Left and right it looked as though that the infantry were just cleaning up the mess while our armor passed by as if they have very little to worry about. My hot, beaten and tired body ached and throbbed from the nonstop combat I had to push through. Every step I take was like a struggle and every breath felt like my last. Where thou my morals stand today? I cannot bear to see such reckless hate. I j-just can't. This is most definitely the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life. Nonetheless, I had to push through. I just want to make sure I don't do anything reckless and unnecessary unlike my Offizier Armin. To my right I saw men kicking down a door and then begun to swarm inside the house with their submachine guns firing away with their lethal deluge of lead and fire. To my left were the Pioneer squadron igniting the houses with fire with their flamethrowers; a contraption of great evil in my books. I couldn't see well through all the smoke and my squad approached with caution until another high ranking officer will point out to my squad leader what to do.

A gust of wind enveloped us on our left and then several men came running by towards us with their weapons at the ready. "Enemy to the left, engage!" Armin barked.

Her orders were clear and sharp. My body flinched in response and I aimed down my sights. The same routine that has been going on in my life for several months shall begin once again. I fired my shot and I missed while the enemy retaliated and almost struck me on the head. We all scrambled towards the side of a hotel as more and more came in with the determination to kick us out. Sophie and Ursula were quick to react and were able to cut down two of the assailants and were probably able to wound a few others. I peeked out once again and took aim with my rifle and fired once again. I struck a man`s hand which caused him to scream and cry. I almost hesitated and while I did he ran away bleeding and crying. Gerda shot him from behind the head. All I could see now was his twitching corpse.

Soon enough our machine gunner was able to take up position and began to suppress the enemy before they managed to place a machinegun against us. While Helga laid down fire for us, the rest of the squad stayed back. Armin was breathing heavily but was nowhere near out of the fight. "You two submachine guns try to outflank while the rest of the rifles try to puncture through!"

The sisters nodded. "Okay, we`ll do it!" Ursula answered.

"Make sure you cover us!" Sophie added.

"What are you two fucking waiting for, outflank them now!" Armin barked.

The two ran back behind the apartment and I, Gerda, Helen and Armin stayed behind. With her signal we sprinted out and engaged the enemy. We ran out but then the soldiers from our side behind us made a direct charge towards the enemy. Two of them threw smoke grenades which both helped us and hampered us in the same time. The Panzerjager infantry swopped and took out a large chunk of the opposing forces. The Francois and several Royal Conglomerate troops were caught on a cross fire once Ursula, Sophie and several of our own men. I Took aim once again and I shot a man in the stomach with green and red bile spewing out of his mouth. I cycled my bolt and I fired yet again and missed. I took cover and cycled my bolt and fired yet again and finally I was able to put my last round on the last opposing force. Our fifty man strong force or so suffered some casualties but my squadron was alright. The enemy was devastated with the crossfire that we have used against them. With Armin`s orders we advanced further down the alley and we were puncturing deep within the city.

"Hold up wait for a second." Armin hissed. We were about to advance over this rubble. A flamethrower equipped Pioneer ran towards us and then from behind the rubble she lets lose the fire inside her weapon. The flamethrower signaled to Armin that it was clear. "Okay, advance Panzerjagers!"

With her orders we ran off. I heard several other officers give out orders for their men to advance. We took heavy precautions over pretty much everything. Fire was everywhere and the enemy never seemed to let up. Even after weeks under siege, Les Philippe still fought on like it was just fresh in the fight. My back shivered on what it would be like if we were to finally reach the capital. We looked left and right and those behind us covered our asses which is a great complement. Eyes peeled for danger from incoming enemy forces. We didn't want to take any chances whatsoever. The sky was setting and the day was drawing to a close but time itself felt like it stood still. Perhaps it is because the god or gods of this nation is trying to give its children some time. Time to hold out or time to get some help but it is most likely that they are giving them time to survive. Our squadron stood still while columns of our own men and women came in to "clean up" the situation. The firefight droned on around us but I noticed that they were losing so much hope in this fight. Their moral now is shattered and bare individuals seem to carry out the fight while our organized force continues to tighten the grip upon them. They are in such a hopeless situation. They were fighting a war they cannot win. The most beautiful city in the west is crumbling under the weight of it oppressors. Time was almost up.

"Gen in line Verdammit" Armin yelled. She looked at me straight in the eye. "What are you waiting for, los!"

I stuttered but nodded. "Y-yes ma`am" I answered back.

Armin nodded at us. She seemed quite pleased but appears to be hiding it. "Listen up you hags. Now, here we are, the second to the last step to finally get this over with. If you fuckers wanted to get a slight breather then you are in luck. Keep this fight up just a little more. We`ll get over this. All we need now is to chase away the Francois Dominion and the Conglomerate. Keep up the pressure and don't let them take a step forward no matter what. We will drive them out of here and we will beat them her now. Now is not the time to complain or moan for now we only have one thing to do and that is to serve our Vaterland. Is that clear Kamaraden?"

"Jawohl Kortig" We answered slowly.

Armin sighed. "Just suck it up ladies. We`ll get over this soon enough. Do you really think you are the only ones getting tired of this shit? Well, so am I too. I just want to get a good rest now."

I never knew the loyal Armin Kortig could say that I thought.

Armin rubbed her hands together. "Alright alright, let`s make a B-line towards the next block and let's go!"

We took off from where we once came. I, Gerda, Helen, Helga, and the siblings Ursula and Sophie followed our leader's orders. Armin is like our mini Nuremburg. She is the one who carries the team despite all of the complications. She has all of the responsibilities that were entrusted upon her and only she can use them to make us survive. We first took cover to a wall and Armin looked on the corner of the wall. With her signal, she and about three of my squad mates advanced forward and dashed towards some rubble nearby. The four were now behind cover and with her orders she gave us the go ahead to run towards them. Gerda and Helga ran towards them and I was the one behind. I heard gunshots that were probably coming from our direction but I didn't seem to feel or hear the bullets fly towards me. We were halfway towards cover when I felt something vibrate on the ground. I stood still for a moment and looked to my right. When I gazed upon the road to my right I felt a chill run up my spine and a jolt like as if I was struck by a lightning bolt. Occupying the road in front of me were two Royal Conglomerate tanks. These hulking behemoths seemed like a metallic ice berg or the side of a mountain slowly creeping towards us. It made me shocked beyond words. My throat felt dry and I felt like I was gonna faint. In a situation like this there was only one thing to do.

With everything I got I yelled "Panzer!"

