"Kamaraden, Soldaten, Offizere, und children of Das Vaterland. We stand at the crossroads of war to further expand prosperity and promote peace for the Führer, mother of the nation…"

*Sigh* I wish this transport vehicle isn't so crowded like as if I`m in Oktoberfest day.

"… We have orders by our Kommandant, Field Marshal Oster Whitman to relieve and participate in the invasion of the Kingdom of Solitude. The enemy, rotten and foul as the deep bowels of hell, must not be given mercy. Make our Führer proud, Ladies!"

This is it. The invasion has begun and I`m at the very tip of it. It is a pain in the arse trying to write in a cramp, loud metal box that is the Skdfz Halftrack but I was able to do so as my Offizier ranted on.

Dear Klaus and Children

I am now heading to the Newvalley River as part of the attack force of the 34th Assault Panzerjager division into the Kingdom of Solitude. It is sad to say that I may not make it from this war, but bear in mind that I will always live in your hearts. Klaus, my love, take care of Helga and Heinz while I am gone. I hope that the letterman managed to deliver the promised Thirty thousand Reichmarks upon recruiting in the army. Heinz und Helga, please do well on your studies as it is the only thing you have once I am gone. Your father won't be around for long and I won't be around any longer as well. Take care of each other and maybe If I`m lucky enough I might survive. Just be strong and brave for that will happen soon. I hope this letter won't be inspected by Ministry of Information and Propaganda as showing the truth about our solders. I bid you farewell.

Sigrid Otto Kretschmann

Soon the vehicle stopped and the locks on the hatch were removed. "Fur Das Vaterland! Vonwarts to victory! LOSS!" The metallic door flew open and I and my squad poured out of the metallic deathtrap. I was quite literally surprised on what I saw. It was a sort of dazzling yet horrifying action taking place outside the Halftrack. A full scale war was being waged.

We arrived in a meadow—a pretty meadow to be exact—pity it is now swarming with solders armed to the teeth anywhere from your standard issue Karabiner 98 Kurtz, Maschinenpistol 34 and 40s, Gewehr43/Gewehr41 and Maschinegewehr 34 and 42s. To my left were the iron beasts of war. A column of thirty panzers rolled through a small dirt road. I think I know what some of them were: Eight Panzer IV Ausf D, 12 Panzer III Ausf J, six Panther Gs and four Stug III Ausf Gs.

My boots landed on the ground first and the other women followed. Yes, das ich right, women. The Führer—or Dictator—of my country took advantage of the massive demographic of women over men and ended up having seventy five percent of the army being women. And apparently I am a woman myself.

A twenty five year old woman named Sigrid.

I highly doubt women can fight wars. Maybe they could but I really don't know. I just joined it for the money damn it. I don't have any other choice. I was wearing my black and grey uniform with a sash and a black stahihelm. I had a Karabiner 98 as my weapon. I had three Stielhandgranate 43 grenades and a Hafthohldung for dealing with enemy panzers. And as a symbol of being a member of the Army of the Vaterland I was given a silver dagger called the Oaths dagger.

There was a lot of action going on. Over my left, fight and front was the smell of the march of war. It smelled like death. Overhead was the Waffen Luftwaffe at work. The BF 109 and Fock-E Wulf screamed overhead but the loudest of these planes was the JU 87 Stuka. It makes a weird screeching sound when it dives and it was caused by the airbrakes which are attached to some built- in siren called the Jericho trumpets. I and eight other women looked on in a mix of fear and amazement.

The officer or Offizier walked towards us. She was wearing a different uniform. She had a tucked in vest decorated with ribbons and medals of valor. She wore a long skirt and a black and red schirmmutze. On her sleeve she has a symbol for being an officer: A pointed down silver dagger. She focused her eagle gaze upon us. "Archttung, Panzerjagers! This is what you have been waiting for since the first day of training. I am Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter Armin Kortig and I will guide you through this mission. Ich das clear?"

One of the girls raised her hand "Umm, officer?"

"Ja, was is das?" Asked the Officer.

"I was wondering where is the thirty thousand Reichmarks that were supposed to be given to us?"

The officer sighed. "Ayee-ahh. Is there anyone else in here that has the same question?"

Most of the group raised their hands in unison.

"Okay, Panzerjagers don't get fucking ahead of yourselves. The money will be delivered to your homes of your loved ones after you joined das armiee. Haven't anyone in here looked at the back portion of the goddamned pamphlet?

"Nein, Ma`am" Those who raised their hands replied.

"Okay, listen up you little fucknuts. Next time please read. Just read for the Führer's sake. I don't want any more old aged pensioners or inbred douche bags joining just because of the money. This is more than just about the money; the main reason is for defending the Vaterland."

"How is attacking a country supposed to be defending ones country?" Another woman to my left asked. She was wearing glasses and had a ponytail.

"What? You dare question the mission and vision of the Führer? Have you even seen what they had done to us on the Newsreel? The Kingdom of Solitude has attacked the outer boarder of our nation and burned a frontier town called Bonndenburg resulting on the death of a thousand men women and children.

The Solitudians need to be punished severely. The Fuhrer herself wept for our loss and promised for revenge."

*This is ridiculous* I thought to myself. I haven't even heard of a town called Bonndenburg. My country has been driven to insanity by a madwoman. I could barely hear myself think as bombs and artillery shells fell like a deluge on a nearby city. Plumes of smoke, ash and debris fell like a concrete waterfall.

The Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter continued on. "Listen up Kompany of Fucknuts, after crossing the Newvalley River we will make an advance through the city of Polska, a massive industrial hub of the nation. Resistance will be thick and chances are the battle would take days or weeks. Fortunately we have the numbers, the technology and the determination to win. Recent reports say that the Waffen Luftwaffe has annihilated the Kingdom`s Air force. So now those Ju 87 Stukas and quad engine bombers are going to tear this country a new Anus or two. Oh, and while we are at it the 34th and 56th Panzer divisions will rip them yet another asshole. Stay close to each other and remember this: When you see your target Load, Aim, Fucking Kill it! Understood?"

"Jawoh!" Our squad replied.

We were interrupted by a message coming from the radio from the Skdfz "Hallo? Is anyone picking up this transmission?" The radio man was able to answer the message.

