Under the pitch black sky in an alley in the Loop district, a man in a black unbuttoned trench coat that stopped to his knees walked. He had black choppy hair that fell to his shoulders with some covering his right eye.

Suddenly, a male voice emitted from the shadows, "Stop right there!" A man emerged from darkness holding a small knife. "Give me all your money!" he demanded.

The man in the trench coat looked behind him and stared right at the thug with his blood red eyes that seemed to glow in the dark. Suddenly, the thug noticed that the guy in the trench coat was pulling his sword from his scabbard.

"Don't move!" the thug nervously said.

Trench coat guy thrust it to the ground at his side and turned to the thug who started to shake. When he was right in front of the thug, the thug started to get terrified by the man towering over him with those eyes. There was a pause and then (SHLOCK!)

The thug looked down to see the blade had pierced him through the stomach. He coughed up blood and fell to the ground without a sound.

Trench coat guy swung his sword in the air to get the blood off of it before returning it to its original position. He walked a little further down the alley until he found a manhole. The design on it was that of an angry skull with its mouth open as if screaming and blood coming out its eyes as if crying flanked by two black digital-like angel wings.

He opened it and climbed down the ladder to arrive in the Cyberpunk HQ. Everyone was doing their own thing playing games or listening to music.

"Kanorin!" A blood red hair man in a black duster materialized right next to him. "Success?"

"No," Kenshin's red eyes found the floor. "Turns out the Deemers got to the briefcase first."

"That's not good," Voss, the duster man shrugged. "Well, there are still plenty of other opportunities."

"Hey, Kano," a woman who had black mid-length rebel hair walked up to them. She was one of the people who went to rescue Kenshin when his friends were slaughtered. She only went by the name Pierce. She wore a black shirt with a red long sleeved shirt underneath with grey jeans and black engineer boots. Her class was the Deckers and she was the best of the best at her job in Cyberpunk.

"What happens next?" Kenshin asked.

"We wait until Max gives us another tip," Voss said.

Another person who helped rescue Kenshin who went by Madmax. He had short blonde hair blasted backward with a strand hanging in front of his face. He was the person who was swinging the chains all around. He was a Fixer and one of Fixers jobs was organizing the sort of deals or setups Cyberpunk could use to bring their targets together while tipping off anyone with the right price. Except, of course, Max since he was a member of Cyberpunk too.

"In the meantime, Kano," Voss waved his finger around, "you need to take a quick rest."

"I'll rest when the men responsible for my friends' deaths are punished."

"Kano, how can you avenge your friends if you don't get rest and shit?"

Kenshin looked up at the sky and thought for a moment.

"Fine," he decided.

"Well," Voss began climbing the ladder, "I have work, so see ya."

"Come on," Pierce lead Kenshin to a couch that was left unoccupied. "If there is anyone who deserves a break, it's you." She took out a glass Coke from her inventory and handed one to Kenshin.

"Thanks," Kenshin pulled the cap off with his bare hands.

"Don't mention it," Pierce could barely take it off and was forced to use a bottle opener.

"Why join Cyberpunk?" Kenshin tried for a conversation.

"I thought that we might actually find a way to get out of this game," she replied. "What about you?"

"I'm not a part of your little 'club'. I appreciate you guys helping me, but the way I see it, those who killed my friends need to pay. Cyberpunk seemed to want them to go down too, so I figured we'd be helping each other out."

"C'mon, Kano! You've done more for us than most combined. Everyone here seems to think you're one of the bosses too."

Kenshin shrugged. "Never said I joined."

"What about the goal of getting out of here?"

"Pierce, it's only been three months since we've been trapped here. In that time, I've gotten used to this world more. I've forgotten a lot about how the real world works out there. I don't think I'm ready to jump back just yet. I'm still not over their deaths, and when I return, it'll only be fresh when people start trying to talk to me about it. There are so many things that you won't be ready to handle when returning."

"That doesn't mean you can just give up. Wouldn't you like to see your family again?"

"No," he sipped the Coke.


"They don't give two shits about me. They never have."

"First, there is a chance you could die, of course they would give a shit; at least in this situation. Second, what about your other friends?"

"My only friends are corpses now."

"Have you made any friends in the game that you'd like to see?"

"Like a just said: my only friends are now corpses."

Pierce threw her hands in the air and got up from the chair. "Well its a good thing you don't think of me as a friend or I'd be dead!"

Pierce walked away leaving Kenshin on the couch, "Wait, Pierce! Ah, jeez..."

"Quite the Lady Killer," a mischievous voice said behind the couch.

Kenshin looked up to see MadMax stare down at him grinning.

"Shut up," Kenshin sipped the Coke.

Max vaulted over the couch landing in a sitting position on top as if he'd been there all day. "Heard the job didn't go well." He took a beer out of his inventory.

"Damn Deemers," Kenshin sighed. "They left two witnesses."