The two Vickers machine guns let loose and started to gnaw upon anything that stood against us. The canons opened fire with a deafening sound. It was as if a thundercloud was near my ears. The other soldiers of my brethren were caught by surprise and needless to say many of them lost their precious lives. I just ran. I ran and ran as fast as I could with my tears flowing out of my eyes to get away from the monstrous object that was built only to kill. It was the only purpose of the tank. And it was quite literally outstanding on what it does. I was finally able to make it into cover with my squad waiting for me. Over the distance I heard screaming and massive gunfire coming from both sides.

My chest was bobbing up and down and I was breathing so fast that I was hyperventilating. Tears continued to stream down my eyes. Armin looked stoically at me and asked "What the fuck did you see back there?"

I sighed heavily. "Armin… Tanks j-just fucking tanks! They`re everywhere! Oh sweet Serina I almost fucking died! I saw lots of them with massive guns and their cannons and everyone was just dying and Scheiße! Just death and so much blood I can't even—"

I received a strong jab on my jaw from Armin`s fist. She grabbed my collar and slammed me on the back of the rubble. "Calm fucking down Sigrid! Haven't you learned anything in this journey?! Now stay calm you red-headed fuck!" She looked at Ursula and Sophie. "You two get up front and throw some grenades over there! Gerda and Helga set up the light machine gun. The rest of you on me!"

Ursula advanced cautiously along with her younger sister. A bullet whizzed over her head and struck a wall over us. "Sophie get your head down!" She ordered in caution. They threw two grenades over the edge of our small spot. Helga was now able to set up a machinegun position and was now about to open fire. I, Gerda and Helen stuck close with Armin. The grenades exploded and we begun to engage the enemy. Suddenly to our left there was a massive downpour of fresh soldiers who entered the fray. They all opened fire with their bolt-actions and semi-autos when we finally engaged the enemy. The two machineguns on the cruiser tank continued to pew down lead upon us. Two men soldiers next to the siblings were decapitated with fire. Now the two were drenched in their glistening innards and fresh blood. Next to me a man was setting up a Panzerbüchse Anti-tank rifle. She was keen to track the tanks do something about the machineguns in the front of the tank. I continued to lay down some fire with all I got but the girl`s face exploded. I couldn't see anymore from all the blood covering my face. I wiped it off only to see the tanks advance nearer towards us.

"Sigrid" Armin yelled out. "Der Mensch der Panzerbüchse!"

I quickly followed her orders and I now was somewhere behind this rifle of sort. It had a very long barrel. And the stock on it seems very big too. I looked to my officer in a bit of confusion. "H-how do I use this again?" I asked a bit embarrassed.

"Fucking hell bastard Use it like your service rifle" Armin yelled.

Knowing that, I immediately tried to use the rifle relatively the same way I use my service firearm. Two tanks were advancing forward and the machineguns on the cruisers never let up on us. More of my comrades were pinned under the overwhelming wall of lead while those who were less fortunate were violently cut down by automatic fire. I took aim with the rifle`s very small sights. As if my Karabiner 98 wasn't small enough this one made it look like a joke by comparison. A small, notched hole was supposed to be used as the gun`s sights. I cycled the bolt of the AT rifle and within a split second I fired off a shot. The bullet that I fired laughably ricochet off the front of the cruiser tank. So much for the Anti-Tank rifle.

"Son of a bitch they`re tearing us apart" A man from another squad screamed near my ear.

I cycled the bolt yet again and I squinted my eyes to look where the gunners of those Vickers guns where. I saw a small vision slit directly over the machinegun port and from there I fired a second shot. I didn't see a ricochet and the left machinegun stopped firing. I cycled my bolt again and I took aim on the second vision slit of the second MG. My shot was off the center and my shot ricochet off the tank. I cycled my bolt and squeezed the trigger. Unfortunately the rifle didn't fire because it was out of ammunition. A split second later two explosions ripped through the Vaterland ranks and the pieces of human flesh and the downpour of blood flew upon me. I went deaf and my eyesight became blurry. I looked to my back and I saw a magazine case for the Anti-Tank rifle. I struggled to pick it up then I slammed the magazine on the case of the gun. I cycled the bolt and then I took aim again. I fired once more and the kick of the gun`s recoil was equivalent to someone hitting my right shoulder with a bat. Soon enough my shot landed and the tank`s second machinegun was knocked out. It begun to back up but it fired yet another horrendous shot from its main cannon. A young man—probably eighteen or probably less—was thrown over his legs and his body slammed on the rubble. The man` bloodied face and cracked chest… It was a nightmare to see. To my left and right some bloodied men and women began to falter and soon enough we would do the same.

The worse came on when I heard something I didn't want to hear. "The machinegun is dry!" Helga yelled. "I don't have any more ammunition!"

Armin grinned. "Damn it just hold on a bit longer..!"

Another explosion rocked our ranks. Another girl came to Armin and said "We have to pull out of here! We are surrounded!"

"Gerda back up we can`t take this" I yelled in caution. "Back the fuck up!"

"We have to pull back" Gerda advised.

Worse went worse as I discovered something sinister behind us. I heard the low-tone rumble of yet more tanks closing in with infantry swarming along the metallic beasts. We were to be caught on a cross fire if our squad leader didn't do anything about it. More explosions rocked the position of our forces and plenty began to flee the battlefield. I looked on to Armin. I had the face of fear and tiredness and I was hoping she would pull us back from this place. There was no way we would win this fight in such a deathtrap of a position. There was no other choice for us but to flee. When I least expected it, planes began to fly all over the place. Not our planes but the enemy`s. They seem to be able to win this one. It looks as though that they would push us back and for the entire campaign to be jeopardized.

"That's it everyone, fall back" Armin yelled. "Fallen nun zurück!"

It was a relief for her to say that. I grabbed my rifle and my squadron simply gave up from then on. They all fell back behind me. The other soldiers, men and women alike, simply ran for their lives. The hair raising situation of being in a cross was too much for anyone to handle. Helga once again struggle with the light machinegun and I helped her out the best way I could. More men began to falter before us. Now we ran with our hearts beating and tears flowing out of our eyes. I was once again behind from my squadron but Helga was close with me. The enemy infantry force perused us but the tanks seem to lose interest. The street we took was probably too tight for them to fit. The infantry was still at it with their Bolt-Action and semi and full auto weaponry. To my left and to my right my people fell. My squadron and those lucky enough still lived and ran for their lives. Our commanders will think that we are running away due to cowardice but if you will think about it who would be stupid enough to keep on fighting in such a deadly position? They simply won't understand us because they wouldn't care. They don't care about lives of their people but they only care about one thing and one thing only which was to win.

"Keep the left flank secured for god`s sake!" Armin yelled.

"C'mon Sophie keep running!" Ursula began to pull her sister as strong as she could but Ursula was getting tired as well.