"Ja, Kamaraden. 34th Panzerjager division can hear you!"

"To all able bodied men and women fighting for the vaterland, we have received a message from the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Solitude: Ferdinand Bohn. The message says `We, as a nation devoted for peace and freedom, we will not bow down to the fascist yoke and its army of confused women. We have fought hard for this country and we will not come down quietly. The Kingdom of Solitude has friends; the Fuhrer of Vaterland does not. As the invasion has started, the François dominion and the Conglomerate of the Four Kings and Queens have declared war on your nation. It is best to surrender now or face the consequences of your actions. We can always live in peace together but if war is what you want then bomb will be met by our bombs. `"

My Offizier shakes her head, chuckling. "Why do they always want it the hard way? They can always surrender and join us for a greater Vaterland. You heard the man, right? If they don't want to surrender then let us make sure they won't surrender, whether they like it or not. No prisoners shall be taken!"

That's it, I`m done playing miss silent red -head. "Excuse me, Fahenjunker –Gefreiter Armin, but these men have children friends' wives or entire families. I`m quite sure killing them whilst surrendering is a war crime and is totally uncalled for."

Her eyes widened. "Oh, red -head can speak, eh. So tell me your name, Kamaraden?"

I nodded. "Ja, Kretschmann Sigrid,Gefreiter."

"Okay, Sigrid may I ask you this: Where does your loyalty lie? The Kingdom of Solitude or Vaterland?"

"I love my country and I am willing to defend it at all costs. It is the duty entrusted upon us since Kaiser Hewel the 1st" I replied.

She nodded again, her arms folded. "If so why do you let these sub-humans—the Solitudians—get away from the horrible crimes they have done to us?"

The bastard gave me a hard look in the eye. Her hazel colored almond eyes pierced through my green round eyes. I swallowed hard. "It's just… I—I think these people should be shown mercy."

"Ah, what e fucking lowlife numbskull." Armin replied in a smug and sultry manner. "I do wish that some of the kingdoms troops would grab you by the street and rape you to death."

I shuddered. She wasn't even replying to what I have said. "Wait, what?"

"You heard me. People like you won't stand a snowflakes chance against them over there. You soft skinned, squishy pale faced loser. War is a way where a man or a woman s tested for strength and bravery. Doubting your own men and country is a sign of being a coward and a total idiot. Let's see how long you last when you have a mentality like that."

I clenched my fist hard. "With all due respect, Ma`am I do not mean that I am jus partaking in the line of chivalry—"

"This is war, we cannot afford dumb animals like you" The Offizier replied. "Why you may ask, it's really simple. War is a serious matter. Chivalry and fairness is left out the building a killed by a KWK 8.8 Cm Artillery piece. I couldn't possibly show any form of compassion to my enemy. I`ll gladly tear his skin off his body in front of his or her family. It will please the Führer…" She leaned close to me, looking at me eye to eye. "Oh yes, it will really pleas her." She said in a sadistic, murderous tone.

I was expecting war to be hell and all but I never expected to be entrusted in murdering surrendering solders. I`m quite sure that doing so is a crime. What if they do the same to us? I have entered a war that is more than just a war. It is the separation of humanity within the hearts of men. This will be a long fought battle for survival. I guess I could understand why the officers are so fanatical to their cause. The officers were mentored by the Phoenix Legion. Based on what I heard they are like a private army of the Fuhrer herself, devoted to only answer her orders by heart, mind and soul. I would not expect the same thing. My original plan to quit the armiee by faking a major handicap like blindness or whatever once I have received the geld has failed. Now I`ll be forced to fight for my country for a selfless cause. A cause that will hurt plenty and favor few. I have no idea how I ended up here.

"So, that cleared everything up? Does anyone in this squad or division want any more questions to ask? Gut!" The Offizier said, rubbing her hands together. "Get on your Kubelwagen and grab your Waffen! Vonwarts!"

Now the inevitable march to war has begun. I loaded my first magazine on the Karabiner 98 and slung it at my back. . My squad was led by the Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter. After packing ourselves in the car or Kubelwagen we would begin the drive towards the pontoon bridge.

We encountered a bit of a problem. The driver of the car doesn't know how to start it. "How do I start this?" A blond girl of ours asked. My Offizier sighed and slapped her t the back of the head.

"Dummkopf, you turn the winding key over here." Armin instructed. She was quite in a hurry because apparently a mortar shell fell five feet from us. "God damn it Gerda step on the fucking gas. I don't want to die until I can kill one of those shit faces."

One of my squad mates who was the driver stepped on it immediately. We flew through the chaos around us and zipped through the pontoon bridge. Tracer rounds were flying to our left and right and in front of us. My squad mates ducked under what little cover the Kubelwagen can give.

My Offizier/squad leader was barking orders. "This car has an Mg32 equipped on it. Do you know what to do, Soldat?"

The girl manning the Mg was quite afraid for her life. "Nein, we are dead in this narrow death trap!"

"Fucking idiot. You have a Machine gun; over there is the enemy, FIGURE IT OUT!"

She began unloading the rounds while we drive. Eventually we managed to cross the other side of the river. We all hurried out of the car just as it was riddled by Machine Gun fire. We got our separate ways and found what cover the muddy river bank can give us.

One of the women are crying. "I don't want to die in this shit!"

"Hilfe, Nein more time for us! Retreat!"


The Offizier looked at me. "Hey you, make yourself useful!"

I couldn't look at her directly because f I did I`ll end up having fifty holes added to my head. "What do you suggest I do, Kommandant?!"

"Well, what do you think?!" She replied as she took a glance at my rifle. I knew exactly what to do.

I grabbed my rifle and peeked up the rock I was hiding at. I saw twenty five men firing at us. They wore faded brown uniforms and a few shades of green. I took my first target. I fired but shit; I forgot this is a Karabiner 98 not a Gewehr 43. I pulled back the bolt again and fired. I did the same thing over and over again until I lost some rounds and needed to reload. As I reload most of my squad were pinned and in a fetal position. I knew I couldn't possibly do this by my own.

I shouted "Shoot if you want to live. This isn't no longer about thirty thousand Reichmarks this is a matter of life and death. ANGRIFF!"

