If I recall, my hatching was very early in the morning. In fact so early, I woke up my mother. My mother was Sauda and my father was Zuberi. Both fit their names perfectly. Sauda means "dark complexion" and Zuberi means "strong". My mother had a swollen face and was slightly overweight. She had a scar on her left cheek and had red feathers. My father was strong and remarkably tall. He had random marks along his body. However, my siblings and I were saved of scars.

So anyway, I pecked at this prison. I had only achieved a crack before I had to rest. Egg pecking is an extensive, endless procedure I soon learned. I rested for a couple of hours and continued. By the time I got a chance to push the egg covering off my head, I thought I was going to die. I heard some voices, but relaxed still. By midday, I had all the energy I required. I was going to get out of this prison once and for all. I pushed with all my strength. Then, out of nowhere, a bright light beamed at my face. I shut my eyes, but my agony by no means ended. Then, all of the sudden, it all ended. I opened my eyes to discover my mother's face in mine. "Go on. You're nearly finished." She giggled, rubbing my face with her wing. I found myself lying on my side and the lower half of my body was in the other half of the egg case. I jerked and scratched at it. Then an hour of trying, nothing. All that tough labor for nothing. Mother then put her beak on the egg case softly.

This was my great chance. My chance to crawl out and escape. I did just that. I crawled out and escaped. As soon asI did, I wailed. I kicked, screamed, and howled. I was exhausted and stressed out. Nobody could understand why I was like this. Except my mother. She understood. She quietly giggled and picked me up. "Shhhh. It's okay. You're all right. Shhh. It's okay. It's okay." She cooed to me, lightly rubbing my face. I stopped crying and observed her. She grinned.

Though Mother was a dumb as a rock, she knew how to make children quiet down. That was one of her strong suits. I grinned back. When I saw her beak, I touched with my featherless wings. She gave a little chuckle. I gave a short chuckle. "Why, you are like a parrot. A little cute parrot." She said in her Southern dialect. I chirped. Then, we heard a crack. Mother looked at me with a concerned face. However, my attention was on a baby hornbill hatchling that emerged a second ago. Mother looked and saw the baby.

As soon as she saw the baby, she lightly put me down. I looked at her as she picked up my baby sister. The odd baby didn't cry. Instead she giggled. She laughed and touched Mother's beak. I got possessive. She was touching my Mama's bill. My Mama. Not her Mama. My Mama. I scampered to them and sat on Mama's foot. She looked down at me and fussed. She did that a lot. "Ohh, sugar. Are you bored?" She inquired sitting down next to me. She let go of my baby sister, who tiptoed to me. I pushed her to the ground. Now she bawled. "Sweetheart, why did you do that?" Mama asked me. Now baby chicks aren't the sharpest horn in Africa, but they aren't as dumb as a rock either. In our egg we heard our parents chat and we learned while inside the egg. As a new hatching most chicks can say "Mama, Papa, mine, and no." "No" is often a favorite word. "My Mama!" I yelled at my sister. Tears rose in her eyes. She went crawling to Mama.

"So that explains your attitude!" Mama scolded me. I threw a second fit. "Oh, darling. I'm sorry. Come to Mama." She picked me up and nuzzled me. I began to droll all over her feathers. She chuckled. I chuckled. "You're a sweet baby and my baby…" She stopped in mid-sentence. I lightly poked her. Then, she gently beamed at me. "My baby Zazu." She said as she kissed my forehead. I smiled. Then, I yawned. My eyelids felt very heavy as I fell asleep in her wings.