"Oh fuck… I can't do this anymore!" Sophie moaned.

"We have to keep moving" I rushed towards her and I picked up her weapon. "Come on you can do this!"

"Sigrid, I…" She was out of breath. Everywhere bullets flew and the deafening sounds of explosions rocked us everywhere. Our battered bodies try to crawl their way out of the fight but there were too many of them.

"Sons of a bitch watch out!" A man next to me cried. Before I knew it another blast rocked us and shrapnel flew askew. A woman`s face was blown to pieces. Many more suffered horrifying injuries. I was unfortunate to take a shrapnel piece on my left ar. It wasn't big enough to cause much great injury but it did hurt a lot. I did what I could to ignore the pain and I suppose due to the adrenaline rush I was going through I was able to ignore it. Eventually I and my comrades were able to barely make it out alive out of there. We were lucky to still be breathing. We managed to reach an alley and for once our group was safe but unfortunately we were once again disconnected from the rest of the fighting force. We were alone once more.

Armin took her helmet off and threw it off the ground. "Fuck, we`re separated again." She looked at us once in disappointment. "The next time you assholes try to fall back to a better fixed fighting position then don't do it as if you were a bunch of headless chickens running out of the meat factory! Sweet mother of Wilhelm haven't you hags learned a single fucking thing?!"

"We sort of panicked and—"Gerda was interrupted once more by Armin`s slap.

"Fuck you Gerda don't give me that stupid fucking reason again" Armin interrupted. "I want you assholes to fall back not out-fucking-right run the fuck out of nowhere! I am feeling so angry right now I swear, I fucking swear I`ll… You better not underestimate me just because I`m a woman but I swear man…" She seemed to slouch backwards to rest her back on a wall.

I swallowed hard. "By the gods… I don't think we can get out of this one in one piece. H-how are we gonna g-get back?"

"So much for being a fatalistic cunt" Helen spat.

"What did I do to you?" I asked in a shrill tone.

"Nothing" Helen answered with a shrug. "I just thought you were a fatalist that's all."

"Well you don't have to call me a cunt, you whore" I answered.

"We`ll you don't have to call me a whore you shit-face, red-headed low-born orc!"

"Just fucking cut it you two" Armin assumed control once more. "Just relax a bit and take it easy. Also, don't fucking run like as if your head was torn off your body. All we need to do right now is that we need to get through this the best way we could. Don't ever do that again or else you`ll be fucking dead, you hear me. We`ll have to play safe. Besides, I am sure we aren't the only ones who were spread out due to the massive retreat that we made."

Armin began to tighten the strips of leather of her helmet. "Come on Volksgennosen, let us advance on!"

"Let's go!" Ursula coached on.

I grinned my teeth and clutched my rifle tightly. There we went to meet up with the rest of our Kamaraden. As immediately as we went out there we were immediately heavily harassed by enemy machinegun fire. This was not going to be an easy battle, not even close. Rather, calling this a hard battle was an embellishment. The sisters tried to give us supporting fire while I and Gerda and Helen did our best to take cover and to close the distance with our foes. I dived into this rubble but my face landed first. My eyesight was blocked by dirt and grime. I cursed again and tried to ignore the pain that I was feeling and I decided to take aim again. I took my first shot and missed. I cycled my bolt and fired again. I saw a man fell down on a ground but scrambled up again. I knew he won't be able to fire at me again so I switched targets. I fired off another shot. For a while I was completely focused on my task so much that I almost forgot my squad mates and my Kamaraden around me. I ducked down and tried to reload my rifle again. I breathed deeply and I sighed then I took my shot. I was then caught by surprise when I took a bullet that almost took me out. I fell on my back and I was surprised that the bullet barely missed. Nonetheless, it grazed my arm and I got yet another scar from this stupid war.

When I tried to get back up again, our position was yet once again peppered by grenades thrown by the enemy assault infantry. The fuckers kept throwing their grenades nonstop. Fragments flew everywhere and when I tried to get out of there a woman dropped next to me with a large bleeding hole on her chest. Things soon got worse when the tanks started to roll in. I was always wondering where our own tanks were. Maybe they were deployed somewhere more important or whatsoever, I don't know. In this situation the infantry have to do whatever they can to take those things out. The horrible cannons and the machineguns started to go about their business. Screams and howls of pain swelled around the air as men and women who were once ordinary men were then torn to unrecognizable shreds by these towering hulks of metallic machines. I ran as quickly as I could out of my position before one of the tanks fire its main gun. Out of nowhere a rock which was probably kicked up by the explosion knocked me down on the ground. I felt this hard thing strike me in the back of my head. I fell flat on the ground and I couldn't move. I struggled to get back up but to my surprise a man helped me up to my feet. We both ran out of there and tried to take cover behind a wall.

My squadron soon followed me and then several soldiers came in as well. Armin approached me. "Hey, you almost killed yourself out there you clumsy ass!"

I was touching the back of my head a little. "Ahh, well if I did die then at least I don't have to listen to the Scheiße you say to me!"

"Oh, so you're raising your voice at me again, huh?!" Armin cocked her eyebrow. "You should better behave yourself Sigrid or I swear up and down to my ancestors I will have you transferred to the Penal Battalion where you will serve the rest of your military service living with the twiggies!"

"What`s a twiggy?" Helga asked.

"They are the people who serve the Penal Battalion" Gerda answered. "They are called that name because their rations are so limited that they end up looking like twigs due to how thin they are."

"Oy, you better shut up now!" Another senior officer yelled. "This fuck up isn't going to resolve itself you know! We should better try to take out the godammned panzers and push up. We don't have any other choice!"

Armin nodded. "Aye, I understand." She looked around for something. "Does anyone have a Panzerfaust in here?"

"Here you go ma`am" A woman offered her Panzerfaust. Armin quickly grabbed it.

Armin then handed it to me. I cocked an eyebrow. "Huh, what the..? You want me too-?"

Armin nodded. "Yes, and you better be sure your able to able to take out one of their tracks!"

"Those bastards are going to tear me to shreds!" I cried.

"Yeah and?"Armin answered. "There`s a lot more out there like you Sig. I can find a replacement really easily and your death really won't bother anyone, isn't that right squadron?"

None answered her question. I sighed heavily and answered. "Fine, I shall do it. This is for you and for my family."

"Try to do your best you numbskull! And be sure to take out at least one tank. A tank is worth more than a man`s life." Armin yelled.

