The Musician

She was just a maiden
Long black hair
Porcelain white skin
Potential to be more

Lied just beneath the surface
She was just ordinary
Nothing about her special
Until the day she touched the keys

That gave her voice
Her pale lips moved
In melody with the music
As her fingers danced across the surface

The songs she played
Gave rise to glory
The happiness and awe that she held
Was soon turned into servitude and obedience

Like the music she owned at her fingertips
She moved the hearts of many
As her hands danced,
Playing their minds as well

Her little songs that many loved
Captured all they could find
And their claws behaved like parasites
Infecting the masses, who were once her audience

Now those who were once her fans
Are now her servants
Tending to the speechless mistress
Knowing her needs only by her song

As her fingers danced,
So did her human puppets
Following their queen
Of the black and white keys

As long as she breathed
Her fingers moved
She never stopped her song
That made the people love her

In front of one audience, however
There was a man
Who did not sit in his chair
And stare in awe

He stood and he walked
Until he was next to her on the stage
He watched her transfixing performance
And unlike the usual fixated stare

He was smiling
Like he found something pleasant
Not like he was being lured in
He was not being charmed by her spell

But rather the girl herself
Was the reason
Why he was so enamored
So caught in her beauty

So much so
That he forgot to listen
To her spell that was supposed
To capture his heart and make it hers

Because for the very first time
The musician's song was ignored
And the focus of another being
Was the musician herself

It scared her
Yet it also amazed her
How a man could ignore
The powerful strings she'd wrapped around everyone

But this man
He was caught
In a different spell from the others
One that she did not intentionally play

She was intrigued by him
And, surprising herself as well,
The musician would seek him out
She'd find him and speak through her song

Her song that was only for him
That spoke to him with words
And not with the intricate melodies
Used to trap the people around her

Around him, the people under her spell
Had freedom that she was willing to grant
Because she had found the only one
Who did not need to hear her melody to fall for her

For a long time
But not enough
To incite
A 'happily ever after',

The only one to hear her song
Was the man who loved her
And listened to her mute melody
Which he soon grew familiar with

Once he got familiar,
He got bored
She was no longer the shiny, new, special girl
But now the old, dull pianist that played the same love song

Over and over
He listened
But soon enough
The song bored him

No longer did he find her
Beautiful, special, rare
But a toy he had gotten used to
And tired of

And like a child
Who visits the toy store
He found something new and shiny
To replace the old one

And remove it
Like it had never existed
Like the girl playing her song for him
Had never touched the keys to begin with

Like she hadn't
Finally found the words she could not speak
In the songs she could play
And finally turn her

From a speechless, pretty doll
To a gorgeous, talented musician
That could weave her songs
Around and into

The hearts of her listeners
And for the man
Who she thought was special,
Who once found her unique

She let it all go
All the puppets she created
From her loyal fans
Were all set free

Because the poor, poor girl
Whose pale face
Dark features
And nimble fingers

Attracted the person
Who she thought would truly love her
Should she be mute
Or a puppeteer from behind her keys

The new toy
That the man abandoned her for
Was short and slim
With a fair complexion and bright eyes

The musician
Could not help
But to envy the girl
With her gentle smile and golden hair

But what she didn't understand
Was what she did wrong
She gave him her heart, her song
And he responded by leaving her performance

Without realizing,
The musician found herself
Behind the black and white keys again
Fingers placed on the instrument

The feeling familiar,
But the song new.
The song with demented notes
And harsh melodies

Where her anger and frustration
Betrayal and envy
Palpable and powerful
The chords wrapping around her listeners once again

The people listening
Felt hatred in their blood
Anger in the air they breathed
And violence as their souls danced

To the musician's song
And while her fingers danced,
So did her puppets
They moved quickly

And soon,
The man and his new toy
Were caught by the prisoners to her song
And they turned into victims

Harassed and degraded,
Abused and raped,
Cut open and beaten down,
The musician played it all

From her vicious musical
Where the violins were played with knives
The audience held in chains and shaking in fear
And the main instrumental were their cries of fear and pain

As the musician played,
Nothing like food or drink mattered,
Sleep or rest were unnecessary
All that mattered was the show

It didn't matter
That her eyes were red and swollen from tears
Or that her hands were turning numb,
Her fingertips bleeding

Her stomach caved in,
Her throat crackled as she breathed
And her cheeks were sunken
But it didn't matter,

Not to her at least,
Because she also
Was lost in her own song
Lost in the thought of revenge

The musician played
Until she was sure her fingers would fall off
But it would all be worth it
Because as much pain she felt

She felt all that much better
Because that meant
The pain in her chest
Was becoming less of a concern

Her mind focused
On her starving body
And her bleeding hands
And not on her dying heart,

Turning black and broken
Hurting more and more
With every drop of blood shed
For even though he hurt her

She still loved him
And that made the pain sting all the more
She hurt more and more
And more tears fell

With every key she pressed
She knew as well
As killing her love and his new toy
That the pain would block the true agony

Of a broken heart
So she played,
Her body destroying itself
While her song brought despair

To the man and his toy
As the musician's puppets bodies moved
Against their will
Teasing them with pain and torture

Because as their bodies moved,
Their eyes cried
And their insides shivered
As the knives in their hands

Opened and sliced,
Spilling blood and fluids
The stomach contents and sliced fat
Leaving invisible burns on their skin

As their bodies danced
To the musician's song
Long and painful
To all who heard it

Slowly, the melody became less fierce
And the man and his toy
Bled out, their blood staining the ground
And beat by beat,

Their hearts slowed
As their screams became quiet,
Their pain and suffering
Ending, along with the song

The musician's hands were
A sight not to be seen
By any human
Wishing to retain their sanity

Finally, long enough
For it to be considered
'The End'
The musician's song,

Along with her heart,
And the heart of the man she still loved
And the heart of the woman he chose instead
Strained, beat by beat

Slowing with every key
And as their hearts became one with the song,
The melodies became steady before
Becoming still.