I was 19 years old when i was chosen, my mother was out shopping like every other day and my dad was working, pulling another all-nighter. i was sitting on my bed listening to some music, it was warm but cloudy outside and the music was getting kind of boring, so i decided to go into our apple Garden. The wind blew my hair violently as i stepped into the arch that separated the house from the garden, the trees rustled behind me. i quickly turned around but there was no one there, i turned back around and there in front of me was a woman with bright green hair, her hair was so green it almost blended in with the trees. She slowly reached out her hand without saying a word. She looked up and all i saw was her hypnotic green eyes. I was shaking i didn't know what to do until...

" ohhh what's wrong… afraid to take my hand." the girl smiled and tilted her head.

"who-who a-are you and why are you in my garden?!" I was shaking in fear of this mysterious person.

"Well that's not important, the question is will you take my hand?" she pushed her hand closer to me in another attempt for me to take it.

i thoughtwait all i have to do is take her hand right? i straightened out my back and reached out my hand slowly and before i could touch her hand she grabbed it with both. The moment she grabbed my hand my whole body felt like ice, my right eye felt like cold fire. i screamed as loud as my heart could take. She said "Welcome to your destiny."

"Why do i feel s-so cold?" it was a true mystery to me, I had never felt like this before. The green haired lady bent down to my height.

"You will put your power to great use, and without you there will be no winter."

She whispered a few more things to me, which i could not understand. She tightened her grip on my wrists and i screamed even more. She took one step and we both disappeared. When i opened my eyes all i saw was a person sitting beside me.

"Who are you, where am i?" I looked up to the man's face; he had beautiful brown eyes and curly brown hair that covered one of his eyes. His voice was a comforting sound and it seemed to rock my world with every syllable.

"Well first of all, are you fully awake now?" I thought for a moment, I'm I really awake? I pinched my check, and felt the dull pain of doing so. Yeah I'm awake.

" ummm yes" the man smiled at me than introduced himself.

"Well than… my name is Jackson cumahari. I am autumn. "The way he introduced himself was strange, I mean he called himself autumn, who does that?

"I'm lillyanna Calibri." I was truly hypnotized by this beauty of a man.

"I'm glad i could finally meat you..." all of a sudden a voice penetrated the quietness of our conversation. It was a loud booming voice than scared me half to death.

"hey is someone here Jackson?!" Jackson responded to the question.

"Yes calm down, and come meet her." A man about my age came down a twisted stair case. He had black hair that was spiked up and pinned back and green eyes that looked as if he had just gotten out of bed. The man glared at me, then smiled widely.

"Well it took you long enough winter, hay I'm jay, and I'm also summer!" there it is again! These people are strange…do they all have seasons?! There was one other thing that I didn't know and I was entitled to ask it.

" ummmm... sorry BUT WHERE AM I?!" the two boys looked at each other confused, than back at me. Jackson was the one to answer.

"Well you're at the season manor." Jay interrupted Jackson in his loud voice.

"You came here because you were chosen by ma right?" well that was a confusing question, but if I had to take a guess at what he was talking about, I would say he's talking about that lady who just happened to drop me off here.

"if the "ma" your speaking of is the lady with the green hair and creepy eyes than yes i came here because of "ma"."

"No need to get snappy!" jay crossed his arms and turned his head.

"Ok, ok calm down; anyway, Lilly this will be your home from now on." I paused. My new home?! Why!?

"Wait what about my mom and dad?" Jackson answered with a calm voice that made the answer even creepier.

"Mother most likely already took care of them"


"Don't worry, she only brain washed them!" Jacksons comment after that was a big weight in my conscious.

"Like you were never born."

I thought for a moment thinking of what to do, i new my parents wouldn't miss me and if the woman did brain wash them than there would be nowhere to go. I knew by the way they were looking at me that i could not run away so i decided to play it out. The manor was big and just standing in it made me feel like a princess, i got up and brushed myself. The boys looked at a little worry like but they stood up too. Jay showed me to my room and Jackson went into another room, the room i went into was a beautiful bedroom with a queen sized bed that had a curtain that went around it. It had one large black dresser that was already full of clothes. i sat down on thebeautiful black silk bed, and laid down with my arm over my eyes. i kept thinkingwhat am i going to do, how long should i stay here and why does my stomach feel so bad? Someone nocked at my door. i didn't answer. Another nock but this time they opened the door, it was Jackson. he asked if i was hungry but i said no. he came in and sat on the bed. i curled up to my pillow and cried. i felt i couldn't escape. Even if i did i felt like i would just end up back here, with nothing but this curse of a destiny.

"I know what it's like, we've all been through it Lilly. But the worst is yet to come." i looked up to him now fully interested.

"What could be worse than losing your perfect normal life?!" the brunet sighed.

"Being forced to accept a new mother and having that woman torture you and bribe you with power and your own destiny. mother will be your new mother to and she will probably do the same thing she did to us, to you but don't be scared i will be with you the entire time, to protect you from her power, you can trust me and come to me whenever you need to." someone knocked on the door.

"May i come in?" A girl with long blonde hair and dark brown eyes came in she smiled. She was timid but had a really cute smile on her face.

"sure, who are you?" She smiled at me.

"oh that's right you don't know me, I'm Samantha, spring!" She grabbed my hands and hugged me. i looked at Jackson and he looked like he was about to explode with fear.. She whispered in my ear "watch your back winter, because you're not the only one walking around with a loaded gun" i pulled back from the hug and took a real good look at the blonde. She smirked at me than pushed me away. I grabbed her wrist and bitch slapped her. She looked at me in shock for a moment than scratched me. Then we went at it, 3 minutes later Jackson found himself again and stopped us by slapping us both. We both sat on the bed moaning while Jackson lectured us.

