You know the tranquil world of Cybertech you know of so far?

Shit has hit the fan! It went from an alternate universe simulator, to a world of free for all.

After all the NPCs who lived in the world forever found out about Cybertech, they took it upon themselves to retaliate at what they've done [realism gone too far]. The streets aren't even safe with a body guard, cops can't do anything and always working overtime, you turn around every corner to find someone dead and the killer won't be caught.

Job requests pay much higher now and you know what that means? More people get cybernetic implants each day. Now, everyone is a born killer with some cybernetic traits up their sleeves, and Kenshin is no acception.

This is no longer a story about a group of five doing stupid shit to earn money, this is a story of someone who wasn't all that passive to begin with get life or death situations thrown at him as he tries to go to the top to find out how to escape this death world and make the people who killed his friends to pay.

Good news is ALL the megacorporations are still up and running; in fact, business is booming since everyone wants the juice whether it be weapons or info.

Also, there will be a LOT more death and gore.

Oh, and the theme for Cybertech until I change it later will be Undead by Hollywood Undead.