can orphan-gangster be in love !

by jijou01

December,1988, a 7 years old girl with short black hair living in a church for orphan people. left the church with a nun, with them a baby crying in that cold night. The nun looked behind her every time to check if there was anyone following her .It was dark and cold. dog raised her hand and waved for a taxi and asked him to take her to someplace.

The nun ringed the bell of some apartment. It was a ditched building which was going to get demolished .a man in his late 20s with a cigarette in his mouth and messy hair opened the door and smirked

-Hey, baby, what do you want?

- I need help

-hah, I thought you were doing fine? what? did they find out?

-I can't tell you standing like this...

the nun sat on the couch .the man gave her some clothes and a warm coffee and sat on a black chair facing her and said:


-Hide them until the matter comes down, please

-them? the man looked at the little girl who was trembling and the baby she was holding. and who are they?

-you don't need to know, It is troublesome to know the story. the nun looked at them with tearful eyes

-...hmm so what is the benefit for doing such annoying thing ?

-I will despair from this world

-hahahahhahah the man laughed hard that made the cigarette fall and with a serious face he said :

-okay , if I see you around ,don't blame me cause i am going to kill you.

The nun left, left behind her 2 children , left and never returned.

Now, both children are as beautiful as the white clouds in a clear sky.

the old one with beautiful grey eyes and a black straight hair that reach her back.170 and 56 and the other one is an angel with short light brown hair and amazing gray eyes. sadly, she can't use this jewels, she was diagnostic with blindness when she was 10.

ding...dong (door bell)

(Nina point of view)

I went to open the door and it was Joonko sitting on his black Motorbike .

Joonko is my best friend in this 2 is 178 ,handsome dangerous boy (that what girls says).He is a great fighter. We met in gang recruitment, I was disguised as a boy at that time. We fought each other. and no one won. we were equal. after the match, he whispered in my ear, making my heart jump "boss, I know who you really are". it is a long story anyway. after that we became friends, then best friends. we talked so much, we had so much in common .both of us like fighting to protect people, we like races, cars, bikes, jumping, flying, skiing, stunts, action movies...endless stuff with action as a principal word

-why are you late? said joonko

-late? for what?

-Yesterday, you promised to go to school together on my bike

-...yeah, let me bring my pack bag

-tch(pout)... why ? don't you like going with me. we are friends .aren't we?

-...(rolling eyes) I don't want problems, that girl ChiSoo is like a leech .if she saw us together, It will be annoying, of course there is another solution beating her ...but it will make me look like the most evil female boss gangster .well i am a gangster in people anyway

- I thought you weren't afraid of weak girl like ChiSoo. besides it is me who decides to befriend anyone i like and to chase away people i dislike.

-yeah ..yeah..whatever, let go

I climbed behind him and put my arms around his waist. my body felt his wide back. it was warm in this cold morning. a good feeling came across my heart. it was both good and weird. it is my first time riding with a guy. usually, I rode by myself. but not long ago, I had to sell my bike to pay for food. that time was one of my hardest times.


it is been 11 years since the nun despaired . both girls are safe but not from poverty or hunger. our man is still growing up and smocking so much. do you know the feeling of being hungry for a day? then how about 3 day or more? can you imagine that?

one day, the man said to the little girl: you want to eat? pay for yourself. there is nothing free in this world.

The days she worked in a miserable state can't be count, the hours she stayed in the cold with hunger eating her stomach and a little child crying next to her can't be count, the minutes she felt like freezing can't be count, the second she felt like dying can't be count.

That is her,Nina, the little girl who was struggling for life became a gangster to only survive and save the people around her, to draw a smile to her twin, to her sister, to her friend, to the child who was crying ,to that baby she was holding in the past.

(Nina point of view)

-wake up princess, or do you want a magical kiss to wake up .we arrived at school. said joonko

JoonKo closed his face to mine that our nose touched

-(I blushed as i moved my face away ) Stop that, it is not funny.

Inside the school building, we saw a bunch of girls screaming and getting excited

-Kyahhhh,,, They came ,,, Opppppaa look here, no here , we love You,

-damn, screaming in the morning ,those girls , I better knock some sense in them. i said

-well, it is not their fault, you should blame that person out there

JoonKo pointed his finger to someone inside the girls circle. I followed the direction of his finger with my eyes to find the culprit :SiHoo

(flash back)

-what is this? (a loud slap turned a blue cheek to a red one in that cold raining night ) do think you can survive with this much money?.look at me if I stop selling this worthless paintings, I die . it is simple, you don't want to die right? you don't want that child to die , right?. then sell more, sell more, beg ,steal, do something to stand up in this sicking world .hahhaahahhhhhhh

the man couldn't stop laughing. everything in life was hilarious, but that girl didn't understand that moment as time passed by. she grow to understand the man's harsh words, the slaps, staying outside. everything has meaning .the slaps made her strong, the harsh words made her unbullied.

