Amos the Monster


WILLIS – A King with a dark past who wishes to seek forgiveness from the Gods for his sins. His only son and heir is a sickly boy, who has fallen unconscious.

ABEL – Brother to WILLIS and immediate heir to the throne if WILLIS passes away without an heir. He is an admirer of foreigners and their cultures.

AMOS – Once a servant for WILLIS many years prior to the beginning of the play, he returns to castle to seek revenge for the robbery of his childhood innocence. Struggles with his beliefs and is in the process of creating a new life for himself.

CHRISTIAN – A friend of Amos's.

RAMON – A friend of Amos's.

VERNA – The maid and caretaker or WILLIS'S sickly son. She watches closely over him when he falls unconscious.

GUARD – Guards the doors to WILLIS'S chambers.

Act One| Scene One

[WILLIS and enters a study room of the castle, with ABEL following behind him.]

ABEL: Tell me, brother, why do you detest to the idea of her spending one night away from the boy, hmm? He sleeps all day and night, never makes a sound, yet this poor maid must stand by his side? For what? A flutter of an eyelid? A tremble of a lip?

WILLIS: You would understand if you had a son. She is to stay by his side for any changes in his condition. Why do you press this issue of yours randomly, Abel?

[ABEL presses his hands to his chest and acts as if he is taken aback.]

ABEL: I only think of the poor girl! I've seen the dark circles under those sweet green eyes. You more than anyone know how I cherish the sight of a beautiful woman, but it breaks my heart to see her stagger throughout the day. Let her sleep, if only for one night.

WILLIS: Has she said something to you? Does she complain of the duty I placed before her?

[WILLIS clenches his fist and narrows his stare on ABEL.]

WILLIS: I give her the job—nigh, the honor of watching over the prince, yet she has the gall to complain behind my back?

ABEL: Brother, brother! Calm thyself! She has said nothing about tending to the poor prince. How could she? She knows so little of our common tongue, and when she tries to utter a complete sentence, she ends up looking like a fool. No, she has said nothing. In fact, I believe she thinks highly of the boy. Indeed, I have seen days where she tends to him as if she was his mother.

[WILLIS steps towards a window, drawing a curtain back as he gazes through.]

WILLIS: Then why do you press me with her duties?

ABEL: As I've said before, I think only of her. Allow her one night's rest and see the joy of youth return to her lovely face.

[WILLIS glances back at ABEL and smirks.]

WILLIS: You talk as if you fancy her. Is that the case? Does this foreigner entice you, brother?

[ABEL laughs quietly.]

ABEL: I fancy all beautiful women, but it would surely be a lie if I said she didn't interest me above the rest. I've heard tales of her kind, the things they can do with their mouths. But slip the under the sheets, they're said, and you've found heaven!

[WILLIS frowns before removing himself before the window. He pushes past ABEL.]

WILLIS: Enough of your vile talk! The hour is late, and I must go pray to the Gods for my son's recovery. Verna will tend to the boy tonight, and every night until he awakens. Goodnight.

[WILLIS exits.]

[ABEL goes to the window and glances down upon the courtyard.]

ABEL: The hour of death is upon this castle, brother. Pray to your Gods, they will not help you or your son. I only pray that the poor maid is spared, and if not, her blood will fall upon your hands.

[ABEL exits.]

End Scene One.

A/N: Character cast list at the top is subject to be edited and added onto when I add on other Acts/characters.

The reason I'm writing this is because I entered a contest where I had to write a five scene act, and I wanted to add onto it from there. (Couldn't do so for the contest.)