I grabbed the Panzerfaust and grudgingly crept towards the edge of cover. I could hear the horrifying sound of tank tracks resonating on the ground. I breathed deep and then I burst out of cover. I felt small and insignificant all of a sudden as I saw a tank face to face with me. The sheer size of the tanks was outright fascinating and horrifying all at the same time. I trembled in fear as I took aim at the tank. I don't even know if this Panzerfaust will kill this thing. I was about to squeeze the trigger until suddenly the thing exploded. The blast made me fall backwards. The lace was covered with smoke and when I looked up I saw a black and red plane fly up towards the sky. When I got up and looked on my back I saw our own tanks, including the Tigers, charge in to our aid.

One of the Panzer commanders was outside of the hatch of the tank. He looked at us and yelled "Onwards to liberation of the Dominion!"

"Come on Forward!" Armin coached on. "Rally to me, los los los!"

I and my squad charged head on. My people, the folk of Vaterland who came from all walks of life, all rallied towards the Phoenix Legion`s tanks. The highly skilled fanatical warriors of Nuremburg`s eternal Reich slaughtered anything and everything that stood against them. I cannot believe my eyes on how violent and motivated they were. However I was also grateful for their help and they managed to relieve us from the terror of the Francois and Royal Conglomerate forces. For a moment the Vaterland soldiers felt superior as our death charge pushed back the defenders back. Cannon and MG fire from our tanks were able to cut a hole straight through the Francois lines while infantry supported them throughout the battle.

Armin was firing her semi-automatic in two round bursts. "Look towards your left fucking idiots, engage!"

I turned left and to my shock I was able to see two enemy Panzers and some twenty four Francois and Conglomerate forces. Our flank has been compromised. I turned to fire but then they started to pepper me and my squadron. I hid behind a wreck along with Gerda and Helen. We traded shots with them with our standard issue weaponry. I took aim and fired my round and saw half a scalp fly two feet off a person`s head. The dead man`s Kamarade were showered upon by his destroyed brain matter and blood. For a split second I stood there, at awe by the sheer violence I just witnessed. Reality sank into me when I snapped out of the small trance and I ducked down. I was out of ammunition and I had to reload. I soon realized that I was almost drained out of my ammunition. I searched around my pockets and I only saw roughly three clips left. I never knew I had so few left. It made me panic a little knowing that there is no way I could possibly defend myself. To my luck, Gerda offered me some of her precious ammunition.

"Take these lass" Gerda told me. "Make sure next time that you don't waste ammunition too much."

"I am not wasting it I am just missing my shots." I answered. "Thank you so much anyways. "

"Yeah you're welcome" She answered.

"Look out there's more incoming!" Helen alerted us.

"Wie viele" Gerda asked.

"About twelve or so. You women should better help me out here right now."

I heard from the distance some of the chatter the Francois and the Royal Expeditionary Forces rallying together to seal us and to hold us back. They were so close that you can most definitely hear what they are saying to each other. I took out my rifle again and fired off a round. As usual I missed and I cycled my bolt and fired once more. I fired yet again and I struck a man on his mouth. He fell back with blood pouring out of what used to be his mouth. I cycled yet again and took aim. Meanwhile the rest of my squadron has met up with us. Sophie, Ursula, Armin and Helga took cover next to where the three of us are. Helga crouched down and proceeded to reload her machine gun while the Sophie and Ursula peppered the enemy with their SMGs. Gerda just took out a Sergeant if I am correct while Helen kept the enemy at bay with her standard issue weapon. She had a much better aim than me and therefore she was doing a much better job at holding them off than me. We saw that the enemy couldn't take it anymore. They were collapsing and they knew that they were losing ground. A few of them began to retreat but then this caused a chain reaction which caused the entire force of the Royal Conglomerate and the Francois Dominion to retreat from the battle. The Francois still gained casualties from their retreat but then all was silent, and plenty were dead.

The field lay covered with those who fought for the defense of their country while the bodies of the dying filled the air which created a hostile cauldron of emotions which were anywhere from blight to fear, sadness and hate. A war fought for no reason and no way to justify it was all I saw. There was no way in hell that anyone can call this a great thing to do. Neither side benefited from this cruel act of mass murder. There is no way in hell that you can enjoy such a job. I cannot comprehend how stuff like this can be justified and supported by the people. My people have been reduced as mere shadows of what they were. Despite the delusion of power and strength in reality all I saw was the senseless slaughter of what used to be innocent, wholesome people who have nothing to do with a war like this Moments like this makes me want to be ashamed to be human. If humans are the most intelligent beings in the universe, then I hope that humans can see through delusion and know what they are doing isn't anything worth being proud off.

For a while things seem quiet. The only noise I could hear was the sound of artillery shells zipping through the air and distant explosions. While the infantry stayed motionless until any further orders could be made, the Panzers and the Phoenix Legion advanced deeper through the rubble. The Tank treads kicked up lots of dirt and then advanced deeper through the enemy once more. Above me did the dozens of our aircraft that flew overhead that made most of the soldiers feel comfortable know that they are there to support them. My ears still rang and the extreme violence I witnessed earlier was singed inside my head. I cannot think anymore nor can I speak or feel anything. I was in a trance like state where in my perception in reality has fazed out. I cannot thin straight anymore and my head was swirling from all these feelings and emotions inside my chest. My faith in myself crumbled from all these morbid sight. Y head felt heavy and sweat poured out of my body like a faucet. I began to drool a little bit and when I tried to get out of sight my body started to twitch and shiver. I felt cold all over my body and it felt like my entire metabolism just shuts down all by itself.

One of the women noticed me. Helga cocked an eyebrow and asked "Sigrid, what is wrong with you. Holy shit Sigrid don't scare me like that!"

"I-I think she`s in some kind of trance or something?" Gerda pointed out. "Come now woman, don't act like this. We have to finish this we can get through this now."

"Yeah it`s almost over" Sophie added.

I stopped and slowly careened my neck towards her. "Over? Do you really think this will be over?! Do you know how long we have been going through this? I-I don't even know what day or month or year it is I just can`t remember anything I can`t remember I can`t remember I can't` I can`t I can't I-I…"

"Hey, just calm down a little." Gerda slowly approached me. She tried to go towards me slowly but I was too scared and traumatized. With so many things going through my head I suddenly whipped out my rifle and aimed it directly at her. She stopped dead on her tracks and raised her hand up. "Hey, take it easy!" She screamed.

"BACK UP NOOOOW!" I yelled on the top of my lungs. 'Stay back stay back you motherfuckers! I`m warning you I will kill you all I will kill you I-I going to..." I gave up and I suddenly fell on the ground. I dropped like a bag on the rubble that I stood on. I let out a sharp, howling cry. I went on a fetal position and sobbed like the coward that I am. No matter how long I have been exposed to all of this I couldn't get rid of my fears. I wanted to get out of this fiasco so hard but I can't. I cannot undo what I promised to Klaus and my children. Every single day I felt like I am tearing myself in half from all of this unnecessary shit that has to be done. I kill for a dictator who wants everything for herself. I am participating in the act to ruin an entire continent after a hundred years of peace. I want to get out of this. I don't want to bear all of this anymore. I hoped this was a dream, rather than an eternal nightmare.