"That's the fucking spirit!" Armin yelled." Vaterland uber Alles! Ein Vaterland, Ein Reich, Ein Führer! "

Screaming, my squad fired back in fury. The eight man squad consisted of four K98s, 2 Maschinenpistol 34s 1 Gewehr 43 and a LMG 42. We fired back hard at our enemy. I managed to land a hit at a soldier 200 meters away from us. I could see a red puff fly askew in the air. I think I killed him. It was quite a disturbing sight because he didn't die instantaneously. He clutched his stomach but he couldn't stop the faucet like flow of blood. He yelled out something. I don't think I`ll never forget that yell. He fell on the ground in a thud because another one finished him of by chipping off a portion of his jaw with a submachine gun.

We ended up driving back the enemy by killing five of them I could hear them yell "Spadać spadać"off the distance. We lay there in the mud bank, stunned at what we saw.

My squad leader was brave enough to signal our advance. She raised a dagger in the air and screamed "VONWARTS!"

We complied and marched forward through the river bank. We saw the carnage that we caused. Five men lay there dead. Or I think they are dead. A small puddle of blood and innards formed around the dead men. I saw one man whose forehead was chipped off by Machinegun fire. His pinkish-white brain flopped around and I could have sworn someone stepped on it. I almost wanted to vomit—oops too late because I just did!

I wiped my mouth as my vomit mixed with the blood and entrails making a wired swirl of red, yellow, green and pink. I vomited some more. "If, someone wants to vomit, don't do it in front of the corpses." I said to my squad mates. They too were quite disgusted at what they were seeing, all except for the Offizier.

The place smelled like ammonia and fresh blood mixed with shit and piss. I discovered that when people die, they excrete their bowels almost involuntarily. We didn't have any other choice but to advance. We advanced through Newvalley River and into the city of Polska. The city is already damaged beyond recognition but resistance seems tough. Mortar shells fell around us like hail and we were seeing our dead and wounded being hauled away. The shouts and screams of agony filled my head of what was about to come but I know I had to push through this.

We took cover behind a wall—just a wall because the building was almost destroyed—and decided to take a breather or two. Through our advance never saw a friendly panzer. We were concerned that we would enter the city without panzer support. I thought of something. "Kommandant Armin, do we have any panzer support?"

"I don't know" she replied. "I need to know what is up with our panzers." Soon enough we saw a squad of five advances towards us. Two men and three women carrying demolition and construction equipment. One of them had a radio equipped. My Offizier called them out "Hey, you! Ja, you over there! Help us over here, damnit!

The squad of five engineers advanced towards us. They were armed with two Maschinenpistol 34 submachine guns, two Karl 98s and a Flammenwerfer-1 flamethrower. I guess they have some room clearing to do. They ran by towards us tired and weary. "We are the 45th Volks Pioneers brigade. We were entrusted in building a pontoon bridge to attack Polska City. I`m Obersoldat Philip Konig, leader of the squad."

"Guten Morgen, I`m Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter Armin Kortig, Squad leader and Offizier of the 34th Assault Panzerjager division."

"What seems to be the problem, Fahmenjager?"

Armin folded her arms. "We are told that the 56th Panzer division will lay fire for our Panzerjager and Das Vaterland Infantry core. Now we see ZERO panzers. What appears to be the problem?"

Philip scratched his head. "The Panzers are fighting it out with the 16th and 18th Royal Dragoon Armor brigade of the Kingdom of Solitude."

"They should have destroyed those minutes ago!" Armin yelled. "Intelligence says they only have 7TPs, Renaults and TK-3s! What the fuck, are they drinking too much Jaeger Bombs again?!"

"Nein, since the François dominion and The Conglomerate of Four Kings and Queens have supplied them with Churchills and D2s, have been stuck fighting the tanks all this time."

Armin couldn't believe what she was hearing. I could see it in her red face. She wiped her face and pounded the wall with her fist. "That's it, hand me the radio, I want a word with High Command."

The radio crackled to life as Armin began to speak in the receiver. "Hallo? This is Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter Armin Kortig of the 34th Panzerjager Division. Could you please dispatch Panzer support immediately? Any Panzer would be fine, really."

I heard a faint voice in the speaker of the radio. "Nein" was the reply.

"Nein? What do you mean Nein? We have the Panzers, what we want is for them to come here and rip the Solitudians a new asshole."

"Nein, Panzers are busy in battle."

"What?! Field Marshal Oster Whitman said we have our Panzers right fucking here in this motherfucking point!" Armin couldn't keep her anger bottled up anymore. "And who the fuck is talking in this radio anyway?"

"This is Major Heinrich Koller of the 6th Luftwaffe reconnaissance division. We have a telegram sent by our Intelligence core. It says 'Field Marshal Oster Whitman has been relieved of duty after possible collaboration to the enemy of Vaterland. Command of 56th Panzer Division is temporarily given to the Fuhrer, Mother of Das Vaterland. The Panzers of Oster Whitman is currently fighting tanks made in the François dominion and The Conglomerate of Four Kings and Queens. For now the only support available for the 34th Panzerjager Division is the 45th Luftwaffe bomber Squadron, the 10 5 Artillery Brigade and the 88th Phoenix Legion. `"

Armin has had enough "You listen to me right fucking now, Heinrich! All I want is Panzer support okay? If you cannot give me one prepare your testicles because I`ll fucking cut them off and glue them on your mouth. NOW GIVE ME MY GODAMN PANZERS!"

Armin slammed the radio on the ground, almost breaking the thing. We were silent the whole time because of his temper might suddenly fly towards us. She was sweating heavily and was shaking in anger. "This is unbelievable. Un—fucking—believable! The one time I wanted a Panther or a Panzer IV Ausf H to cover our ass; instead we get the blind bats that are the Luftwaffe!"

Gerda, I think that's her name broke the silence. "Mein Kommandant, the Luftwaffe is full of skilled pilots. I suppose getting help from them is an upgrade, right?"

"Autsen!" Was Armin's quick response

Bullets continued raining down upon us and another engagement begun. My squad fanned out and took cover on the ruin while the Pioneers hid on the back of the wall. They were firing through the edge of the wall to avoid getting hit. I spotted three men using Foreign made Bolt-Action rifles, Possibly Springfields. Our K98s had the range but they had the firing rate.