(end of flash back)

-He is always like that whenever he comes , he make a uproar. he is like a showman, you said you hate showman right?


-Nina, are you listening? Hey?

-what? ...did you say something?

-where have you been in dreamland or somewhere farther

laughed Joonko

-I was worried about Lisa, you know her situation already, I was thinking that my part time job as a seller can't get me enough money for her operation. so i thought why not work under SiHoo...he..


-hum? why?

-...He is..a playboy...and annoying didn't you say that. JoonKo face tensed and he turned the other way. I have to go, my friends are calling for me


Nina was confused from JoonKo reaction but didn't give it much interest. her eyes were focused on SiHoo. her mind was thinking about the operation. and her heart what about her heart?

All Nina wanted was saving Lisa from the darkness, she was thinking about Lisa's future, what will happen if Nina died leaving our poor Lisa face this unfair world. the doctor confirmed that this operation can give Lisa back her sight. it can be done in this country too, but we only need the money

as much as Nina hated money as much she liked

#who can save Lisa: money

#who made Nina suffer: money

Today, no one can live without money, it is a fact

JoonKo rushed to the roof, He breathed loudly, his heart was about to explode. Nina , Nina, Nina was thinking of working under SiHoo, why? . she was never
interested with SiHoo ,why now? it can't be the operation , her job as a seller is average but not that low. since when did she have something for him?. no i should have noticed, i am so close with Nina, why him? why not me ..i am her best friend .why didn't she tell me?

JoonKo was in love with Nina since he joined the gang, he discovered that she was disguised as a boy named Noumo. Things started to change, they became friends then best friends but that was the red line that JoonKo never crossed. He was afraid, afraid of losing her forever. people don't appreciate things until they lose them


In class, Nina seated in the back next to the window. looking from the window she saw a well belted silhouette she recognized. it was JoonKo

JoonKo'class had PE. he was running ,sweating, his red hair was messy ,all girl eyes were directed to him. if only he knew that Nina was watching him, he would double his speed.

ChiSoo was JoonKo classmate. she was the smart girl and the beautiful princess of the school. white silky hair and amethyst eyes, many followers boys and many haters girls. ChiSoo saw her enemy Nina gazing at JoonKo and she was burning with invisible flames.

when the bell ring. Nina stood from her chair to buy some warm coffee from the vending machine. when she saw SiHoo in front of her face. First, she was shocked then she backed a little bit

-Hi.. said Nina

-Hi? that is all you say to someone you have been gazing at.

-gazing? when?

-hahah, this morning at the school ground. wait don't tell me you were going to confess, but you forgot

-what non sense are you spouting? ... i was thinking. can't people think

-hahah (smirk) were you thinking about me . how nice

-stop it ,it is not funny (with sincere face), i have to go now.

Nina left the classroom .

SIhoo was still smirking, he was eying Nina for a long time secretly

after all she was the beautiful girl he ever saw in the world. although Sihoo had many girls before from old developed women with (big bobs) to undeveloped cute little girls (well he is not a pedophile, i mean they are the same age as him)

it is true Nina never noticed her beauty , nor her attractiveness. she was a diamond between rocks(sorry girls,, you all are beautiful as flowers )

when she came to school 2 years ago. all boys were stunned by her looks. Every day, she got love letters from secret admires , Nina thought it was annoying. So she joined a gang and by time she became second in lead. .the leader of the gang is anonymous. rumors says that he is a Yankee and work with mafia. the boys were scared of him. I mean if someone like him saw the beautiful flower Nina he will make her his. but those cowards still do love her

Anyway where were we , ah , the hot rich boy Sihoo, He transferred a year ago to this school, when he first saw Nina , he was hit by lighting, he couldn't look away, after all she was a human godness. Unfortunately for him there was always that guy next to his crush, JoonKo

Sihoo is in love, but the question why doesn't he confess?

answer: actually he never fell in love before. it was always the girls who ran to him. so now he is confused. he was hoping that Nina will notice him and tell him: I LOVe SIHOo

The poor guy, he will be dreaming on if he thought she will say that or will she dare to say I love you?

chapter 1 is now complete. The characters are mine. The story too

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