My eyes are closed.

When they open I realize that is was just a dream. A dream in which I was alone. I look to my right and there is my adoring wife. Prim blonde hair. Her eyes are closed but I know they are green.

I get up, do some groggy stretches, and walk into the kitchen.

Breakfast wasn't going to be big this morning, just something simple. I made the waffles, eggs, and sausage. Freshly squeezed oranges dripped into the glass slowly. It was in that moment i felt soft cold hands touch the back of my arms. "Good Morning," She said as her lips touched my cheek.

I turn and there she is. Her blond hair glistens in the sunlight coming through a nearby window. Her clear blue eyes seemed to peer into my soul.

"I see you got up before me," she then punches my arm, "I told you I would". I smiled, grabbed a plate, and sat down.

She sat across from me and cut a small portion of pancake off and slowly raised it to her mouth. I would have been very cute.

"Happy anniversary love..." she said. Then she gives me a look, a look of ponder. "Do you remember the day?". What kind of question is that? Of course I do.

"The day we almost never made it. It was high-school... we had been talking a little and you asked me out."

I remembered. It was the best decision I never made.

My head hit the table. I wished that she was real. My previous decisions have proven not worthy. Who knows where she is. If only I things would have been different. But there is no turning back. I am too far forward.