A/N: Original poem I wrote to accompany my fanfic The Thrill and the Hurting but it stands on its own.

I, Bird, Take Thee, Cat


A bird flew high but her wing broke
Dark was the sky and a dog spoke
'Bird, I have room on my back.
I can run you back to the bird folk!'

The bird was unsure and her body hurt
Her wings would not stir as she lay in the dirt
Bird considered Dog's words and was about to chirp
Til she looked to the doorway where the cat lurked.

Cat had a golden coat and pretty eyes like green trees
that evoked the forest where the bird knew she should be
He said, 'Come Bird, for I've a much better thought—
Marry me. I will nurse you and then set you free.'

Bird's heart sang for Cat was a handsome, fine beast
so she took no notice of his claws hidden deep in his paw sheaths
nor did she hear the Dog's mournful, long howl
as Cat picked out feathers and bones from his teeth.