I felt two shadows soar over my body. One of them fetched my rifle away from me while the other tried to turn me around. I saw her face and it was Ursula and Gerda, two of the most mature members of the squad. They wanted to take me off the ground but I was stubborn and I refused their help. I even kicked them off of me but with the help of Helga they tried to restrain me and they managed to secure my arms and legs. I spat and screamed at them, knowing how much I regret being part of this senseless plan.

"Let me go worthless pieces of Scheiße" I screeched. "Just let me fucking go! Kill me, for the love of the fucking gods just kill me!"

Gerda moaned. "Stop acting like an idiot Sigrid! The enemy is still out there!"

"C`Mon Sigrid we have to go! Do you want me to kick year head silly?" Ursula threatened.

"Just kill e you whore!" I spat. "End it all I know you want to kill me. Come fucking on! Are you some kind of a coward?!"

"Get up get up get up!" Sophie coached on. "Stop this shit Goddamnit Sigrid. We all have gone through all of this pain. We have to endure this. I myself feel like I want to hang myself but I know we can get through this. I mean, just think about your children!"

"Fuck them all!" I screamed. I was so drunk with sadness and anger that I was denying my family. "I never got anything good out of my good for nothing husband anyways. I asked for two boys but he gave me fucking twins. I just can't get through this and just SHUT UP AND KILL ME!"

Within an instant I heard gunshots. "Oh shut the fuck up!" It was Armin, as usual. "Stop this fucking sorry play and get on your feet soldier."

I began to calm down a little. "I`m not afraid of you" I answered back.

"I know. And I honestly won't care. Now get up your feet Goddamnit!" Armin answered.

"You feel so brave because you have a gun, eh?" I yelled. "If you are so tough then why won't you shoot me with that thing?!"

Armin rolled her eyes. "Oh for fucks sake…" She laid her pistol back inside it`s holster. She then walked towards me in a quick pace. She then grabbed me by the collar and picked me up as hard as she could. She slammed me in front of a wall and took her dagger out and pressed it on my neck so hard that blood began to drip out of it. "You dare to question my authority again Sigrid? Really, after all I did to make sure you survived this long you aren't so fucking grateful that I am sticking my ass up for you and making sure that you survive? Wow, what is wrong with you?" She shakes her head. "Nothing is wrong with me but there is definitely SOMETHING wrong with you! Now here is my question you runt: What the fuck is wrong now?"

I swallowed hard. I tried to make eye contact but sort of cant. "I-I… We`ll you see um ma`am—"

"Look at me straight in the motherfucking eye darn it!" Armin slapped me twice. "I will say this one more time and if you don't answer me I will gouge out your eyeballs out of your fucking face, you hear me?! So what is wrong now?"

I cringed. "Ahh, umm… I just can't Armin."

Armin bit her lip. "You can't what now?"

"I-I-I just can't do it anymore." I answered solemnly.

"You can't do it anymore, Sigrid? This war is a little too hard for you now huh? Well you know what, you know fucking what..?" Without me realizing it Armin threw a haymaker maker of a fist on my right cheek. I fell down on the ground hard and then she stomped on me reputedly. I tried to cover my face and head from her incoming onslaught of attacks all the while my Kamaraden were yelling at Armin to stop.

"Hey you have t stop that!" Helga cried. I caught a glimpse of her running to my aid but Armin stopped her by pointing a blade at her throat.

"You take one more step closer and I swear Rundstedt I am going to burst your throat open!" Armin edged closer towards her. She turned her attention back towards me."Get up, on your feet you lazy cunt!"I struggled to get up from her but I slouched back down. I tried a second time only to fall once more. Armin rolled her eyes and she grabbed my hand and pulled me back up. "Look at me straight in the eye, Kretschmann!"

I tried to look at her but fear was overtaking me. I twisted my neck a little but then she slapped me. "H-How am I supposed t-to look a-at you?!"

"Quit your whining and just look at me!"

I finally took a deep breath and I was able to look at her. She had a stare the likes of which you will never see from an average woman. Eyes so intense and fueled by rage that she felt as though she could tear me apart with her emotions. "Yes, w-what is it Ma`am?"

Armin grinned her teeth. She grabbed my rifle and slammed it towards me. "Do you know what this is?"

"It's my service rifle, right?"

"Wrong!" She slapped me yet again.

"Aber das ist wirklich—"

"Shut up! This is not your service rifle this IS your service rifle!" Armin corrected.

"Uh, o-okay" I answered slyly.

"Now, repeat after me" Armin continued. "This is my service rifle!"

"This is my service rifle" I echoed.

"There are many like it but this one`s mine!"

"There are many like it but this one`s mine!"

"I can't fuck hear you, speak louder you sound like you` ve got a pair!" Armin coached.

"There are many like it but this one`s mine!" I screamed.

"Fuck you asshole you sound like you`re having an orgasm." Armin answered. "Now say this: With this rifle I will kill for my people and die for Vaterland!"

"With this rifle I will kill for my people and die for Vaterland!" I answered back. My voice started to get hoarse from all this screaming.

"We march together as one, never separated by gender nor class." Armin continued.

"We march together as one, never separated by gender nor class!"

"We are the bearers of peace and my sight is true!"

"We are the bearers of peace and my sight is true!" I answered.

Armin shook her head. "Now… Let me make this clear for you today, I know our squadron has been fighting nonstop throughout this week or so but by god Sigrid, by god and all the fucking gods I know for sure that we are going to kick our way out of this. We only have each other now fighting this war. No matter how harsh it may seem; if your Kamaraden stands ready with you then you are able to conquer the mightiest foes. We may never see eye to eye but I swear I will do my best to make sure that you and the rest of this squad gets through this battle safely. Now, do you understand me Sigrid?"

"J-ja I think I do." I answered silently.

"Are you sure about that? Do you want me to punch you another time to make sure that you understand me?!" Armin threatened.

"No, no you no longer need to." I answered back.

"Gut, I hope that clears it. Now, we have to help out the rest of our Kamaraden!" Armin quickly got out of my way.

