01. i am/2011

i am song lyric,
bottled up and adapted for better consumption.
i am poetry, or wine,
chalked or graffiti-ed on the street
and bottled up, a purple gas.
i am song lyric,
hiding in the front pocket of your pants,
asleep, but awakened by your touch-
i am sleep medicine,
injected into your bones and running within your veins
choking up your lungs,
i want to be the air you breathe!
i am song lyric,
breathing in the dis in te grated particles i myself speak
they're toxic but i've got no air left
i'm suffocating in an empty town of you
i am not willing to speak (let me sleep)
i'm tired and my mind is scattered all over
plots, positions, peroxide—are all the same in my brain

i am song lyric
asleep in his pocket
still innocent, still vulnerable
untainted by the bottle that keeps me
shut inside, as if i was medicine,
but i'm not medicine,
and i'm sorry i can't be.