according to her files, she was Melanie Edith Daniels. she didn't like her name being said, after all, who would like their name broadcast to the world if they were a serial killer?

her dark brown hair often shrouded her eyes, and maybe that's what drew people in. her eyes, her most striking feature, drew people in. they thought they could trust her. maybe because she smiled, and nodded sympathetically, or embraced people in hugs constantly. maybe because she laughed loudly, or because she had dimples, or because she was always cheerful, or because sometimes when she leaned back too far you could see a sliver of her pale stomach. or maybe because she had a habit of playing with her hair and looking up through her eyelashes when she acted shy. but i think the reason everyone trusted her was because she seemed like an angel.

how wrong they were.

you see, she was, by all definitions, quite beautiful. not model beautiful, but a kind of innocent beautiful, the kind of beautiful that reminds people of baby animals. she had doe eyes, and pale skin, and a few freckles dotted around her nose.

but that's not what i want to discuss.

i want to discuss what makes someone a bad person.

some people say a bad person is someone who has a low emotional intelligence, and others say a bad person is someone who is mean. some say that a bad person is ignorant, and others say a bad person is lazy. some say a bad person has no compassion, and others say a bad person is someone who is selfish. according to most, bad people are arrogant, and not to be trusted. everyone aggreed that

but let me let you in on a secret.

it is not whether someone is a killer that determines whether they are good or bad, but rather their motives for the killing that determines it. after all, we don't frown upon soldiers because they killed people, no, they are our heroes. they protect us. they do what they have to to make life for us better.

and X, or rather Melanie Edith Daniels, thought of herself no differently.