Chapter Thirty Seven


Lily, Mary, and I sat in the back of the SUV with Eric and Darrell in the front. Mark and Samuel had taken the truck and were behind us as we drove down Central towards the ritzy neighborhood our pure blood vampire lived in. The night was still dark and would stay that way for another three hours since sunrise was at 7:50 AM. It was 4:30 AM now and the traffic was light, we'd make it to the mansion before five.

Mary was dressed in black from neck down to her toes. But I smirked that she was in high heeled boots. But I knew that they were a weapon to her, so my smirk was a bit tense. I worried for whoever wound up on the wrong side of her heels, just a little bit. Lily wore jeans, a blue sweater, and a big green poufy jacket to keep her warm. It was probably less than 40 degrees outside right now. I dressed in a one piece black thermal underwear, with black cargo pants and a black sweat shirt over them. I need to move around easy, but also avoid burnt or chaffed skin, from sliding on the cold ass ground if I fell down. The more layers the better.

Lily and I both wore the same type of sneakers, the same style and color, but different sizes. My feet were bigger than hers, even though she was taller than me.

The SUV stopped to a halt and Darrell turned around towards us to say, "We're here."

That was our move. Lily and I stepped out of the SUV and looked at the wall to the right of us. Our job was to make a temporary opening in the wall and let everyone in. And if our surveillance was correct, we'd be protected by trees and bushes on the other side of the 20-foot wall.

*Ready?* Lily said to me.

*Yes* I tell her and hold my hands up ready to channel the magic towards the wall. The next moment, a greenish light shines like beams from my hands. And the wall starts to vanish where the light touches it. I let my hands down when the hole is big enough for a six-foot person to walk through. We made sure to focus just on the wall disappearing and nothing on the other side. But the spell would only last for two minutes before the pieces started to come back into their original place. Eric went through first and then everyone followed, Samuel and Mark leading the back.

Once I cross through the wall, I check out the surrounding, seeing that there are plenty of trees and shrubbery to hide our entrance. But that doesn't stop a hell dog from smelling us. The thing comes running up towards us, surprising me, but Lily and I still manage to communicate fast enough to send a sleeping spell it's way, rendering it useless for the next hour or two. Lily stayed close to me, and we cast a spell to mark her invisible to everyone around her, our enemies, but also our allies. This way she would not be a target.

The sound of our footsteps were muffled not only by the wind, but by Darrell's own look-away spell. We spent about five minutes creeping up to the house before spotting a vampire guard. Mary was the one to run over and incapacitate him-by snapping his neck. He'd live, as long as someone gave him blood within the next few hours but we were banking on that not happening.

Lily and I walked towards the second vampire guard, I used a silencing spell on him and then punched him in the kidney zone, hard. He fell to his knees and I then kneed him in the head hard enough to give him a concussion, and give myself a bruise. The guard laid on the ground prone and I signaled Darrell and Eric and they came forward out of the brush to break into the door. Eric took out a key which changed shape as it came closer to the lock on the door. He opened it quickly and we all walked inside. We were expecting an empty house. Instead, we were met with several servants, three to be exact, one male and two female.

"Well this isn't good," Eric states as he uses his wooden staff to send a sleeping curse at the three servants-causing them all to crumple to the ground like lifeless dolls.

"What the hell is going on in-" Someone says as they walk into the kitchen and spot the five of us standing there looking highly dangerous. Mary races forward and uppercuts the woman, but she retaliates by shoving Mary backwards and onto the floor. She bares her fangs at Mary and who only rolls her eyes in return. They then proceed to fight each other as we hurry pass her and further into the house. Darrell and Eric following closely behind. Lily and I slink past Mary as she smashes the vampires head into the hard floor, a vamp tooth flying across the floor. We reach a main hall, and notice that there are two demons on the steps running at us, one is possessed and the other a crossover demon, a cross between an orange colored lizard and human. The possessed demon had taken over a human woman that was in her 40's, with slightly graying hair, but that didn't stop her from kicking Darrell in the genitals just before he could cast a light spell against her. Eric was there just in time to use a spell to send the woman scurrying away from him, blood dripping from her ears, eyes, nose and mouth-screaming the entire time.

The crossover demon had reached us, and slashed out at me with its black claws, which I dodged.

*Blast him!* Lily said to me in mind speak and I had to stop myself from laughing as I sent the magic hurtling towards the demon who looked at me blankly, it's big black eyes looking comical. I then grabbed my angel sword from its scabbard, having it ignite almost immediately. With a quick slice, I managed to cut the demons head off in its moment of dumbness. Lily then alerted me to another vampire, that jumped off the second floor railing to the floor next to us, I used the same sword to stab it in the chest and pull upwards while I pulled it out of his body. Burnt flesh assaulted my nose as the vampire turned to a puddle of blood before everyone's feet.

That was two vampires down, and two demons. But they still hadn't found the boss vampire yet.

Splitting up, Mary went into the right hallway on the first floor. Darrell and Eric took the left hallway. Lily and I went up the stairs.

