Chapter 2

It was our first time in an airplane and Sophie was a bundle of nerves. She was a mix of nervousness and excitement; more so than when we were told we were getting adopted. I was all nervousness, I wasn't a fan of heights and the seat I got was right next to the window. I tried not to look out the window, but Sophie often climbed onto my lap to look. She would tell me to look at something and I would peak and tell her that it was cool and then look back inside the plane.

We landed a few hours later and I walked off on slightly shaky legs, while Sophie skipped ahead a few feet. "Sophie stay close," I called, and she turned and beamed at me. And her happy mood passed onto me and I was happy with her. Martin and Jo-Ann followed behind and when I looked at them they were smiling.

Once out in the parking lot Martin led us to another Dodge Charger. I figured he must like that type of car. And who's to blame him. The car is comfortable. We got in and buckled up, and then Martin drove off. Five minutes later we pulled into an old style farm house with a lot of land. And on the ground was snow. Sophie looked outside and smiled wide. We never got snow, it had gotten cold but it never snowed. I guessed the airport probably cleared their parking lots and such so people could get in and out easily. He drove down the gravel driveway, and after waiting for the garage to open he pulled in and parked.

"There we are home," Martin unclicked his seatbelt and got out. We all followed and he looked at me and my sister. "Girls other than the master suite you can have any bedroom in the house. And you can share or each have your own. Your choice."

"Really?" we both asked at the same time. When he nodded we ran off to go pick the perfect room. We would share a room for a while and then later if we felt like it we would each pick a room. We ran through the house and looked at all the rooms we came across. I was going to let Sophie choose the bedroom.

Once we investigated all the bedrooms I told her to choose her favorite. This caused her to go between a couple bedrooms a few times before choosing my least favorite between the two, but they were right next to each other so if we decided to have separate rooms and I'm sure if we were here long enough we would, I could move into the other room.

We put our bags down and decided to unpack later; so we went back down to the living room and sat on the couch. I grabbed the remote and turned the television on and searched the channels for something to watch. I finally settled on Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel. It was the episode where Teddy finds out Spencer was cheating on her.

We watched the episode and laughed at the Duncan family antics. Martin and Jo-Ann came in and I held the remote out to them, but they waved me off, letting us leave it on the channel. We watched the channel together for an hour and then Jo-Ann got up and said she was cooking dinner.

"What are we having?" Sophie asked, pulling her eyes from the television screen. I smiled at her as she looked at me.

"Macaroni and Cheese," Jo-Ann answered, with a smile, "with a polish sausage. Does that sound good?"

She nods and then frowns, "What's a polish sausage?" I knew that was coming, she didn't know a lot of foods.

"It is kind of like a big hot dog. Do you want to come and see it? If your sister doesn't mind me taking you from her for a minute, or she can come with. It doesn't matter, we just want you both comfortable," the older woman said, with a smile.

Sophie looked and me and then got up and pulled on my wrist, "Come on, Sis!" I got up and we followed her into the kitchen. Jo-Ann pulled out the sausage from the refrigerator and showed Sophie, who laughed and said, "It does look like a big hot dog!" She then looked outside and I heard her suck in a breath. I looked up and my eyes widened. There was a child play set outside, and it looked brand new. It was covered in snow but it didn't stop Sophie from asking, "Can we go play on that?"

Jo-Ann laughed, "Maybe tomorrow. We should get you two snow-suits first too. Snow is cold and we don't want you getting sick." My sister's shoulders slumped and Jo-Ann put a hand on her head, "But if I can get your sizes I can run and get the snow-suits first thing in the morning while you are still asleep or just getting up."

Sophie nodded and I put a hand on her shoulder and kneeled down to her height, "Sweetheart, you understand don't you? You know I want to take you out there right now to see you in the snow, but if there is a chance you'll get sick then I'll wait." She nodded, but started to go inside herself. "But you know what? Morning is only a few hours and a sleep away."

That seemed to satisfy her cause she smiled at me and pulled me back to the living room. She had me sit and then she sat in front of me pushing her light blonde hair over her shoulders toward me. "Braid my hair?" she asked, peeking over her shoulder at me.

"Of course," I smiled and then looked at Martin. "Do you have a rubber band or a pony-tail I could use?" He nodded and disappeared and came back with a pony-tail and handed it to me. I thanked him and then braided her hair. Once I finished she came and sat on my lap as we watched the television. About a half hour later we were called into the dining room for dinner. I raced Sophie in, letting her win.

"I win!" she clapped happily and twirled. We all sat down and filled our plates. Martin looked at all of us and then clasped his hands and we saw Jo-Ann do the same. I nodded to Sophie for her to do the same as I did. Martin said his thanks and then we were allowed to eat. "This is so good!" Sophie announced.

Jo-Ann smiled, "That's good. I'm glad you like it." She turned back to her plate and we continued eating without any more talking. Once we finished we gathered our dishes and took them to the kitchen. "Now you kids go get ready for bed. We'll do the dishes and then we will find a movie. Does that sound good?"

We nodded and ran up to get our pajamas on or in our case sweat pants and a loose T-shirt. Then I scooped her up and carried her back down as the adults walked into the living room. "What movie are we watching?" I asked, hanging my sister upside down to hear her laugh. She giggled and then pulled herself back upright.

Martin smiled, "We were thinking we would let you two pick. The movies are in the five cabinets next to the television." He sat down on one of the two beige recliners. Jo-Ann sat in the other leaving us the couch.

I turned and set Sophie down and we went to the cabinets. I opened one and started reading the titles to her. The movies ranged in genres and age limits. I made sure to give her options I was okay with her seeing. She was staring at one trying to read it. I had been helping her learn during this past year.

"L-Li-Lion Ki-King?" she asked as she read the title. She looked at me to see if she was right, her eyes were hopeful.

I smiled, "Yes that's the Lion King." I rubbed her back lightly and she pulled it out. "You want to watch that one?" She nodded. "Okay, go give it to Martin and he can get it started for us. I'll meet you at the couch." I had already told myself that I wasn't going to keep her with me the entire time in hopes that that would make it so they won't want to take us back.

My little angel ran over and handed the movie to Martin and then ran over to me as he got up to get it ready. Then he hit play and we all settled to watch the movie. I smiled as we watched it, it was the perfect movie for Sophie.

After the movie I looked at the time and decided it was our bedtime. So I got Sophie up and we told Martin and Jo-Ann goodnight. Jo-Ann got up and gave us each a hug and Martin followed suit. They wished us a goodnight and sweet dreams. Then Sophie and I went up and got ready for bed.

Sophie hummed the songs from the movie the whole time and while we laid in bed. Soon she drifted off her small frame relaxing in slumber. It took me longer to fall asleep. Martin seemed familiar, but I couldn't figure out why. I stared at the ceiling as I tried to find the reason why, but there was no reason why I should. I sighed softly and waited for sleep to take me. It finally did at what seemed like hours later.