I stood there, half motionless, half confused. The sights and smell of death still overwhelmed me and I felt like I am going to collapse once again. I tried to resist that urge. I don't want to harm myself or anyone around me for acting like that. Rather, I want to make sure I can finish this the best way I can. This war is not made for people like me. I know and I recognized that a long time ago. However I didn't ask for this war but the war came to me. And since I was so desperate to help my children out then this would be my only way of helping them. Now, the only thing left to do is to survive this. I slung my rifle on my back. With the go ahead order of my Unteroffizier the rest of us advanced on. We slowly walked like phantoms over a grave overlooking the carnage that happened earlier. The streets were filled with the dead and the dying. The restless war brewed on. The carnage that caused so much pain from each other and the sacrifice of so many good men was laid right in front of us explicitly for everyone to see. To my left were the columns of men and women marching on and to my right were the tanks, the pride of my nation. Overhead were the planes. It looks as though the city of Les Philippe has bled out the last of its finest troops and now the city most likely lay open for the Heers to take over. Already I saw preparations for the final assimilation of the city as the High ranking officers of the Phoenix Legion clear out any establishment they deem is anti-Vaterland.

Hours passed and now the place was dark. We marched on patrol and somehow we met little resistance. The sound of gunfire still echoed around the streets while artillery shells pounded distant positions and I could hear the popping sounds of explosions over the distance. We reached this small shack from where my squadron and several other squads laid down their gear. I suppose that the sector we are in is clear from any Francois Dominion or Royal Conglomerate forces. Most of the Heers I see are beginning to clean up the area of the debris and the corpses. The trucks full of reinforcements and Panzers now had their headlights open as the darkness grew thicker and thicker as time passes by. Role calls were made to asses those who are deemed dead, wounded or missing in action. For now my squadron wasn't part of that, for now at least. Once we were inside the shack we decided to take a little rest, a slight breather r two from the nonstop fighting we participated in for the past couple of weeks or so. The day seemed to end much longer this time but this battle is anything but over.

I sat down on the ground, pulled off my helmet and I finally took off my Helmet. "Oh Serena… This day—rather this week—is just hell on earth!"

"Aye" Gerda agreed. "Make sure you get some rest Sigrid."

"I know that Gerda. Do you think we have some rations for today?" I asked.

"I really don't know…" Gerda looked around her pockets. "Well I have some crackers."

"Could you spare me one?" I begged.

Gerda handed me one of her biscuits. They were old and dry and it tasted like gunk and sand paper. Oddly enough, the biscuit made me even hungrier. I suppose I was just too tired this time. For the first time in weeks I am now finally able to sit down and take a rest. Too bad it won`t last for long. I saw my squad mate`s bodies collapse on the ground from the sheer exhaustion from the extreme battles that we had to go through. Gerda and Helga traded water from only one canteen of water. Ursula being the older sister gave Sophie as much as she could to her little sister or she knows she needs more. Helen and Armin as well as I were the only one which seems to not get a damned thing from anyone. No surprise from there. Armin never wanted help from us while Helen doesn't want any from the other four either. I, for one was getting very little help considering the fact that that they had to give more to their close friends or their relatives.

So while I sat there, I heard some commotion going on outside. I expected it to be the usual thing. I thought that they were just soldiers who have just recently joined the battle getting ready to replace those who have had enough. When I looked out of the window I realized it was more than that. At first I thought I saw just more soldiers coming in but as I looked on closer I noticed that not all of these men have the same color as ours. I saw uniforms worn by the Francois Armed Forces which was usually bluish-black with a bit of white and red, usually on the shoulders and the helmet. Also I saw uniforms worn by the Royal Expeditionary Force which was usually the color scheme of brown, red, yellow and white. They were heckled by the Phoenix Legion while the regular Heers tried to stay as quiet as possible. They knew that they had to keep their mouths shut before they have to say anything or else they would be punished severely. A row of them stood neatly of sort and it looks as though that they were being questioned. They were speaking in languages I do not understand.

One of the Phoenix Legionaries grabbed a Royalist`s head and tilted it towards his face. "You, what is your rank and what division are stationed at?!"

The man made a sly grin. "Oy, I don`t understand what you're saying you Fatherland scum! Speak the King`s language before I knock yer bollocks off!"

The Unteroffizier gritted his teeth and slammed the rifle butt of his STG-44 up his stomach. The Royalist groaned and moaned in pain as he coughed out spit covered in blood. He turned left towards his Kamarade. "Does anyone in here understands the King`s language?"

I man went forward and said "I think so Kamarade. Let me take over." The other officer turned right and walked three paces and faced the prisoner of war. He picked up the man and focused his vision on the Royalist. "You dare disrespect us you cheeky scumbag?" The Phoenix Legion said in a language I cannot understand.

"He, at least I`m not invading someone`s property and shit!" The royalist spat.

"Whatever. I will ask you this and I want you to heath my word. What is your rank and what division are you entrusted at?"

The man in the clothes of the enemy sighed. "Philip Beauchamp, sixth level Commissar stationed in the 35th heavy machine gun regiment. There is nothing else you can do now, scum!"

The man received a punch on the face, breaking his nose and knocking him unconscious. "Send this man to the trucks. We have some questioning to do. Now, hand me the next prisoner!"

Another royalist was handed towards the Phoenix officers. This man tried to struggle out of his binds but to no avail. He cried "Ya halfwit twin-toed foul-dog scut aren`t going to faze me. Ye, fancy tootin` weasel skins and yer` Banshee queen aren't going to—" His unexplainable ranting was interrupted by a strike in the head. He was already bloodied and bruised but now blood was flowing out of his left earlobe.

"Shut your tongue or else I`ll end you" The Legionnaire Officer barked. "The harder you resist, the more it will hurt. Now, I will ask you this: What division are you stationed and what thou be you`re rank."

The man spat at the officer shoes. "Cowards, all of ye! There is nothin` your twig arms can do!"

"Just answer the question so that this may be over godammnit!" The officer said.

"Ah, fuck… Eh, well all I have to say is that I am a Sergeant serving in the Jutland medium Halifax-Musket corps. Nothin` wrong with it, eh?" The man answered.

He was dragged away in front of him by two men of the Heers. Now there was one man in front of him. He was wearing the uniform of the Francois Dominion. I know little to nothing about Francois language as much as I do not understand the King`s Language. He was rather relaxed and didn't have to resist because the two other men that were holding him down didn't have the authority or the brutality to do so. Meanwhile the Unteroffizier stood there and nodded. "Well, I do not understand Francois language. I hope someone here can translate it for me."

I woman stood by the corner. "Um, excuse me sir"

The man turned right towards the woman. "Huh, a woman. Why are you here? You shouldn't be here embarrassing us. Go forth and join the rest of your kind!"

"I was just about to" The woman continued "but my ancestry traces towards the Francois Dominion and I also understand some of it."

"I see" The Legionnaire nodded. "Now, make sure you are correct about this or else…"

"The woman nodded. "So, what do you wish to ask him?"