Max pursed his lips. "Sloppy," he sipped.

"Good thing though, else we wouldn't know it was them, one-hundred percent."

"Who the hell else?"

"The Vanbans, the Dice, the Silences, Curtain Callers, the-"

"Alright! Alright. Those guys are small timers, though. Cyberpunk and the Deemers are pretty much the only big boys around Cybertech."

"Things could change."

"True that."

"Hey guys!" a Cyberpunk member ran down the stairs. "Some of our guys are got ambushed by Curtain Callers!" she gestured them to come.

Max raised an eyebrow at Kenshin who sighed losing all weight in his hand and letting his head drop back. He got up and climbed the later still in hand.

About four blocks away from the manhole, a bunch of people were in a circle created by Carson the road. They mostly dressed in black neo-goth/neo-punk themed cloths and hair. They were pinned down by gunfire from all sides by gang members who looked like cyberpimps. They had expensive looking dark red cloths with some being velvet. They either wore things like black slacks, black vests with red buttoned up shirt underneath and a red velvet Classic Fedora all the way to people wearing fedoras with large feathers sticking out with good rings and piercing everywhere in a big red velvet pimp coat black smart pants and elevator boots. While the Cyberpunks used guns you might find a street gang use, the Curtain Callers used single action revolvers which means they need to be manually re-cocked after each shot and Tommy guns.

The Curtain Callers didn't have any casualties on their side but that didn't stop them unloading everything in the Cyberpunk squad.

Suddenly, Kenshin appeared out of the fog like a ghost with a clear Coke glass' bottom high in the sky. He finished the last drop and brought his head down to see that the Curtain Callers were too focused on shooting at the Cyberpunks.

Kenshin smiled and walked up behind one of them and tapped their back. The man turned around only to get a face full of glass bottle as Kenshin smashed it against him. The guy fell to the ground and the bottle now had a broken end that had one side sticking out more like the blowing part of a flute.

He then used this new found weapon to stab some guy in the back of the head. He pulled the glass out and ran to a guy who just noticed him and was about to shoot. Kenshin blocked the Tommy gun with his left hand and then slit the guy's throat with the glass, turned the guy around like a human shield throwing the glass into the other hand and controlled the Tommy gun with the right hand killing more.

The meat guard got pumped full of bullets as blood sprayed from the body like Febreze. The Callers realized that the bullets weren't getting to him so one went at him only to get the glass bottle thrown at his face and a second guy rushed him only to get the dead body thrown in front like it was table-topped in which Kenshin took out the sword and sliced the guys head off then stabbing a guy in the chest and pulled him for a new shield. Then, a small gun the size of a snickers bar popped out of Kenshin's wrist shooting the last three guys.

Kenshin used his foot to kick the guy from it and looked over at the other sides to find they've been taken care of by the other Cyberpunk crew.

"How many casualties?" Malcom Voss arrived, crouched asking a Cyberpunk member on the ground getting treated to a bullet wound to the arm.

"About four," a Cyber said.

"Damn," Max stretched. "They killed four, planning to kill twelve and we murdered twenty seven."

"They shouldn't have messed with us," Pierce said.

"Correction, they shouldn't have messed with people that Kanorin knows." Max put his hands together and made a triangle with the tip pointing at Kenshin. "He killed half of them in one go."

Kenshin, who was resting on a car with his hands in his pockets, shrugged.

"Guys, cold blooded," Max slowly and softly clapped.

"We need people like that," Voss got up.

"What?" Pierce said.

"I don't mean to be the ass here, but it took more than ten of us to kill more than ten of them. It took Kenshin ten seconds to kill more than ten of them. He gets the job done."

"Just doing my civic duty to the community," Kenshin did jazz hands.

"Alright, then," Voss turned to the others. "Let's get the bodies of our own outta here. Leave the Curtain Callers to find their own. Max, Pierce, Kano, you'll ride with me."

Max got in the driver's seat of the car while Voss took shotgun. Kenshin and Pierce settled for the back.

On the four block ride back, no one said a word about the situation. It was dead silent for a whole forty seconds. When everyone got out of the cars and headed down the manhole, Pierce finally said something to Kenshin.

"How can you handle it?" she looked at him.

"Whadda ya mean?"

"I saw that you sort of just... killed them. You didn't hesitate or anything but instead dove right in taking their lives. How can you not be affected? They are players too. You full well knew that you were taking the lives of others out in the real world."

"Because they tried to take the lives of others."

"But you do too!"

"Not because they're just an enemy gang. I always past other gang members like the Silvers and the Dice. They don't attack me so I don't attack them. I only attack those who attack. No matter how small or big they do it."

"And Cybertech?"

"They attacked me and my friends. Therefore, I attack them back."

They were the last two to descend into the manhole. Kenshin went first but before his head dipped below the ground, he looked up at Pierce.

"Truth be told, I don't remember when I even attack people."