I shouted. "Some one set up the Light Machinegun! We need suppressive fire!" I looked at my back and our LMG gunner was hiding in a hole made by the mortar pieces of the enemy. "You, Ja you! Use the fucking weapon! Were in deep shit right here!"

"I am not gonna die godammnit!" She shouted back whilst hiding in the ditch.

My Offizier took notice of this. "Helga Von Rundstedt, pick up your waffen!"

'I can't! I`m pinned down this piece of shit ditch!"

"You will fire that gun, or you will die by my pistol!"

Armin took out her Waither PPK and aimed it between Helga`s eyes. She shuddered immediately of the sight of seeing a gun pointed at her. She crawled up and over the rubble. But my Offizier was asking for it double time. "Stop crawling like a cockroach! War is a serious matter, fuck you!"

She was able to set up the bipods of the Machine gun. She franticly loaded the ammunition belt on to the machined and cocked the gun. She fired a five second burst as the enemy took cover from the rubble. She was able to take out two men with that one burst. I saw one of them cut in half. The upper torso fell down the ground first while the stomach and legs followed and billowed out blood that spilled their side of the street. The enemy was suppressed under the LMG fire.

Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter Armin grinned and took out her dagger. "This is our chance! Pioneers do your thing!"

"Jawoh!" Philip agreed. The five man squad fanned out to the left side of the street we were fighting at. They took cover to another wall. The plan was to outflank the enemy and use the Flamenwerfer against them. They still received fire from the enemy as they ran to the left flank.

"Quickly men, move like Pioneers!" Philip shouted.

"Right foot left foot godammnit! Los los los!" The second one ordered.

They reached the left flank of the enemy. To cover them I took out one of my Stielhandgranate and twisted the cap. I got out of prone position and ran like hell to the enemy and threw the grenade. I could hear them shouting from the sight of my grenade.

"Granata, look out!"

"Get a godammned move on!"


In three seconds the grenade exploded. I saw a figure fly five feet high from where he stood. His legs were blown off his body. Unfortunately, he landed near where I took cover at. He was still alive and shouting in anguish. I saw his eyes and he saw mine. He was breathing heavily and I don't think I could possibly do it. He was asking for mercy and for me to not shoot. I don't know if I could kill him in his state but as quickly as it happened my Offizier shot him in the head three times. His blood squirted on my face. I just sat there, shocked at a close encounter of a man being killed in a war that never should have happened.

As I regained a hold of myself I saw even greater carnage taking place in front of me. The flamethrower of the Pioneer squadron let lose their fire. The small fighting position of a dozen men or so was lit up in flames. I could see their bodies reacting to the fire. The heat was so great that even if I was fifteen feet away it felt like I was on fire. The screams, oh the screams! It was total carnage and they couldn't save themselves from the downpour of fire. They tried to run away while on fire but I and my squad took them out of their misery. I shot one through the heart and I thought I was giving them service for the agony they were feeling. The fire fight was over, with a dozen Solitudians dead.

My squadron advanced with Armin Kortig leading the advance. I was still frozen at the sight of violence. I stared at the corpse in front of me. I tried to look away but I saw the charred remains of the solders from ahead of me. I couldn't get my eyes away from the carnage and violence. My officer knelt and looked at me straight in the eye.

"Kretschmann! Sigrid Kretschmann! Are you fucking listening to me? SIGRID!"

I was still frozen and before I realized it I received swift strike on my jaw. She punched me so heard that I landed face first in the ground. Before I realized it, I was picked up by my officer and pinned in the wall. I still looked at him in a thousand yard stare.

"Gefreiter, listen to me godammnit! Das enemy isn't going to wait here all day long. We must clear them of the streets. Understood?!"

I focused my eyes at her. "I… I—I… I can't—"I couldn't take it anymore. All I saw was gruesome sights and smells that me as a mother of two shouldn't see. I screamed loud out of anger and fear. I cannot take the sound of war anymore. I cannot possibly live this every single day in every single year. Before I knew it I was slapped again by my Kommandant.

Armin was shaking her head, chuckling. "Holy shit Sigrid. You are such a pussy. You scream like a schoolgirl!" She grabbed the Karabiner 98 Kurtz from my lap. "Just grab your waffen. You`ll eventually get used to it."

My squad mates Helga and Gerda helped me up on my feet. They looked at me with some concern. I tried not to focus my eyes on them because I just can't. They too seemed very afraid and disgusted by the world around them. Our squad advanced but as we moved through the bowels of the inner city of Polska, the radio f the Volks Pioneers crackled to life.

"Kranz, use the radio. Maybe it is something important. Astrid und Sonja protect our left and right flanks." Philip ordered.

"Ja, Kommandant."


Kranz the radio man quickly unpacked the large radio over his back. He used the telephone attached to it contact support. "Ja, who is this?" Kranz`s asked High Command.

"Guten Morgen, this is General Henkel Schmidt of the Der Vaterland und Heers. Am I talking to first squad 34th Assault Panzerjager Division?"

Armin shoved Kranz away and took over the use of the radio. "Ja, you are now talking to Panzerjager Division. This is Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter Armin Kortig on the radio fighting alongside our solders fur das Vaterland. Where are our panzers, godammnit?"

"Fahenjunker Armin, why do you insist in participating on full combat duty? You are a first class Senior Offizier and we cannot allow such an asset to be lost in a firefight."

"No time for that. All I want to know is where are our Panzers? I heard that they are fighting Solitude Panzers but I am sure they have destroyed them even if the François dominion and the Conglomerate of the Four Kings and Queens have sent them new panzers."

"There has been a slight change of plans, Kamarade. The 8th arimee has been able to make a push towards the capital. Polska is no longer an important objective. However, four entire infantry divisions are hiding in it so we will have to send in the Waffen Luftwaffe do raise the city off the ground once and for all. You have to get your squadron and division out of there within forty five minutes, Verstanden?"

"Jawoh, Kommandant. I shall contact the rest of my division. Armin, aus!" She turned the radio to another station to contact the commander of 34th Assault Panzerjager division. "This is Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter Armin Kortig wishing to contact the Kommandant of the 34 Assault Panzerjager division. There has been a change of plans. Polska will be raised in forty-five minutes and are in need to execute an evacuation of the city to prevent friendly fire."

