just the feel of your skin
lets that magic begin
and just knowing that i'm yours
brings that stupid old grin
and the feeling that i'm falling in
love with you even more

because some days go fast and some days go slow
till the time that you're in my arms
and somedays i know
i'll just fucking explode
until the day i get to

just feel your skin
and let that magic begin
and i still know that i'm always yours
but i hope this stupid grin lasts
through our separate paths
because i'm missing you more and more

so let's lighten our load
just let the stars explode
and know that we'll still be here
the distance is far
but you'll strum your guitar
and know that you're in my heart

because just the feel of your skin
as the sun's coming in
and you're waking up in my arms
means that we've gotten through
and the magic is new
every day that I know I'm yours

Just a dabble in songwriting. For Travis.