He hated me because I'd said no to him for middle school prom and told him that I hated him. Why? Our fathers were arch nemesis of each other. I found out why… and then; I couldn't bring myself to detest him. Quite contrarily; I fell for him. And then; he growled deeply, biting my wrist and drawing blood… thereby, binding me to him.

Bite and Bind.


Sometimes I used to wonder that what was it that made my family stand out from the crowd. My brothers were all huge, standing above six feet, even my idiot twin. They all had broad shoulders and in general a larger than life appearance, that made people turn their heads. My father was similar in build and everyone in our small town respected him. Wherever he went, people gave him way; out of respect. I always believed it was due to his position as the regional leader; the one who worked for the benefit of the town and its people. After all, he was the one who had gotten the sports hub sanctioned fifteen years ago; ensuring employment to thousands of people and publicity to our small town.

Of course, they all had a charisma too. People couldn't say no to them. I was however; more than content to live in their shadows, completing my high school free of social pressure, half because I was too laid back to make place on the social ladder like my brothers and half because due to the said brothers; no guy could ever gather courage to ask me out. The one who did in freshmen year though, still ran away from me as if I was plague. My suspicions were on my elder brothers Lucian and Marcus; who were three and two years older than me. They had long since graduated; and I was in my senior year myself now; but their threats remained. Especially when the guys felt the looming presence of Vian, my twin brother who clearly thought it was fun to scare off guys from me.

Thanks to all of them, I never got a chance to figure out if I had some underlying charisma or not. At least not until the day I woke up in a cabin right in the middle of the forest; dressed in a man's huge clothes with grass in my hair and scrapes on my body and a delicate golden chain around my wrist with a paper inserted inside the clasp.

"You need to find your father for the correct explanation. Because whatever happened, is his fault; not yours. Take the clothes. There is a key to the car inside your right pocket. Follow the trail to the clearing. I'm sure you'll know your way from there."

My heart had beaten wildly as I got a feeling that I knew exactly who lived near the forest. I dashed quickly downstairs and out of the house and to my horror; I was right. Boy; did I hate when I was proved to be right in circumstances like there. A black SUV stood in front of me, that I was aware to be bulletproof. That I knew belonged to a certain raven haired guy. The guy who was my bane of existence and had been that way since I turned him down for middle school prom and he had decide to hold that grudge forever. The guy who was the son of the mayor; who in addition to owning the entire sports hub business; was my father's arch nemesis. Hence the reason why I'd refused the date with him in middle school in the first place; which had resulted in endless torture from his side throughout high school. My father was my pride since I knew him to be the most morally upright person ever and his enemy could only mean bad things.

Adrian Price. I was in his cottage. In his clothes. Which I had no idea how I'd gotten into. With a note in my hand that I couldn't trust. Written by a guy who loathed me; yet assuring me that it wasn't my fault. Telling me to inform my father and dig my own grave. I was always able to find a way to screw up royally.

I got in the car and followed the trail anyway. Even if it was a sick joke on his part, I didn't have any other option did I? Well other than to wreck his precious car; I smiled to myself. When I reached the clearing, I was surprised to find myself in the backyard of the huge Price mansion. I'd known that the mansion had the forest touching their backyard but I hadn't known that it would be so close and that they would even consider going in it; let alone building a well furnished cottage in the midst of it. I felt heat rise up to my cheeks as I remembered how he'd been so sure that I will be able to find my way from there. After all; I had been a regular visitor to his home whenever I played hide and seek with my brothers. It was one thing that ran in our family. Athleticism. Our home; playgrounds weren't enough for us ever since I turned eleven and Lucian; fourteen. Though the price's yard was supposed to be off-limits, I'd always loved the bright yellow color of their home and had been drawn towards it. Till date, my brothers don't know how I managed to win every single game.

So, he knew that I had trespassed on his property. And more than once too. Way to embarrass myself.

I drove around the yellow house and continued the way to my home; all the time thinking and reaching to the conclusion that telling my father about my little rendezvous wouldn't be helpful. Adrian; however, regardless of his hatred towards me, would have to answer my questions tomorrow.

Little did I know that the answer to how I reached in the middle of the forest that had been my second home would turn my life upside down and start a new journey that will define my destiny.

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