"We heard you clearly Kortig Fahnenjunker. Hangen Dort."

My officer rubbed her hands together. "Okay, Jungen und Mädchen. Change of plans. Apparently the Luftwaffe can do something right after all. Unfortunately because they are so obsessed on proving their point, they want to bomb the city along with us. So know we`ll have our asses blown to bits by Ju 87 Stukas and Vaterland heavy bombers. We are gonna have to get a move on and get out of this god forsaken place. Verstanden?"

"Jawoh!" Me and my squad replied.

"Okay, lets fucking do this. Panzerjagers move out!"

"Pioneers, let's get out of here!" Philip ordered.

My squad and the pioneers began the run back outside the city. We are to move towards the river banks and get in a Skdfz Halftrack to get out of the place. We ran end encountered enemy fire. To my left and right, solders armed with semi-automatics and submachine guns fired upon us. One of the Pioneers in front of me was cut down by enemy fire. His body spasm as bullets riddled his body, adding several new holes on his torso. He fell down with a constant stream of blood coming out of his body like a small stream.

"Kranz, NEEEEIIINN!" A woman shouted. It was one of the Pioneers.

"Sonja, get a hold of yourself! Use your weapon, not your emotion!" Offizere Philip screamed.

"I`m getting tired of this shit!" One of our women moaned. She was getting shot up in a wall.

Armin, with her cool head and bloodthirsty attitude yelled "Every man has its fear; Attack this fear, ATTACK!"

With my determination to live for my children I shot madly at my enemy. The Karabiner 98 is a bitch if you don't know how to aim it. I for one thought that using it was extremely difficult. However, if given to the hands of a marksman, it is a deadly weapon. I fired, and then pulled back the bolt. Fired again, pulled back again. Fired and once again pulled the bolt back. It is starting to get on my nerves and starting to hurt my wrist. I wish I had a better weapon. I struggled to reload my weapon. I don't have much ammunition left. As I reloaded a grenade fell to where I crouched at. I was shocked to see the damn thing in front of me. I fumbled to grab the thing. I didn't care where I threw it I threw it as far away as possible from me and my squad. The thing exploded, causing me to go deaf for a few seconds.

The battle continued on and Sonja—the Pioneer—was growing too comfortable from her firing position. She killed an enemy solder with her Maschinenpistol 34 and never seem to duck in cover. She suffered a fatal mistake. She was exposed from fire and it was quite easy to kill her from where she was. One of the Solitudians` Solders took aim and shot her three times. She fell on the ground, moaning in agony.

"Oh Vaterland, warum hast du mich verlassen!" Those were her last words. It was the first time I saw a woman die on this war. I didn't know she was dead until it was too late. Her eyes were still open, but her face was covered by her own blood.

"Godamnit, they got Sonja!" One of the men of the Pioneers cried.

"Sigrid, check if she is alive!" Armin ordered.

I didn't bother to do so. Her body was limp and she wasn't breathing anymore. "Ja, Sonja has fallen in battle." I reported.

"Avenge your fallen Kamarade Pioneers! Angriff!" Philip roared as he fired away with his K98. Their flamethrower advanced and tried to fry the enemy. But flamethrowers need to get very lose so he was a target. I saw one of them preparing to throw something.

"Lekkie to się rzucić ci durniu!" One of the Solitudians threw a Molotov at the flamethrower. It was able to hit the flamethrower and he was set ablaze. We knew that the fire might reach inside the fuel tank. We hid behind cover as the flamenwerer exploded like a sun. The napalm like substance flew askew all over the place.

My Offizier gave us an order. She raised her dagger in the air and swung it in the air. We knew that signal means. Our squad will throw one of our grenades one by one to suppress the enemy. It is an assault tactic used by Panzerjagers and Panzergrenediers.

"Panzerjagers, on my signal!" Armin held her order until the right time. "Now, throw the Granada!" One by one we threw or grenades. I threw first followed by Gerda then after that Helga and so on. The grenades blew up one by one and devastated the firing position of the Kingdom`s solders. Fahnenjunker Armin threw a bundled grenade wrapped around her torso. It was one of the loudest explosions I have ever heard so far. After the smoke and debris fell we readied our weapons for the firefight. As the smoke cleared three pars of arms raised in the air. The Solitudians solders are surrendering.

"Panzerjagers, proceed with caution!" Armin told us. The enemy was exhausted and looked like they were conscripted to fight. They were covered in grime, blood and dirt from head to toe. I pity them a lot.

"On your knees! Hands behind your back!" I ordered. They complied very quickly. My officer loomed over them with her sultry grin and eagle eyes focused on them. She pulled out her dagger and grabbed the man in the center in at his collar.

"Please show s mercy! I beg of you!" The man wept. I didn't want to show any emotion but if I were Armin I would have taken him as prisoner instead. "I have a family that needs to be fed. Please don't kill us, I beg of you!" He was crying uncontrollably that gave me the feeling like I have a thousand butterflies in my stomach.

My Offizier grinned. "Your Prime minister said that this is a battle that you must never surrender from. Yet here you are begging for mercy. Funny, men use to dominate us like dogs back at the before times. Of course there are things a woman can't do that a man can. Or maybe women can do more."

I think my Kommandant has a dominance fetish of sort. It really pleases her to see men or women begging and asking for mercy. Before I realized it, my Officer planted her dagger in the solders throat and slitting it open sideways. He kicked his lifeless body on the ground. His comrade looked in fear as their friend lay dead in the ground. I feel that chivalry is dead in this world.

My Kommandant is covered in blood. She ordered "Kill off the rest of them." She said coldly.

Gerda shuddered. "Wh-Why? They are surrendering and we should take them as prisoners!"

Armin turned at my Kamarade viciously. She focused her hazel colored eyes at Gerda. "You dare defy my orders, eh? Maybe you would like to die for them instead!" She pulled out her Gewehr43 at Gerda.

She doesn't have much of a choice. She and the rest of us took aim and shoot. They tried to beg for mercy yet we just shot them up like pigs in a forest. Those poor souls. I stood there shocked to see the execution of three men who are willing their arms to live. Yet look at what we did to them.