"Tell him why he is here and what his name is." The man answered swiftly.

"Qui sont ous et pourquoi êtes-vous toujours ici se battre? The woman asked.

The man shifted his tired eyes on the blonde soldier. "Eh, Je ne ai aucune idée pourquoi votre nation enverrait les femmes sur le devant. Ce n`est fou et unatural. "

"So, what did he said?" The officer asked.

"He said it`s odd that I as a woman is fighting in this war." The lady answered.

All of a sudden, the woman received a slap on the face. "Idiot, did I want you to translate something so fucking unnecessary?! For Bravo`s sake stop acting like a useless sheep!"

"Vous ne avez pas à la traiter comme ça!" The prisoner said.

The woman tried to ask the man a second try. "Qui êtes-vous et pourquoi êtes-vous ici?"

"Mon nom ne est pas important pour vous. Cependant, je suis ici pour moi et ma famille défendre. Est-il si mal?" The man answered a he shook his head.

"He better say anything important or I`ll slap you again: The officer threatened.

"He said that he is here to defend his homeland. I never knew what his name was though." The woman answered to him.

"Now ask him his rank and the division he is stationed at." The officer ordered.

The woman nodded. "Excusez-moi, mais mon agent veut savoir ce que votre rang et ce est la division que vous êtes en poste au. "

The Francois answered "Je ne suis qu'un humble conscrit. Je ne possède pas un rang, mais j'ai été placé dans le Peuple 7 e milice."

The woman turned towards her superior. "Mein Unteroffizier, the man is a conscript. He was stationed in the 7th Peoples Militia."

"A conscript? How desperate are these bourgeoisie? Anyways, move that man to the trucks, now that this has been sorted out I want the next man here and—"The two froze. The saw something over the horizon. When I looked up out of the shack`s window I saw fifteen contrails going up and up in the sky and then began to fell. It was falling towards us!

"Incoming!" Within a split second, the entire field was littered by explosions. I was propelled backwards from the shock waves. The entire room was literally fucked up by the blast. My squad mates survived the blast but the prisoners and the officers didn't. I tried to stand up but my body hurts all over!

"Is anyone fucking okay?" I asked frantically.

"Oh hell, what the heck was that!?" Helen asked.

"Francois artillery, I`m sure of it!" Armin hissed. Things got from bad to worse. The area we were inside at began to be filled with white smoke. We all knew what it was…

"Gas, gas incoming" Gerda cried.

"Gas gas gas!" Sophie yelled.

"Quickly, grab your gas mass!"

"Go, let`s go hurry the fuck up if you want to live!" Helga shrieked.

We all swallowed a mouthful of air before the Gas could overwhelm us. According to some training films, one mouthful of air is enough to give a person thirty seconds before he or she would be forced to breathe in toxic gas. We all hurried up towards a crate which was recently dropped via parachutes. Men and women panicked as they went full speed towards the crates. There were two men in there already wearing gas masks handing the gas masks to the people. To our disappointment, some men and women didn't make it alive out of the gas attack. I and my squad were able to grab whatever was left of the gas masks and we quickly laid it on our faces. I strapped on mine as quickly as possible and once all of the straps were fastened I breathed two times to test out the mask for some leaks. I was relieved to know my mask was working as intended.

"Alright, is anyone okay?" Armin asked with her muffled voice. One by one, we reported that we were all fine. "That's fucking great! Godammned, Francois Dominion and their fucking gas attacks! Make sure you guys cover up your faces and your skin. I`m pretty sure they`ll try to mix in some mustard gas along with the chlorine and the cyanide gas. "

"Huh, that explains why I`m feeling itchy a while back" Ursula said.

"Well, it's no laughing matter Ursula Wilhelmina" Armin answered. "I got hit by those once from the border conflict between Vaterland and the nation of Weserstan. I had to go through three fucking weeks of therapy and medication before I was back to normal."

"How did it feel like Armin?" I asked.

"Let's just say my face felt like it was being scraped on a grinding stone and my skin feels as though it is being pealed apart by filet knife. That and the fact that my face and skin was being smothered in lemon juice and sea salt. My breathing became hoarse and the doctors said that I could have lost one of my lungs. I was the only one in my squad who survived that attack."

"Son of a bitch" Sophie and Helga exclaimed.

"Yeah, and from that point on I realized that war is indeed hell." Armin added.

"Always was, always will be" I answered.

"Sigrid, don't you dare panic like that again like what happened earlier. This is war, get used to it because I know there is much more you`ll be going through." Armin warned.

"I know" I answered. "I just can`t get used to this you know. There is so much going on and so many risky thing it just boggles my mind. "

"You're not the only one afraid and worried" Armin answered. "The only thing you have to do now is to stick to your gun and get over it. If you want to get yourself killed then do it by yourself and don't get the other ones harmed in the process. Nobody gets used to war but at least you can try."

"Son of a bitch these gas hogs just won't shut up!" I heard these men approaching behind us. There were two of them, wearing gas masks. They were escorting some prisoners of war which were also wearing gas masks of sorts. "Come on hurry up, I don't want to stay in here any longer!"

"Well, at least we aren't the ones serving in the front lines and shooting the bastards" One man pointed out.

"You idiot, we are serving in the front lines!" The man on his left exclaimed. "I mean, we`re in Les Philippe right now! Gas is everywhere and bullets are flying just meters ahead of us."

I trailed my eyes towards my squad mates. "I guess the draftees have entered the fray."

"Draftees, what and who are the draftees?" Gerda asked.

"I just heard these two men escorting the prisoners out of here. They have no Idea they are in the most active front as of today." I replied.

"Are you sure this is the most active front?" Gerda asked.

"Probably" Armin answered. "But I am sure that the attack on the capital is now happening as we speak. We may just be hastily brought in to reinforce their lines."

"How far away is the Francois capital?" Sophie asked.

"Hmm, not that far" Armin answered."It`s probably just a hundred miles away from here. A Vaterland halftrack can go thirty six miles an hour so I guess we could get there in about say three hours or so."

I slung my rifle behind my back. "Well, it`s better off to expect the worse now."

"Aye" Gerda agreed.

The smoke was still thick like fog which made this eerie feeling of sudden death if your mask fell off. Even though the night was over us the Francois and Dominion and the Royal forces kept on pressuring us. The gas kept getting thicker and thicker and mortar pieces zeroed in their targets. My Squad Leader told us to fan out and to find a patch of ground where in we would build our fox holes. We grabbed our pickaxes and shovels and began to dig and pick our way to build a supposed spot where we are supposed to settle in. Footsteps rang around as more and more of our Kamaraden arrived. Some felt weary while others—or rather most—have no idea what is yet to come which is why they act too cocky and confident. I didn't feel the same thing when I went on duty but it seems rather understandable because boys will be boys. We continued to dig in and with our effort we were able to make three average sized fox holes, each capable of holding two to three people inside of it. All of the dirt and ground that we dug u\out to make the holes were used to reinforce the front of the fox hole to provide cover for us. We aren't sure if we are to either go to sleep or to wait for further instructions but as for now all we had to do was wait.

