Night Stalker

He stood on the balcony looking out over the expansive lawns, the gentle summer breeze ruffling his dark hair. Madame De Vere Carter - Lucille - had been very frisky all that day and was insistant that he make her feel desirable despite the changes in her body that her pregnancy had wrought. He smiled to himself as he thought of her smooth green face looking into his on the pillow each morning and how she wanted a good morning kiss even when her breath was foul with vomit. When their baby finally came along, would he even be allowed to hold it? What rights would his mistress allow him? He tried not to think about the uncertainty of it all. Other children of his would come, born of his various clients...

Something suddenly caught his eye. In the centre of the grounds was a copse of tall blue-green vegitation and he was certain he saw a movement there, but what could have bypassed the security at the gates? He dismissed the notion and went back to his reflections. Madame De Vere Carter had brought along a friend for added fun tonight. It seemed that this friend wanted him to be her stud too. For her, he would not consider the job at all onerous. He stroked his cheek, deep in thought. How had he reached a point where he must sell his body to live comfortably? In the old days of patriarchal rule he would have been scornfully dismissed as a "man-whore." Although his services were exclusive, was he really so different? True, back in those days, all prostitutes were liable to any amount of abuse and stigma attached to them and most had been unlucky enough to have to serve men, but the definition of prostitute had been clear - someone who sold sexual favours. He turned as he heard Lucille call to tell him to be ready presently and then he turned to glance at the grounds once more. He found himself looking into a livid, white face with wide staring eyes. Since the shock preceded recognition for a brief moment, he was startled into immobility as a pair of hands gripped his shoulders and the startling apparition whispered; "Stop - don't worry - I would never laugh if you were raped." He would have yelled at that, but his throat seemed to have seized up. She released him and pushed back her hood, allowing her long blond hair to spill out over her shoulders. His heart was still pounding as he recognised Mary, the girl he had done it with the previous night, still in her clown garb, the white face paint like a second skin and her lips smeared with garish red. She was clad in silks of midnight blue, complete with a hood. His breathing gradually slowed down as Mary gazed at him, concern in her large, pale eyes. "Oh, did I startle you sweetie?" she asked, laying a gloved hand on his arm.

"How - how did you get here?" he said hoarsely.

"I sneaked in through a side entrance, hid in the copse and then climbed up the balcony," said Mary, with a touch of pride.

"But the baboons will be prowling the gardens tonight, it's too dangerous for you to go back that way and Lucille won't take kindly to your tresspassing," he warned her, his voice betraying his unease.

"Never mind Lucille," said Mary, shaking her head, "I came because I want to help you-" At that moment Lucille's voice called again. He gripped Mary by the hand and led her from the balcony into the adjoining room. This room was luxuriously appointed and lit by a sparkling crystal chandelier. The footfalls of Lucille and her friend were almost at the door. Thinking quickly he ushered Mary into the shower unit and closed the door. The shower unit would undergo its cleaning cycle soon, so it was very unlikely that anyone would peek into it. Lucille and her friend Jackie opened the door the next moment. Jackie was a girl close to in age to him, beautiful and sylph like, with dark almond shaped eyes and black hair styled in a chic, elfin hairdo. Tonight, her honey coloured face was painted vivid green as an indication of her status, just like Lucille's. Jackie took his hand in her's and linked arms with Lucille. "Lucille says it'll be a threesome, to celebrate my coming of age," she said, beaming at him as the light from the crystal chandelier gleamed off her green nose and cheeks. "Aren't we blessed?" Sexual desire thrilled though him at Jackie's closeness, her touch sparked an intense longing. At this moment, he did not regret his vocation.

"Show Jackie what you're made off, darling," said Lucille, her eyes flickering towards his nether regions.

"Oh my, you are well endowed," said Jackie, her dark eyes widening at the sight of the bulge in his pants. "You are the full package. Fantastic figure and face... and you'll make a first class stud."

Several hours later, after the three of them had indulged and Lucille and Jackie had retired, fully satisfied, to wash themselves, he pulled open the shower door. Mary was there, huddled on the floor of the unit. She gazed folornly up at him; she was soaking wet, her silken garments waterlogged. Her garish lipstick had washed off, but her white face paint remained intact. "Sorry," he said, awkwardly, "shower recyc happens about this time, I hope it wasn't too cold and wet..." his voice trailed off as he realised how awkward this sounded. She sniffed, gazing at him sorrowfully with those overlarge, pale eyes. He knew she must leave the premises quickly, but he could not quite bring himself to insist on it. "We've got to get you dried," he said instead. Her bottom lip quivered and she pushed her sodden hair away from her face.

"I came all this way to see your face again," she admitted, her eyes growing bright with tears.

"It's Okay," he said soothingly, helping her to her feet and hugging her quickly. mindful of her dampness. He had been stalked by former clients before now, but he could not think of Mary as a stalker. She was so uncalculating.

"Tell me your name?" she begged, her warm breath tickling his ear. "I only want to help you."

"I have many names," he replied. "I like Romeo better than Randy though, I must say. And help me? How?"

At that moment, the door creaked and swung open and they both spun round in shock.