Author's Note

Hello my readers! This is my first ever attempt at story-writing. The chapters will most certainly be much longer than this as this is just a prologue. Thoughts and critiques are more than welcome so leave a review if you can. Thank you!


Many may think my heart is frozen. I say it's hardened. Hardened by reality. But what's the difference between the two? Well let me tell you.

To have a frozen heart is to be fearless. To fight as though there is nothing to lose. To be set on a path of revenge where nothing from heaven, earth, or any realms in between can stop you. That is not who I am.

As I have said, my heart is hardened. One with a hardened heart is brave. Brave hearts fight for a reason. You may find me ruthless, for I have made decisions that most would find unthinkable. That's because I am no hero, but a survivor. In difficult times, one must let go of the one thing they never dreamed of parting with, because it's for the best. In those times, I had shut myself from all means of emotions and faced the harsh reality head-on.

I simply cannot let myself feel again, even today. For haunting my dreams are ones I couldn't save.