*Make us both invisible* Lily said to me in my mind. I cast the magic and looked at what I thought might be my hand, but couldn't see it. Strange sensation since I felt my hand was there, but not being able to connect that with vision of my hand was just mind boggling. We took a right down the hallway before us and tried our best to keep quiet footing as we approached whatever danger waited for us. I opened the first door I saw only to find an empty bedroom, I walked in to check the closet, and then the bathroom making sure it was indeed empty. But as I turned to leave, someone tried to throw a punch at me, missing by a long shot. They were tracking me by the sound of my clothes rustling, and my boots stomping on the floor, but knowing my general direction was only helping them marginally.

I had to show myself in some way by fighting back. So I ignited the blade in my hand which as I figured wouldn't be masked by the magic anymore. The vampire flinched at the flame and started to back away, but ruthlessly—I sliced down at their neck with the angel sword. Cauterizing flesh as I did and the vampire screeched a terrible noise. Before it could claw my eyes out, I used the sword to cut at its neck, severing their head from the rest of their body.

Lily and I began to run out of the room searching for anyone else who saw them but found no one.

*Let's keep checking, he's bound to be here*

*OK, let's catch us a super vampire* I retorted back to Lily, going to the next door down the hallway. I open it, and find an empty office. Closing the door again, I turn keep going down the hallway. As I reach for the third door, I hear a fierce growl from the one across the way-just before it explodes into pieces, sending wood flying at me and Lily. A vampire, the one we were looking for flashes his fangs at me-before teleporting directly in front of me. While I was invisible, this vampire could clearly tell where I stood. Before he could grab my neck, I brought the sword up—cutting at his hand. The vampires hand falls on the ground in front of me, solidly firm as the thing runs down the hall. I chase after him Lily following closely behind. We reach the end of the hallway only to find that the vampire jumped out the window onto the ground below.

*Lightning bolt* Lily suggests and I gather all of the power I can from Lily and spindle it into a bowling ball before sending a lightning bolt from my hands at the vampire running towards the wall. It hits the vampire, exploding it into bloody pieces of tissue, meat, and bone. Lily lets the invisibility drop from us as she looks out the window at the pile of goo on the grass that was once a full-fledged vampire.

"I hope those dogs don't eat that," Lily says. I raise my eyebrow at her. And turn around just in time to be punched in the face, hard enough to topple out of the already open balcony and fall towards the ground. Landing on the ground hard enough to send a jolt through my entire body. I take a deep breath and start to cough. Slowly I sit up but before I could stand-someone grabs me by the neck in my temporary daze, blood seeping from my broken lip.

"I've been waiting to see you, cretin," the crossover demon says to me. He looks completely normal, unlike the other crossover demon I saw in the forest. I know he wasn't possessing a human body, there was no way. The way he was able to move with unfathomable speed was the main giveaway. The black bottomless pit of eyes that if I looked at long enough, I could see my reflection, was another giveaway. And if I looked close enough, I could see the greenish tint under his ivory skin, that made him appear completely un-human. I made these observations in the five seconds before I was tossed backwards nearly twenty feet, hitting a stone statue in the garden—shattering it on impact. I groaned at the bruise I'd be feeling later, and quickly stood up.

*Can we zap this bug?* I pushed the thought at Lily.

*Yes* Was her reply. I gathered energy in my hands and sent the bolt of lightning towards the demon, but before it could strike his body, he dissipated into smoke, and reappeared in front of me, dagger in hand. I brought up my arms to block his stab, and he cut right through skin and muscle-sending my blood splattering on the grass. Going to shove him with another explosion of electricity-he turned to smoke before I could lay my hands on him. Falling to the ground surprised, I roll over just before the demon can stomp my head into the dirt. Growling he then takes his dagger and stabs down at me again, and I hold up my bloody arms again, this time a shield in place with Lily's help. The dagger shatters with the immense strength the demon uses to kill me. I look up at the thing and send a flame at him but again he uses his smoke act to get away.

*Freeze it!* Lily cries at me, urgency in her voice. I wait for the demon to appear again, but this time he's right behind me and he kicks the back of my knees forcing me to the ground. He then wraps and arm around my neck, but I use the magic coursing through my body and freeze the demon in place. I struggle to get out of his hold as he remains frozen in place, crouched over. I rush to pick up my angel sword that fell in the grass and then stab the demon in the chest, igniting the flames seconds after it's in place, and watch as the demon's body fades away in ember and ash. I go to glance up at Lily on the balcony but then hear an ominous thunder clap, and turn just in time to see Gaby reaching out for me. I go to block her with the sword, but she pushes it aside deftly and grabs hold of me. I feel the tall tell sign of being teleported as the world turns into a spinning light show. We reach a bright light at the end of the tunnel and I close my eyes at the intense heat and light pressing out at us.

When I open them again, I'm face down in grass. I look up and see a glen with a small stream nearby. Birds are chirping and I can almost hear a song in the distance, beckoning me to come. I turn to look at Gabby behind me. But all she says is sorry right before she kicks me in the head hard enough that the my light switch gets turned off.