The rest of us advanced towards our objective. Heavy fighting ensued and we found ourselves in a massive battle between our own solders and the enemies' troops. We were able to contact the rest of the Panzerjager division and several other fighting forces. The battle for Polska wasn't going well for the enemy and things are about to get worse for them.

Fifteen women armed with the standard issue K98 fought hard against the Solitude troops. They fought behind a wall and fired like hell. I saw numerous casualties from our side but they were small by comparison to theirs. Our side has a MG42 Heavy Machinegun set up against them. I saw numerous solders cut down to pieces by the Machinegun. I and my squad took cover on the ruins of the city. The Fahenjunker took out a whistle started giving out orders.

"Archttung, Panzerjagers! High command has sent a message to fall back to the outskirts of Polska! Retreat so that the liquidation of the city may commence!"

"What do you mean by that, Kommandant?" One asked.

"The city is going to be bombed by heavy Bombs! And unless you want to die in here you should get a godammned move on!"

The leaders of the squads of our division complied. "C'mon Mädchen, let's get out of here, Los!"

The execution to fall back has begun. Panzerjagers and Volks Pioneers Began to fan out of the city. Things were going well. The enemy fired at us thinking that we were retreating but truth is that we are most likely to win this one. Then I heard the very last thing I wanted to hear.

One of our solders cried out at the top of her lungs "ENEMY PANZER!"

A whizzing sound followed by an explosion rocketed at our ranks, killing five. Their bodies blew up sending pieces of meat and bone flying askew. I heard someone shouting in pain. She was clutching her left eye.

"My eye! Medic!" A solder was blinded and his left eye or what was left of it was spewing out water and blood. Before the Medics could get to them, she was cut down by Machinegun fire. We were surrounded by enemy Panzers and I was in the middle of it. I saw the metallic silhouette of the panzer. Then, the thing appeared in front of me. It was a Churchill IV and about two other panzers appeared. I was shocked to even move as the thing fired out its machineguns cutting down anything from its path. I saw the turret traverse and took aim. It took aim at me. I was too frozen from fear from what I saw. I felt like my heart was going to burst through my chest. Before the cannon fired, someone pulled me back from behind.

I managed to take control of myself and realized what was happening around me. One of my squad mates pulled me behind cover. I was looking straight at her. "Sigrid, stop fucking around! Your gonna get yourself killed!" Yelled the girl.

I snapped my head around. "Who—who are you?" I asked.

"Are you kidding me? I`m Gerda, a member of Armin`s squad, remember?"

I sighed. "Ja, I remember now. I`m sorry."

"No time to say sorry, Sigrid. We have to take out the Panzer!"

Meanwhile, my squad leader was still fighting on. Shit, that woman has more balls than any man I have ever met. My Husband, Kranz, can get easily scared by a dog while Armin can shoot at a Panzer with nothing but a Gewehr 43. "Scheiße, does anyone in here ever carried a Panzerfaust or Panzershreck with us?" Asked Armin.

"Nein" None of my squad carried any anti-Panzer weapons.

"Yeah, that's fucking smart. Why are we called Panzerjagers again, ladies?"

Gerda answered "Because it is our duty to hunt Panzers?"

"Those's right but guess what, we don't have any Anti-Panzer weapons! Useless pieces of shit! Utterly useless!"

I beg to differ. "Ma`am I have a Hafthohldung equipped."

"Only you *Facepalm* wow we are dead to begin with!" Armin looked at us with utter disappointment. I myself would be disappointed as well.

One of the women from another squad said "Fahenjunker, I have a Panzerfaust and one of us has an Anti-Panzer rifle."

"Okay, maybe we aren't so fucked after all" Armin said, nodding. "Are there any brave souls willing to give up their lives to lure those panzers in an ambush position?"

None wanted to do so.

"Okay, you know what, let's just flank them."

We ran towards the enemy panzers. The three panzers compose of one Churchill, Renault and a 7TP. One of the panzers has a crewman exposed. He was on top of the hatch overseeing the battle. I took aim and fired my gun. I blew the top off his head, causing pieces of skull and brain matter to fly. The Panzers advanced in a column. If we can take out the front and back the middle couldn't move. A dashed towards the tank in the back of the column. It was the 7TP. My squad mates distracted the other panzers while I went for the kill. I sort of memorized where the ammunition is stored in the panzer and placed the Hafthohldung on the lethal spot. I pulled out the cap and ran fast as I can.

The panzer at the center of the column took notice of me and took aim. The Renault fired its main gun. It missed but I could feel the shockwaves of the explosion. I went on my belly and crawled to safety of the wall. Soon after that the Hafthohldung detonated. The sharp crack of the explosion ravaged the panzer. The hatch cover flew up from the force of the fire. I saw the crew bail out who were caught on fire. They were crying and squirming in the ground.

The Churchill at the front of the column fired its main gun. It blew up two of the supporting squad members. It opened fire with its coaxial machinegun. The bullets landed another solder next to me. She was riddled with bullet holes and the force of the heavy machinegun hitting her caused her left arm to be torn off her body. She fell with a thud. The Churchill tried to advance forward but my Offizier was determined not to do so.

"Shoot at the panzer`s tracks now!" Armin ordered. The Anti-Panzer rifle took aim and fired at the tracks. It only took two shots for the tracks to be shot off immobilizing the Churchill.

Now the Churchill was immobilized, the woman with the Panzerfaust took aim. She was unable to fire because she was literally cut down by Machinegun fire. I could see her intestines spill on the ground and her cries of agony slowly reduced to moans and then silence. Helga grabbed the Panzerfaust from her corpse. She dashed back behind cover just before the main gun fired, killing another Soldat. Her body parts flew askew. Helga took aim and shot at the Panzer between the hull and the turret. The Panzerfaust was able to penetrate through the thing. The muzzle of the main cannon belched out smoke and the cannon lowered over the hull.

The last Panzer in the middle was stuck. Armin ran towards the thing and clambered over the Renault. The hatch flew open and the crewman of the panzer was shocked to see this woman with a Gewehr 43 loom over him. Armin blew his head up with her gun and threw a grenade inside the hatch. She closed the hatch down and jammed it shut. I saw heard the crew from inside the panzer panic as they cannot get away from the grenade. The grenade exploded causing the top of the hatch to shoot up from the force of the flames. Armin clambered down the thing and slowly walked towards as if it was just another day in the job.

