Everything started that faithful day. That day I lost everything my parents, my sister, my home; everything. I've lived alone since then hiding in the shadows keeping away from everyone. You see if they knew the truth if they knew who I really was they'd kill me. That is why I have to keep away from them—a monster. That's what I am a monster nothing more nothing less. Everything was due to the accident. My parents worked in a secret company my sister and I were too small to know anything about it except that it was a secret that no one should know about it. They told us to keep it a secret for our own good they never did say from what. The thing is we went down to the basement when our parents were gone; you're probably thinking well what's so wrong with going to the basement right? Well you see the basement was were our parents kept everything that had to do with their work, they were currently doing some type of research and would never let us so much as walk down the stairs to the basement. We had only been down there once or twice when we had just moved into the house Elizabeth my sister was just a newborn and I was around the age of five. But afterwards we were never permitted to go down there as we grew up older the more our curiosity grew for knowing what was down there.

I don't exactly remember the reason why we decided to go all I remember was that we did. Down there was some new kind of research lab so different from what I had remember to actually be the basement. Something about it spooked me but it fascinated Elizabeth. I don't remember much what happened next I just remember hearing our parents come down the stairs to the basement and open the door. I had been holding a small device I had found on one of the many boxes littering the basement; there were many of them but it didn't look messy—it was actually far from messy. When I heard my mother scream at me to not touch that I jumped dropping whatever it was I had in my hand. My parents had screamed to get out as fast as we could to run and keep running not looking back. I remember looking down at my hand as it glowed with an indigo tint. I heard my mother shriek to leave and I turned to look at my five year old sister graved her hand and ran out of the basement as fast as my legs could take me. I heard Elizabeth cry behind me but I didn't let go my mother's words still in my head. "Run, run, no matter what you see or hear keep running and don't look back"

Elizabeth cried out to our parents trying her best to keep up with me as we ran farther and farther away from the house. We ran towards the woods that surrounded the back part of our house. Elizabeth let go of my hand her legs giving out under her I yelled her name as I turned to look back in that moment the sound of an explosion was heard from the direction of our house. Elizabeth sobbed grabbing fists of dirt as she called out to our parents. A big cloud of smoke was forming in the sky. My vision blurred as I squinted through the trees trying to figure out if there would be any possibility that our parents had survived. I looked back up to the cloud in the sky that was starting to have a purplish-blue tint to it and a weird smell started coming from it. I looked down to Elizabeth who now stared blankly at the floor, her skin was turning pale.

"Elizabeth are you okay?" I remember asking as I lifted her chin with my hand that wasn't stained with the indigo tint.

"I feel funny." She looked into my eyes with her cloudy blue eyes. "I don't like it."

"We need to go."

"But I can't move Andrew, I'm too tiered…"

I looked into her eyes her skin tone getting paler by the minute and pulled her to her feet. Elizabeth started whining as her legs threatened to give way again. She tilted from side to side dizzily. "Hop on then, here I'll help you." I remember letting her hop on my back. She was much more light than usual which at the moment had worried me. I secured her on my back and kept running into the woods.

Since the day we had moved into our house I had explored the woods. I know them like the palm of my hand. Elizabeth had joined me in my excursions in the woods since she had learned to walk since our parents were always so busy this was how we'd pass our time. How me and her had grown so close even with our age difference we were always together. Now she was all I had or so I thought. I ran into nightfall and far into the middle of the night until I couldn't even see where I was going nor could my legs keep going.

It was mid spring so we were lucky it wasn't too cold in the woods but even then the temperature dropped a lot. I cradled Elizabeth in my arms as she shivered and laid down under a big tree. Her lips where tuning blue I took off the jacket I always wore and wrapped it around her. I shivered and hugged her closer to keep warm.

"Shhh it's all going to be okay I promise." I whispered into her ear trying to calm her down. She curled up into a tiny ball in my arms trying to stop from shivering making me only hug her tighter to me.

"What about mommy and daddy? Why didn't they follow us?"

"I'm afraid mommy and daddy couldn't…they… they're gone Ely…"

"What do-o y-you mean they're g-g-gone?" Her trembling had only worsened I hugged her tighter placing my chin on top of her head.

"They're not going to come looking for us Ely. They're gone….they went to heaven."


"Shhh lets go to sleep you'll see things will be better in the morning." I remember falling asleep soon after that holding Elizabeth as close to me as possible wrapping my arms protectively around her.

That morning when I woke up I noticed that Ely had stopped shivering. As soon as I opened my eyes I was shocked at what I was seeing. What was left of my little sister was nothing but a shell of what she had looked like 24 hours before. Her blue eyes had no life in them they were no more than a faint grayish-blue and looked sunk in to her skull. Her face looked like the life had been sucked out of her. Elizabeth's tiny body was nothing but skin and bones. I felt the tears run down my cheeks as I called her name. Her skin was a bluish-gray. Her pretty pink lips had more of a black tint to them than the blue they had the night before.

"Ely-y-y…" I unwrapped my jacket from her as it looked like it engulfed her tiny frame. Her hands had been clutching my shirt so hard her knuckles still looked white. Her little shoes had fallen to the floor. I sobbed hugging what had been left of my little sister. I sobbed as I had lost what was left of my family.