Sex and Life

Mary groaned out loud as she lay on the hospital bed, waiting to give birth. She remembered how she had once been a skinny girl, but now her belly had swelled to massive proportions. The sterile surfaces in the ward gleamed with the harsh anbaric lights. Mary wished her little one would just pop out already and spare her more pain. She couldn't wait to hold him. She thought about her forays into being a clown part time under the alias "Cutie the Clown." Well, now she would have her own child as an audience. Becoming a clown had definitely changed her life. She remembered the events leading up to that fateful night...

The previous summer she had been hired to perform as a clown for the kids at the official opening of the new town hall, hosted by one, Madame De Vere Carter, a wealthy socialite of intriguing repute. Mary had gone to visit the hall on the day before the actual event. The place was wide and spacious, with a high ceiling adorned with a crystal chandelier. Madame De Vere Carter met her there. She was dressed in shining silver robes with her blond hair in an elaborate beehive. Her face was coloured bright green - this was the kind of fashion statement that was understood to be proper amongst the very wealthy. Madame De Vere Carter had the kind of natural good looks that were enhanced by this transformation. Mary felt somewhat envious as she sometimes felt insecure about her own appearance. No one would call Mary pretty, she knew that. She had unusually large eyes as well, which could make her expression seem rather staring. But with her face plastered with heavy clown makeup, her looks did not matter and she could let herself go. The hostess smiled at her - her lips were coloured a very dark shade of green, almost black. "Many greetings this fine day, Mary, or should I call you Cutie?" she winked. Mary blushed and stammered. Inwardly, she cursed her unfortunate shyness. Ironically, if she were in her clown guise, she probably wouldn't be making such a fool of herself. The hostess patted her on the arm. "I always feel a clown is a necessary touch to add to an event and we women can do it so much better than those unfortunate men who end up frightening the little ones. Perhaps a demonstration is in order? Show me what you can do." Mary was only too glad to daub her face and clad herself in her garish silks. She undid her plaits, letting her dirty blond hair hang loose behind her back and allowed herself to slip into her clowning routine. Now she was in her element. She amused her hostess with her juggling and making little balloon animals and cracking jokes lewder than those she would ever utter in front of children. Madam De Vere Carter laughed uproariously and called her the gem of the circus.

That evening Mary was in her element. She was not confined to a stage; rather she was everywhere at once: making paper birds for a little boy, doing a hoop trick for a little girl with curly blond hair, giving one of the surprised men sitting with one of the ladies a toupee to place over his bald head and all the while letting her trade mark giggle peal forth. Afterwards she she called over to Madame De Vere Carter, who was dressed in a tight fitting red dress that did more to display her figure than conceal it. Just at that moment, a boy, a few years younger than Mary herself, came and took the chair next to the hostess. Mary stopped and stared. He was the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. If she could have made a perfect specimen from clay, he would be it. He had everything, a fit and athletic form, eyes of the bluest blue, like a fresh spring sky, wavy, dark brown hair that she could run her fingers through, a freckled nose and when he looked at her he smiled the most beautiful smile she had ever seen. "So Cutie," said Madame De Vere Carter, breaking through Mary's reverie, "you definitely have the talent to amuse."

Mary was still so smitten that she could not answer with a joke or an affected giggle, only breathe "yes..." while staring back at the boy. She knew that if she were not in the guise of Cutie the Clown, she would be too shy to face this angel in the flesh.

Madame De Vere Carter smiled at her in a knowing way. "You approve of my escort?" She observed. "Well this young buck does the full range of services," she patted her belly and Mary noticed for the first time that there was a slight bulge around her midriff. "He can provide wild passion or even be a stud for the right price," continued the hostess. "I was going to discuss the your fee - perhaps as a special treat to mark the occasion, you could hire him instead, for one hour. He would normally charge much more as an hourly rate, but I can grant you an hour of my time. My treat, specially for you, what do you say?" Mary could barely remember agreeing, she felt so giddy and unreal. It seemed like a dream.

They met in a private room upstairs a short while later, their hostess having gracefully retired from the scene. His brown hair was slightly disshevelled. Those startlingly blue eyes of his looked directly into her own. She had never seen anyone so handsome before. "Want to have some real fun, Cutie?" He asked.

She giggled. She could feel her face growing hot underneath all her facepaint. He was really her's to do as she liked with? Well why shouldn't she have her fun right here and now, when she had her dream partner and could decide exactly how he must please her? She had experienced new things as a clown and now she longed for something entirely new and dangerously exciting. She pounced on him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him fully on the mouth. He tasted of strawberries. She unlocked her lips from his. Smears of her white facepaint now adorned his perfect face. She pushed him gently back and straddled him, pulling off her garish silk clothes and her bra and then demolishing his pants. "Give me all you've got," she whispered. In this hour, she was liberated alright. How she would face the dawn would be another question.