Armin looked at us. "What are you dummkopfs looking at?! Let's move!"

Our advance continues but sad news is that there are more panzers prowling Polska City. Our squad and other belligerents attempt to take out the tank. I spotted two 7TPs from our left flank while a Churchill was at the front. The thing spewed out all its machineguns upon our forces. Our squad was getting suppressed from the constant bombardment of shells and automatic cannon fire. I could feel the heat from the battle: The searing frightening heat of war. My other squad mates are already worried about our current situation, but my leader wasn't. She knows that our side has the advantage.

As usual, she was barking out orders. We complied but of course tried to deny the fact that we could die a horrible death. The sound of rolling armor and the resonating ground pierced through my body and the whole damn place was so loud I couldn't hear my heart pounding itself out of my chest. Gerda was looking at me just a few feet away. She raised her hand and signaled me to come by her position; I dashed screaming from the opposite side of the road. I skidded towards where she hid herself. She looked at me with her blue eyes. Oh, those blue eyes.

"What do you want?!" I asked after loading my Karabiner 98 Kurtz. I only have three clips left.

"You're afraid huh?" She asked with her stupid smug face focused on mine which was covered with grime, dirt and blood.

I made a fake grin and sarcastically answered "Oh, you don't say Kamarad!"

She smiled. "I never knew it'll end like this. Oh well, I guess we should go down like heroes just like the fairy tale books we used to read when we were little Mädchen."

"I don't believe in heroes" I answered. "People do what they want to do, simple as that."

She nodded. "Ja, whatever you say. Anyways, do you wanna hear something crazy?"


"A while ago I spotted a seventeen pounder Conglomerate Anti-Tank gun just a few meters from where we are. Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

I was unable to reply quickly because I was firing my K98 madly. I took three shots and missed my target. The enemy was growing more and more confident. I looked at her. "I guess so." I replied.

"I think I`ll take that as a yes. Follow my lead, Kretschmann."

I followed the woman on whatever plan she has in mind. I took us a few minutes to arrive from what she was talking about. I saw an Anti-Panzer gun. A seventeen ponder. I guess we should use that against the panzers. Thing is, the thing was being used by the Solitude infantry. I looked at her and said "I guess we should take that requisition that gun for our ladies and gentlemen."

"Ja, that is right. I`ll throw a grenade and when hell breaks loose don't fucking stop shooting, okay?"

I nodded. We crept around the Anti-Tank gun. The thing was occupied by three to five men. Upon closer inspection, some of the solders aren't wearing uniforms. They are probably armed citizens or militias. We took cover behind the rubble on the guns six. Gerda grabbed her Stielhandgranate and then pulled the cap of the thing. She let the thing roll towards the five man unit. I could hear them murmuring casualty until they yell "Grenade" followed by the explosion.

The thing detonated and then we rose from where we hid. Gerda was able to take out a Soldat with her sub machinegun. I saw the man crumple under the automatic fare; his blood was oozing like rainwater off a spout. I spotted one man about to take Gerda out but I manage to put two rounds at his head. The first one went through his jaw, causing his lower jaw to fly off to oblivion and fragments of bone and powdered teeth flew askew. I think he was still alive when I shot him the second time. The second shot went through his left eye. His eye went flying and a quarter sized hole was blown through his skull. I imagined his exit wound being twice the size. He crumpled down the ground. The sight of it made me feel sick.

I rushed in first. I fixed my dagger in my K98 and used it as a bayonet. I saw two other figures whose arms and legs blown off. The third one to my back had his two legs blown off. I saw the thing shudder and move and then the once dead man pulled out a revolver and aimed it at me. I rushed him and buried my Karabiner into his chest. He grasped the barrel of the thing to prevent it from going in any further. I forced the thing inside him until I accidentally fired my last round of the clip. My bayonet plunged through him like hot knife through butter. Or in this case a dagger in meat and heart muscles.

I reloaded my rifle while Gerda scans the area, her finger at the trigger. She looked at me and ordered "Sigrid, help me push this thing outside!"

"J-Jawoh!" I slowly answered because I was going to feel sick. I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

I put my pack at the thing while Gerda tries to push back the thing and at the same time towing a box full of shells to use against the panzers. The AT gun was heavy as fuck but I`m sure Gerda was suffering more considering she is pushing both the thing and has a Box of AP rounds that she is pulling by her arms. We were lucky enough to get some help from four other solders to carry the ammunition. With their help we pushed that thing to the front of the street. Armin and the rest of the Panzerjagers and Volks Pioneers as well as a few other fighting forces were bogged down from panzer fire. When they saw us haul the thing, Armin gave us a grin which was a sight for sore eyes.

She started barking orders. "Alright Panzerjagers, time to show what you are made of! I want a hole through those 7TPs right fucking now!"

We unpacked the Anti-Tank gun and started to load the ammunition. One panzer—A Churchill—took notice of us. It fired its machine guns followed by its man gun. The cannon missed us by a whisker and the force of the explosion blew away the Fahnenjunker`s schirmmutze. She just picked the thing up. Helga loaded the shell into the breach. Then I fired the thing. The blast of the cannon was tremendous! As I saw through the protective plate armor I saw that the shell ricochet off the hull of the panzer.

"Scheiße, it's a ricochet!" Helga confirmed.

My Offizier batted her at the back of the head. "Dummkopf, you don't think I saw that! Reload damnit, RELOAD!"

I opened the breach of the gun. The piping hot cartridge of the thing fell on the ground. I grabbed another shell but the cannon of the enemy Panzer shot us, barely missing us. I loaded the thing in and closed the breach. "Loaded!" I yelled out.

"ANGRIFF!" Armin yelled.

We fired again and it was a direct hit. We hit the middle of the tank on its 20 degrees sloped armor. Only can this gun penetrate the front of the panzer on 20 degrees. The thing busted into flames. I heard the random detonations of ammunition from the doomed Churchill.

"JAAAAAAA! WATCH THAT PANZER BURN!" Armin roared in applause.