I rested my back and laid down my helmet beside me. I was so tired today. Unless this conflict would end then there was no way I could get a good rest. Unfortunately, it got worse because rain began to settle in. This is cold rain, a foreshadowing that winter is coming around the corner. I took out my necklace out of my right vest pocket. I looked at it and there, yes there was the image I was fighting for: My family. From a timid wife to a soldier my life has had a major turn on its head. I looked on the slightly visible image of Klaus, Heinz and Helga. It made me sob silently as my heart felt like it sank. It was a good thing that my face was covered up by my mask or they would see me acting like this. Acting like a coward, acting like a fool…acting like a child. I know sometimes people look at me and say that I act younger than my age and yes I accept that. There are times that I do not act my age and I might say something but not actually do it or apply it. For instance, I call myself a fatalist but I am not one. It`s basically either a lie or just bravado. Looking at the picture of my family made me think. If only I could see them again, just one more time…

Oh Klaus I thought to myself. I am so sorry. I am sorry for abandoning you and to leave our children. I had to do it. If only I could go back in time and convince myself to not do this then I would do that in a heartbeat. I wanted the best for our children even though it seems impossible to achieve it. I hope you are doing okay. I hope you are fine and if I am gone I hope you can accept it and be brave about it. One day we will meet again. Heinz, Helga, I love you two very much. The two greatest things in my life are you two. Please be okay. Mama`s sorry she had to leave because your pa had to make sure business never get`s closed down. Oh sweet Serena and all of the gods help me. Klaus please take care of yourself. Mae sure Klaus that no matter what happens you stick to our children and no matter what they do to you or me you must keep our children away from the propagandists and Magda youth. If anyone`s going to teach our children anything it`ll be us not them. They don't deserve to lay a single fucking finger at them. They aren't worthy enough for that! They are our children and we have the right to teach the ourselves and to not let their ideology get the better of their lives!

While I sat there sobbing silently under my breath I heard a faint whistle over the distance. I sat up and didn't see anything until I heard it once again. Eight men wearing trench coats wielding the STG assault rifles looked all over the place. They were looking for something, looking for someone important or someone powerful. It was as though they were wolves stalking a herd of cattle or sheep as they all looked around. Their gas masks revealed very little of their faces as the group of officers seemed to sniff at anyone they saw. They seemed like as if they were rallying people to join them or rather to come with them. I swallowed hard knowing for what will come for I know that something bad will happen next. They blew yet another whistle at us and all of the soldiers—men and women alike—stood as quickly as their aching bodies could. Armin alerted us to stand up but she herself didn't know much about these men but most of us felt that something bad was yet to come. There they stood in front of some fifty or so soldiers who were entrusted to dig in this line. Now is the time of truth.

One of them raised up Luger pistol and shot two bullets up into the air. He looked left and right if anyone was paying attention. "Attention Kamaraden" He barked. "Listen to what I am about to tell you right now!"

"Get up you lazy asses come on now up up up!" One man growled. His voice sounded familiar.

We all stepped some five paces towards them. We were careful not to be too close or too far from them. "Alright you soldiers, here is what`s in store for you" One of them said to us. "I know all of you are exhausted right now from the fighting and the sieges and all the Scheiße but trust e, even the Hauptleute have had to take their lazy asses out of the chair and had to travel all the time due to shifting front lines. According to our objective we were supposed to take the Francois capital before winter arrives. We do not want to fight in the war freezing to death, now don't we? Good, now because of shifting frontlines and a tight schedule, the 34th Sturm Panzerjager division as well as the 6th pioneers and the 12th mountain auxiliaries will now participate in the final battle for the capital. We have been battling the capital for roughly a week and a half and although resistance is tough, we are able to penetrate through. All we need now is your help to finally take the capital once and for all and to finish this immediately. We all are tired here okay, I understand that but we have to end this. We promise you that all the luxuries this country has to offer will be yours to enjoy absolutely for free. Stabsfeldwebel, tell them some more about this plan."

This other man who was about an inch taller or so stood forward, rubbing his hands together. "Alright listen to me now. Stabsfeldwebel Leipzig Ritzier here; now will be the moment of truth for everyone. There will be no need to doubt or to complain or to moan about everything because everything we worked hard for the past month will go down today. Our Kamaraden are dying in the city of De Gaulle and now we must avenge their deaths! The hour of questioning is over for in our bunkers, in the trenches and in the factories all must partake in the notion of perpetuating peace in this world. Nuremburg's ultimate goal is to create a united and strong world to make sure nothing bad has to happen in the future. All must rally and all must stand in guard to defend our people and to liberate this nation from the rise of communism and Idolism. We need as much as we can get to keep up the pressure in De Gaulle so most of you will fight in De Gaulle to finish this operation before winter arrives. We have the advantage now for the Royal Conglomerate Expeditionary forces are in a state of a forced retreat in order to link up with a fleet of transport ships near the shores of Doppler Harbor. As our armor pushes them out of the country, we must go on and finish this job once and for all. With the support of the Francois Socialist rebels and the Golden Empire Expeditionary Forces and even the newly arrived Cherry Blossoms of the Great Eastern Empire, we will hold hands as brothers and sisters to proclaim the notion of one leader, one people, one folk!"

"Come on now people of the Vaterland race, rally!" His second in command blew a whistle.

Armin shook her head. "You heard the men, let`s go!"

"B-but I`m so tired" Sophie moaned.

"You shut your fucking mouth you whore!" Armin hissed.

Ursula approached Sophie. "Calm now sister, at least we don't have to stay inside this gas field."

"Gee, I wonder what`s in store for us?" I wondered.

"Sigrid" Gerda called out. "Try not to think too much about pain and violence. It`ll keep you down."

I nodded. "I`ll try to keep that in mind."

"Come on everybody, hurry up" Leipzig yelled. "Let's go, los los los!"

"Come on now, rally towards the trucks!" One of the Phoenix Legion`s troops called out.

I breathed deeply. I took out my necklace and looked at it one more time. This is the last one, or I hope it is the last one. After the battle of De Gaulle, I most of this shit should be over now. At least, I hope so. We marched in single file, still exhausted and still weary. We knew that what was about to come was going to be worse than this. The one thing I hope right now is if I die, it better not be from one of those accursed gas attacks.