Build your towers proud and strong,
make your bridge with gold design,
walk across the lake of fire,
through the open gate ahead.

Lift your sword to the sky,
let them hear your warrior cry,
let them hear the songs you sing,
the tales of life, wind, and rain.

Let the sand embrace your feet,
and hold your wild prints up close,
so soldiers know who walked this earth,
and dread the time of their defeat.

The only tears that fall are silent,
made of blood and broken bones,
the only sorrow that haunts the night,
is told in whispers from secrets old.

Children kill with swords and daggers,
march through life to meet their death.
Kings and Queens rule lands of graveyards,
fallen warriors at their feet.

The only castles are made of bones,
the only water the blood of life.
The only love is in broken hearts,
the only rest through heavens door.

Life is death and death is life,
a twisted pattern in fates cruel game.
A twisted lie told many ways,
a thousand times each dying day.

Build your life tall and proud,
make a bridge between life and death,
walk a path of wings and sunshine,
into the arms of forbidden dreams.