(Boi was giving them blindfolded calligraphy lessons when Sensei Ryusaki came in.)

Sensei: Farrah.

(She turned her head and removed her blindfold.)

Sensei: You have a visitor.

Farrah: He's here.

(She ran to see the person that's visiting her. Inside the temple was a man with short platinum blond hair, a military outfit and loafers, next to him was an Indian woman with a yellow choli. Farrah went up to the man and hugged him. The others followed her to see what she's doing.)

River: Farrah, who's this?

Farrah: This is my older brother, "Neal Jr" and his wife, "Lakshmi".

Neal Jr: Farrah told me all about you guys.

Boi: Yes, she said a few things about us.

Neal Jr: I can tell.

(Behind Neal Jr was a 4-year-old girl with a cream choli and a stuffed elephant with a sari.)

Ming Tang: Who's the little girl behind you?

Neal Jr: That's our daughter, "Nia".

(Geki and Goshi went into the lobby with their stuffed animals, "Bonsai" and "Wasabi". Then Geki noticed Nia and fell in love with her. Goshi went up to his twin brother in a curious look.)

Goshi: Geki, are you okay?

Geki: I'm fine.

Neal Jr: Nia, why don't you play with those 2 boys?

Nia: Okay daddy.

(Nia went up to the twins.)

Nia: Namaste, I'm, "Nia Temple" and this is my stuffed elephant, "Petal".

Geki(Shows Bonsai): This is, "Bonsai".

Goshi(Shows Wasabi): And this is, "Wasabi".

Geki: Do you want to play with us?

Nia: Yes.

(They all left for the playroom.)

Ming Tang: Tell us about yourself Lakshmi.

Lakshmi: I was named after the Hindu goddess of love, "Lakshmi". I grew up in Mumbai with my father, "Panchika Purohit", my mother, "Avasa" and my 2 older brothers, "Tathagata" and "Mahadevs". I must warn you he is traditional when it comes to marriage.

(At The Mosquito Bite, Mosquito was long darting.)

Mosquito: Where is my tea?

Wasp: Sir, we're out of tea.

Fireant: So we're doing grape juice instead.

Mosquito: I'm allergic to grapes, they give me rashes.

(Then their computer loaded up revealing a purple hand with a sapphire in the middle that looked like a spider.)

Locust: Another Yukana weapon, "The Jrorogumo Hand". It can shoot spider webs.

Mosquito: Get the weapon before my daughter and her friends do.

(Meanwhile, The samurais went to the hand.)

Malibu: Okay dudes, we like so need to get the Jrorogumo Hand before The Bites do.

Tokugawa: Farrah, what's wrong?

Farrah: Well, he's now a father, meaning Father is now a grandfather.

River: There it is dudes.

(They found the Jrorogumo Hand on a statue of a dragon. Then Farrah got a phone call from her brother, he told her to come to the school now. Unknown to them, The Bites came in.)

Locust: Now boys.

(They made off with the Jrorogumo Hand. Boi noticed they were taking The Jrorogumo Hand.)

Boi: He got away.

Farrah: Never mind lads, we need to get to Neal Jr.

(They went onto their Yukana Spirits and flew off. Back at The Ryusaki Academy, Lakshmi was crying and Neal Jr was comforting her.)

Neal Jr: It will be all right Lakshmi.

Lakshmi: But Nia, she's missing.

(The samurais came in and found Lakshmi sad.)

Farrah: Neal Jr, what's wrong.

Neal Jr: Nia and the twins ran off.

Farrah: What's wrong with that?

Neal Jr: Father doesn't know I'm a parent now. If he knew, he might raise her as his own.

Farrah: I told Neal Jr everything about my life here.

River: So what will we do?

(Sensei Ryusaki and Miyoshi came in.)

Sensei: You should find my 2 grandsons and Farrah's niece.

Miyoshi: Yes, I don't want my sons to get hurt

Boi: We'll go find Nia and the twins.

Ming Tang: How will we came from?

(The 4 Yukana Spirits came in.)

Boi: Tokugawa!

Tokugawa: Not only we appear when a Yukana Weapon activates, we activate when there's trouble.

(They flew off to find Nia and the twins. Meanwhile at Tokyo Art Musuem, Nia, Geki and Goshi were inside looking for the weapon.)

Goshi: Naze wareware wa koko ni iru?(Why are we here?)

Geki: Because their sending in a Yukana Weapons.

Nia: How do you guys know where the weapons are?

Geki: Well, we see Pancakes when a weapon is activated often.

(They found a glow inside the box and found a Yukana weapon.)

Geki: This must be the weapon.

Goshi: No wa, sore o aite mimashou.(Let's open it.)

(They found a scanner like weapon. Then Mosquito came in and attacked the kids, then he noticed Nia's birthmark on the back of her neck.)

Mosquito: That birthmark, it's the same as mine.

Nia: I got it from my father, "Neal Temple Jr".

(Mosquito got into a panicky look.)

Mosquito: Henchmen, take me back to The Mosquito Bite.

(Bite Troopers carried him to The Mosquito Bite, while Locust, Wasp, Hornet and Fireant stayed to take care of the kids. Nia felt guilt)

Locust: So, Mosquito has a granddaughter.

Farrah: Locust!

(The Yukana Warriors came in and saved the three children.)

Boi: Don't hurt the kids.

Boi: Sounds like they found the weapon.

River: What is it anyway?

Boi: It's, "The Shikibu Scanner" it can translate any language in the world.

Locust: Since your niece, "Nia" found it, we can use it to learn Japanese.

Farrah: They know the truth.

Nia: It was an accident Aunt Farrah.

Farrah: I know Nia.

(They both ran to the weapon and activated it.)

Farrah: Another Yukana Battle.

Locust: My Jrorogumo Hand against your Ninja Spear. The game is a fencing match, whoever drops their sword loses.

Farrah: I accept!

(The scene changes to a fencing arena.)

Locust: En Garde, Fence!

(They did fencing Locust accidentally made a display was about to crush Nia and Farrah dropped her sword in order to push and save her. She lost the battle, but saved Nia.)

Nia: You chose me over the weapon?

Farrah: Yes, your more important to me than a weapon, besides they need it more than we do.

(They made off with The Shikibu Scanner. Later at The Mosquito Bite, Mosquito was resting learning the fact that he's a grandfather. The Bites decided to play with The Shikibu Scanner. )

Nia: You see Mommy, Aunt Farrah saved me from injuries.

Lakshmi: I'm glad your okay.

Farrah: I never knew, how did you meet Lakshmi Neal Jr?

Neal Jr: It was 5 years ago, I was sent on a rescue mission in India. There If found some people. The last person was the most beautiful of all of them. Her father agreed that I would become his son in law.

Farrah: Instant marriage, that's how you 2 met.

Lakshmi: Yes, but time went on and we got to know each other very well. Plus the two of us had a child.

Boi: "Nia".

Lakshmi: Yes, her name is short for, "Nirupama" meaning, "Unique".

Boi: That's a good name Lakshmi.

Lakshmi: Dhan'yavāda, that's how you say, "Thank you." in Hindu.

Boi: Your Welcome.

Nia: I want to learn Japanese Daddy.

Neal Jr: There's a kid's program on television where you can learn how to speak Japanese.

Lakshmi: The show's called, "Konichewa Kai".

River: I know that show. my brother, "Harry" use to watch that growing up. I normally watch monster truck, skateboarding and surfing tournaments.

(Later in the playroom, they were playing with their stuffed animals.)

Geki: Nia,

Nia: Really?

Geki Yes.

Nia(Whispers to Petal): Petal, I think Geki is cute.

The end.