing but a simple ex-couple.

The rest of the day working was a pain, just for that day my world was getting destroyed bit by bit. My mind wasn't with me anymore, it was with those two people. Making the same image, both of them sitting on that table and talking about interests and hobbies. I was nothing for him anymore, just a simple memory.

As I went home and changed to my pajamas, I went to my bed. And like always, I turned on my cellphone and checked for any text messages. Still hoping to get a 'good night' text.

But like always, there was only hope.

I locked my phone, and went to my bed. But as I closed my eyes, the same picture appeared in my mind. Though this time, I couldn't hold my tears back.