Because of this, the other fighting forces of our side charged forward screaming "Vaterland Uber Alles!" Some of them were machine-gunned to death or blown to bits. Yet even that wasn't enough to stop their charge. A man—yes an actual man—picked his Panzerfaust up and fired at an enemy 7TP. The Panzerfaust was able to penetrate through the thing and the explosion was so great that it launched the turret up and over the panzer. Helga opened the breach and I pulled out the piping hot shell cartridge. I never knew that picking up hot meatloaf on an oven can help train me pull out a piping hot shell cartridge. I loaded another shell into the breach.

"Geladenen!" I yelled.

"Feuer!" Mein Offizier ordered.

We fired off another salvo and our shell struck another 7TP. The thing blew up into pieces. Meanwhile a heavy MG42 was set up on our side of the street and let lose its lead upon the enemy. It was able to push back the Solitudian solders. Two other Panzers advanced. As I looked to my right I saw Philip talk to the radio.

"High Kommand! Philip Konig here! We are requesting a Ju 87 Stuka on grid section 45-66-90-34-63 Bravo sector at X- coordinates Positive 13 and Y-coordinates negative 20 southwest of Polska City. Do you copy?!"

"Jawoh, Konig! Stuka Dive Bomber is out hunting for Panzers! Hangen Dort."

In not a moment too soon I heard to iconic screech of the Stuka Dive Bombers. The sound of the screeching sirens and the sound of the engine were made to scare the enemy. Heck, the damn thing eve scares me as well. I saw a small dot on the sky grow bigger and bigger until it was close enough for me to see the yellow nose of the plane. It started its steep dive towards the panzers. The loud screech of the sirens made my teeth vibrate. My grouped looked at awe and fear of the outstanding aerial maneuvers of the thing. Overall there were three Stukas making an attack run. I noticed that they were taking Anti-Aircraft fire. One of the plane's wings was blown straight away and the Stuka twirled around in mid air and spewed out black smoke. The two other planes continued the attack run.

"Take Cover!" Armin ordered us to dive beneath the rubble. I was pulled down by my squad mates into the ground. The siren now was so loud I swear I feel like my teeth are gonna fall out and my innards were turning into mush. Then the Stukas let loose of their load. Two bombs fell over the enemy and the great explosions rocked through the street. The smoke billowed all over the place temporarily blinding us. As I looked on, the panzers were reduced to mere scraps and pieces of metal.

"Fortschritt! " Armin yelled. We ran through our cover and ran out of there. We were able to rout the enemy. It was probably because of the dreaded Stuka Dive Bomber. The other solders, men and women, fired at any retreating solders. I did the same thing, as ordered. We were already outside of the City of Polska. I looked back and saw the burning city of what used to be the Continent`s most culturally diverse city. I saw our ride out there: A Skdfz Halftrack. We crammed ourselves inside the damn thing. I was happy that I was alive but sad. Sad at what I saw and what I have done. I hope that whatever I was fighting for it was the right thing. We quickly drove our asses out of that god forsaken place.

As I looked on the burning city one of my colleagues pointed at the sky. "Look! She yelled.

I looked up the sky and saw the contrails of hundreds if not thousands of heavy bombers heading for the city. As I looked back at the city, I saw that they weren't that far away. In a matter of moments I saw the bombers loom over their target and released their payload. I looked on in horror as thousands of tons worth of bombs were dropped on the city. The place already took a beating after weeks of fighting and the place was going to receive a final baptism of fire. The bombs fell, the buildings fell… The homes and workplaces fell… Schools and markets and the parks and hospitals and… And- I just can't say much more. It was horrifying to watch. What drives men to war is something that I—as a woman—can't fully grasp or understand. As I looked on I saw a lone plane out of flight formation. I have no Idea why is that plane out of formation. I guess he was late or something.

(Third Person Perspective Narration.)

Overlooking the invasion of The Kingdom of Solitude was the entire cabinet of the Vaterland Kaisereich. On the plane was the leader and orchestrator of the invasion: Führer Magda Nuremburg. Alongside with her is the minister of propaganda, Adolf Aryan Guttenberg and to his left, the new Field Marshal Erwin Von Schmidt and to her left Second in Command Josef Heinz Schindler. A new telegram has been sent to the Fuhrer from the Capital of the Kingdom of Solitude.

A teller man said "Mein Führer, we have received a telegram. It is said that The Kingdom has laid down its arms in a valiant attempt to defend the nation. The Prime Minister has now surrendered this country to you and the Prime Minister flew abroad to the Conglomerate of Four Kings and Queens as well as a hundred thousand Solitude troops. That is all, Mein Führer."

The Führer nodded. His second in command try to give her some advice. "Mein Führer, perhaps now is the time to send away the bombers from Polska and the Solitude capital. May I contact the Waffen Luftwaffe?"

"Nein" Answered the Führer slowly. "It is too late and all mobilized resources will be wasted. Let them do their job."

Josef nodded. "Of course, Mein Führer. We shall not let the enemy get away from what they have done!"

Adolf Guttenberg smiled. "Vaterland is victorious! Hail Der Führer!"

Adolf and the Führer`s men faced Magda proudly and raised their arms up to make as Hail Salute. And then in unison they yelled "Sieg Heil Magda Nuremburg! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!"

Magda raised right her hand. "My children, the Kingdom of Solitude is all but the first to join us in peace. Soon, the world shall join us in prosperity. But before peace is attained war must be waged. We shall take advantage of this victory to create an army the like of which has never been seen before. An army dedicated for peace! In this rubble will rise a world-a better world- a world where the nation of Vaterland stands at the highest peak. Before all that is possible, the martyrs shall first spill their blood. Millions will die but their death is not in vain. For in my hands and our army we shall make a better world for a better Vaterland! Celebrate our victory and may the dead be honored. The inevitable proclamation of peace shall be delivered one bullet at a time. Heil Der Vaterland!"

"Hail!" Her men agreed.

What exactly drove this woman to madness? Is it because of social or political upheavals or the way she was raised? Or perhaps it has something to do about her nation's history. If you wish to find out more, it is best to look on and anticipate what happens next!

She is the Führer, mother of the nation. And she will drive the world into Total War!