Nights were made for this.

Lights flicker out;

Curtains after a play,

Honey golden sadness

Seeps into my pores.

Blood replaced with

Bittersweet sorrow.

Nights were made for this.

Turning searchlight eyes skyward;

Breathing your name to the stars

So you can wander towards their glow in a whisper

Millenniums after our bodies have


Nights were made for this.

Made for

Immortality echoed in the muffled crack

Of an optimistic heart,

In the fossils of reflection carried from

River banks to oceans-

The world does not have the capacity to forget.

Nights were made for this.

It's when the universe carves your name

Into its flesh

So we may live on as invulnerable as the abyss,

Made to remind us

That within us there are

Fragments of space

Expanding endlessly-

We were born

To live forever.