Karly walks down the street, her hands in her jacket pockets and her hood on her head. She thinks about the people that have hurt her in the past and how she really wants to get revenge on them for all the pain they've put her through.

Suddenly, a tall person wearing a black cloak pulls her into a dark alleyway and behind a building, where no one is around. She removes her cloak to reveal herself as a lady with pale skin, white blonde hair, and dark green eyes.

"I know you want to kill them, Karly," the lady says.

"W-What?" the emo girl says.

"You want to get revenge on them. Just kill them."

In her mind Karly really does want her torturers dead, but she knows deep inside that she can't kill them; there are consequences.

"I-I would...b-but I can't." Tears start falling down her cheeks.

The lady starts heating up. "Why not?!"

"B-Because I'll just get in trouble for it!" Karly replies, on the verge of breaking down crying.

"But think about! They've gave you bad pain, and you'll be able to give them worse pain! And once they're dead, you'll never be depressed again! You'll live the happy life you've always wanted! Don't you want that?!"

Karly nods slowly. "Y-Yes, but-"

"Then it's time!"

With that said, the lady's skin starts peeling away. Her hair changes green, and her eyes change a dark red. Her skin finishes peeling away to reveal a floating light green body that is transparent.

Karly turns to run, but she's too late. The green ghost flies into her body and starts attacking it. Karly battles her, but loses. Her body goes still, then her eyes glow red. She stands up and begins walking down some streets, visiting the houses of her torturers as she does so. As she walks in them, she takes out her knife and does what the ghost wanted her to do.

She kills the blonde girl as well as her boyfriend that used to be her crush.

She kills the racist guy that always called her a crybaby.

She kills the tanned guy that pretended to have a crush on her but already had a girlfriend.

She kills some girls and guys that insulted her and made fun of her hair.

She even kills the girls that stole her crushes from them.

She kills many more of her torturers and quickly drives away from her city on her bike, leaving behind the crime scenes, frantic shouting, and police sirens. She was never seen in that city again.