The next day...

i woke up to the smell of cookies. i slipped out of the covers and walked into the bathroom. i found some nicely folded towels and put them on the counter. i jumped in the shower and made Shure the water was extra cold, just the way i like it. When i got out i rummaged through the drawers and found a nice outfit. It was a fun black dress that was an inch to short but it still matched nicely with my silver hair and blue eyes. i walked down the stairs, Samantha was in the kitchen and the boys where sitting on the couch.

"Good morning" I said. the boys looked over to me and their jaws dropped, i blushed and asked..

"Is this ok? I'm so sorry if it isn't i just couldn't find anything..." Jackson interrupted

"You look so beautiful." Samantha shouted from the kitchen…

"No you don't… you look like a slut." Samantha came into the living room and plopped down next to jay with her plate of cookies. I gave her the death look and she returned it. It was clear we wouldn't get along. , we stayed like that for almost 2 minutes until jay cleared the silence with a question.

"Hey Sam can i have a cookie?"we both glanced at him he rubbed his head sheepishly

"No ways get your own."

"Gosh Sam why do you have to be so mean during your season?" i sat down next to Jackson he looked at me blushed and looked down.

"What does "your season" mean is it like a mood swing or something:" I asked.

"Well kind of" jay commented and Jackson filled in.

"Here at season manner each person that stays here represents a season and when it's their season the person representing it has special needs. For example Samantha needs sugar every day or else "spring storms" come rolling in and Sam gets really REALY angry. I on the other hand I'm completely different, i need sunflower seeds or salt every night or i become depressed and wind storms will cause tsunamis all around the world."

"ya and i need darkness to channel my power or else the sun rays become too powerful and can kill everything and anything" i looked at jay with disbelief.

"wait so what about winter?" there seemed to be no one who represented winter.

"Haven't we told you, you are winter!" I sighed

"But that doesn't make any sense; i have no power or needs."

"Yes, you do"a voice came crashing in and suddenly everyone in the house stood and bowed their heads. i swung around only to see the green haired lady. She smiled at me than looked to the others.

"Rise, my children"everyone raised and i stood staring at her. Almost everyone avoided eye contact except for me.

"Lillyanna, please if you would come with me i would like to show you something." She said almost slyly.

"Not without me, she shall go nowhere without Me." the green haired lady swiftly turned around and faced Jackson

"Very well autumn if you wish to go down there again i will not stop you."

"Thank you mother nature" he looked away, shivered, balled his fists, and looked at me. i could see so much pain and torture in his eyes. He looked like he could break brown and cry at any moment. 'Mother nature' took my wrists, the ice cold burn returned. i screamed even louder than the last time. Everyone looked at me than covered their ears, Jackson was dropped to one knee by the scream. i stopped screaming and started to cry, the pain was just so unbearable, it was almost like my whole body was naked in deep snow, it hurt so much. the girl let go of my wrists, took out a single black glove with blue lace running through it and slipped it on my hand than took my gloved hand and wrapped it with hers, the burn was gone and i stopped crying. Jackson got up and put his hand on my shoulder. The woman started to drag me out of the house with Jackson in tow.

We got to something that looked like a storm seller except it had a symbol on the two doors. The woman let go of my hand. i ran right to Jackson, he smiled and patted my head. The woman went to the door, she put a single finger in the center of the symbol and the doors swung open. She went back to me, grabbed my hand and pushed me told the seller. i walked in, the room was lit by candles, there were about 5 candles on each of the 4 walls. The room was really big like a ball room, but the floor was covered with blotches of blood and dirt. i looked up only to see chains with what looked like small knives. i looked at Jackson he had a dragon tattoo that started at the right side of his neck and ended on his left cheek , his eyes where light brown and he had scratches all over his arms and hands. i looked at the underside of my wrist and saw a lovely butterfly tattoo that glowed a blue color. The lady pushed me forward, me almost falling on my face. I. was. Pissed

"what the f***k is wrong with you don't you have any manners?!" Jackson put a hand on my shoulder.

"Lilly i don't think you should talk to her like..." mother nature interrupted him.

"Of course i do i just choose to push you around." That was the last straw.

"well i don't care what you choose to do, don't f****ing touch me b*Ch.!" The girl put her hands on her hips in triumph.

"now that's the winter attitude i know" I couldn't take it anymore.

"you know nothing about me so don't be a know it all!" she scuffed at my comment.

"Actually, i know everything about you and everything that you will be." I was about to attack her when i heard Jackson say"fall force",when i went to take a step, i realized that i couldn't move. i looked at Jackson with a really pissed off stare, he closed his eyes and bowed his head in a sorry way. The green haired lady looked pleased, her face pissed me off so bad and not being able to move was making it worse. i shouted in frustration, i balled my fist and punched the invisible shield. My hand felt like ice, i looked down at my hand and it was surrounded by blue fire. i punched the force field again, this time it shattered. i stomped over to Jackson, grabbed his shirt and gave him some advice...

"never and i mean NEVER do that again do you hear me Jackson cumahari?!"he didn't answer he just looked down

"i said DO YOU HEAR ME?!"




i put him down and walked over to the lady. She shifted her weight and crossed her arms, i walked passed her. i went to the farthest wall from them, slammed my head on the wall and slid down it. i brought my knees up to my chest with my hands gripping my stomach and moaned. My stomach was hurting the entire time i was here; it felt like i was kicked over and over by an animal. The pain got even worse, my head got dizzy and my hands felt clammy. Jackson ran over to me, kneeled in front of me, gripped my shoulders and said something but i heard nothing i just stared at him. Another pain ran through me and i moaned again. Jackson picked me up bridal style, i griped his neck but that tight grip soon fell as everything when black.

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