Amos the Monster

Act One| Scene Five

[AMOS enters.]

AMOS: This is his room, is it not? Where is he? That bastard…I need my pay.

[AMOS hides.]

[ABEL enters.]

ABEL: Are you here, little servant, hmm? Come out from the shadows and collect your reward.

[AMOS reveals himself.]

AMOS: You weren't here when I came, I thought you had forgotten.

ABEL: Please, why would I forget any part of this situation? No, I was in my nephew's room, watching as his father clang desperately to his cold corpse. You didn't have to make such a mess, you know? Traumatized the poor maid even.

AMOS: I doubt giving him a clean death would be any less traumatizing for her.

ABEL: And you told her your name? She was screaming it over and over again. The whole country will know it by the morning. Was that wise?

AMOS: Would you rather I give her yours?

ABEL: No, but you will not be able to go by Amos anymore.

AMOS: I didn't plan on after tonight. Amos is dead now from satisfaction.

ABEL: How coy, you seem rather more happy about the boy's death than I, and I'm the one who benefits from all this. Why is that?

AMOS: I am but just a humble servant of yours, Abel. It gladdens my heart to succeed in what I was paid to do. Now, I have come to collect said pay, if you wouldn't mind handing it over. The sooner I make my escape, the better.

ABEL: Yes, of course.

[ ABEL hands over a satchel of gold coins.]

ABEL: This should be more than enough. A bit of advice, though: when you leave this country, change your name. Become this new person. And when you hear tale that the king is dead, come back and find me. As the new king, I will have a powerful position for you, if you would have it.

AMOS: I do not desire any such power.

ABEL: All men desire power, be it just for a moment or for many years. What I desire is the throne, a comfy little spot where I'm in charge. You, on the other hand, desired a little taste of power. You had the power to change the whole line of succession, and you did so beautifully. Amos will forever go down in history as the monster that slipped into an ill boy's room and ravaged his soul before the Gods. Just as the maid said: Amos the monster.

AMOS: When in truth, the boy's uncle was the one who ordered the monster. I must go now. Farewell. May you get your throne and live the rest of your days a happy man.

ABEL: As to you, and remember that you always have a place here when my brother's reign falls.

[AMOS exits.]

ABEL: And I plan that to be quite soon.

[ABEL exits.]

End Act One