A.N.: This story will not be as good as the concept might lead you to think. Not self-confident, I know, but hey, I don't care.

Cybertech is an online virtual reality game using the UnrealEngine and DreamWarp.

The DreamWarp is just a pair of snowboard goggle-like metal eyewear that extends to the back of your head while on the sides have wire outlets to the computer it is hooked into. The DreamWarp uses the part covering your eyes to connect to your nerves through your eyes to intercepting them and manipulates them to send signals of what you are seeing, touching, smelling, hearing to the brain to make it seem like it really is virtual reality.

The UnrealEngine is definitely a misnomer. It makes the game exactly the opposite of what it is named. Aside from the ability of your avatar jumping fifteen feet in the air, flying, etc. the things that go on in the world are very real. The NPCs are like real people with real reaction, you can feel the wind, the water looks smooth on a normal weather day, the weather changes like real life and the world is generally affected by the players.

Cybertech takes place in a cyberpunk themed world were technology is key. You will not get fair without the knowledge of it. However, the game only stays in one area and that is the massive city of Len Cydic. Roughly 1.5x bigger than Los Angeles, California, this city is not to be taken lightly. It is a safe haven for corporate commanders and criminals alike.

You are unable to find the difference between NPCs and PCs unless directly confronted about it.

There are no health bars or stamina bars. Your physical fitness depends entirely on you. The damage system is that of real life. Get stabbed, the wound stays there and becomes a burden until a doctor is seen. This gives players a more strategic and tactical feel to the game.

There are four districts in Len Cydic which include:

The Loop: the backyard of the rich and the playground for the bullies. Rundown yet fancy, you wouldn't ever want to be there alone for you don't know if you'll be mugged, or scammed.

Diamond: pretty self explanatory, an area only were the richy and bitchy fit in. With marble houses and indoor pools, this isn't the place a hood rat like you would be.

Simplicity: An average district full of average people... on the outside. It may look like a normal town like area, but there's always rape, robbery, and gambling going on in the basement. Perfect for the criminal in plain sight.

Corporate: Where are the big malls and corporation faction locations are. You can find the states megacorporation faction located their along with the jewelry stores and technology implants. Under the smooth, beautiful lush skin, there is a layer of complete chaos and ugly as the most crimes are born here, right under the civilians' nose. Aside from the huge gang factions and overall criminal activity of all you can think of, the biggest criminals are always the best for they know how to hide in plain sight: the megacorporations.

The megacorporations include:

Anatotech: a biotechnology, pharmacology, and cybernetics manufacture.

Chikara: a Japanese zaibatsu designed to make Japan a superpower.

Cybernova: cybernetics selling company.

Cybertech: a computer and electronics manufacturer that was the start of the entire electronic movement in the Cybertech world. Very powerful, untouchable.

DotCom: a satellite communications giant and organizers of the Deep Web.

Electochem: an energy company

Electrocorp: involved in multiple and diverse industries ranging from electricity producing to heavy construction through corporate finance and insurance on the outside. On the inside, the criminal life's biggest weapon dealer.

GNA (Global News Association): an American broadcasting company.

Intelligence Business Machines (IBM): one giant info broker company.

Kenpachi: a Japanese arms dealer company.

Leakcorp: a commercial think-tank and info repository.

Labyrinth Group: an American private military contracting and private security firm with close ties to Electrocorp, Cybertech, and Megatary.

Medicmercs: a private medical firm also dealing in medical insurance, prepaid disaster relief, prepaid CSAR, etc.; teams extract their patients from hostile Landing Zones and then evacuate them to an emergency care facility.

Megatary: American arms manufacturer and mercenary contractor with strong ties to the US Government and its military; its CEO desires to make the US into a superpower again.

Oilet: a Neo-Soviet oil giant, controlling a vast percentage of the Electrochem market.

Orbital Strike: an African corporation with a monopoly on space transportation, space firepower, and mercenary air support.

Ωmegatech: a computer, cyberdeck, robotics, and cybernetics manufacturing and implanting company with strong ties to Cybernova, Cybertech, and Medicmercs.

There is also a deal of classes and jobs:

Cop: self explanatory. Starter equipment includes a Beretta M9 and a nightstick. (note: this is the only class that doesn't start with a Colt 1911)

Corporate: Slick business raiders and multi-millionaires. (Note: this class is only obtainable in-game and cannot be selected as a starter)

Decker: Hacker. Starter weapons include Colt 1911, a switchblade, and a one auto-black hat (can hack anything from a distance in a second, but has one charge)

Fixer: Deal makers, deal organizers, smugglers, organizers, cover-up organizers, info brokers. Starter weapons include tactical stick and Colt 1911.

Freelancer: Hired guns, bodyguards, assassins, soldiers etc. Starter weapons include Colt 1911, and a Swiss army knife.

Media: Reporter, anchorman, etc. They go hard in the paint to get their story including becoming a criminal to get exclusives. Starter weapons include Colt 1911, the public (they can tell the public lies to hurt someone who does not comply with their needs).

Med-Tech: Medics. Starter weapons include Colt 1911, small medical equipment, and a medical hacksaw (for melee purposes).

Megatechs: Renegade mechanics that use their knowledge on technology for jobs. Starter weapons include Colt 1911, tool bag, and a hammer. (Note: construction of something must be learned in-game)

Nomad: Road warrior and gypsies. Starter weapons include Colt 1911, a machete, and a family. (Families are essentially a clan of super human allies you can call on anytime, but be warned, after they help, you must do something in return or suffer the consequences)

Rockskull: uses music and revolt to win over the public. Starter weapons include Colt 1911, and a brainwash guitar. (note: using the brainwash guitar, you can influence the public to follow you no matter what the cause or action that will be done or give you whatever you desire. Also, you must make your own songs to release to the public)

Note: to obtain extra, restock, or upgrade any starter equipment must be bought in-game with in-game money.

For cyberware, see page 2

500,000 players will log in on March 25, 2020.