January 5, 2014

Now, I don't want this journal to be anything close to normal. I want dragons and I want crazy old ladies who stay in their stone grey rooms in the middle of a noble mans castle telling the fortune of the kingdom. I want to show people the crazy things we all can see with our imagination, and I want to show the world, that you really don't need imagination to see the crazy side of things.

I got this thick, 500 page journal from a office supplies store over winter break - not that I actually have a winter break anymore, now that I'm home schooled - and I've been dying to start digging into this. I hope to someday show at least someone this and maybe they'll like it. Maybe they'll just try to throw me into an asylum again. I mean, it's happened before.

Yo see, I see the world a little differently than most people. Some would say I'm crazy, but I know the difference between crazy and what I am. You see, I'm inspired! I see the world as it is, the violence, the death and suffering, and I point them out to people. I say, "hey, look at that gruesome thing, don't you think it would make a good story!" or I'll say, "Why is everyone so stupid the answer is so obvious that even a baby could see it." But these people think I'm a witch when I point it out. I'm inspired, I'm the smartest person on earth. Do you think someone whose crazy would be able to do so many clever things as I have i my life?


These are the every day occurrences of someone who knows their crazy in many ways compared to the norm in the world, but who is not - I repeat not! - crazy in the terms of wanting to kill someone of putting chicken feathers and glue on my entire body and run outside trying to fly. No, I'm not crazy. I'm inspired!

Someone somewhere will find my opinions crazy, offensive, and just plain stupid. And I now that everyone has their own opinions. Hell, if we didn't I'd probably go insane - er - but please if someone ends up someday reading something I write and it dose not agree with their personal opinion, by all means yell at me for it! You wont stop me, but you might make me laugh.