Summer's Crystal Chapter One:

Chapter One:

Summer was a pretty girl. Her long blonde hair whipped around her as she rode her purple bike down the street. The school bell rang. It was after school and her head was full of the math problems and Grammar papers.

As she rode her bike down the street to her and her Mother's house, she sighed. There were three new girls in school. They were very different from the other kids in the school. They dressed in black and had strange dark purple crystal necklaces around their necks. They had matching green eyes and occurring from what she heard, they were sisters.

One girl in particular, named Christine, had long brown hair, was a little taller than most girls. She was the oldest out of the three and also wore a long black dress with a dark purple crystal. The girl smiled at everyone both not in a good way. She tripped over one boy who had glasses on, and she taunted another girl who had injured her ankle.

The second girl, named Abigail, was a little shorter than her older sister had just like her, was mean. She had red hair and she never smiled. She had the same green eyes and like her sister, wore a black dress but hers had lace in the sleeves. Like her sister she had a dark purple crystal around her neck.

The third girl, like Summer, had blonde hair wore a long black dress but she carried around her a dark red teddy bear. She had green eyes, and her dark red teddy bear had a dark purple crystal that was tied to the neck of the teddy bear.

Summer smiled as she waved at her best friend, Danielle, who was a funny and sweet girl that Summer became friends with in kindergarten when Summer started going to school. Danielle and her family lived a block away from where Summer lived with her mother, Gina.

Summer's mother worked at a restaurant as a waitress. When Summer was in school, her mother would work and sometimes at night to make extra money and Summer would stay with her grandmother, Grace.

Danielle was waiting for Summer to come over. She told her in school that she would go to her friend's house after school. She waved at her best friend as Summer rode her bike to her house.

"Hey Danielle, I need to borrow your cell phone, I have to call my Mom," she said.

"Okay," as her and Danielle went inside Danielle's house to use the phone.

After a while of helping each other with each other's homework, they decided to go for a walk in the nearby.

"Hey, wanna go into the woods over there?" Danielle said. She wanted to go into the woods for a good reason. She heard there was a secret hidden treasure there.

"I don't know Summer, my mom would not want me to go down there," Summer answered.

"Come on, there is a secret treasure there in a what do they call it, a 'clearing' by a pond," she said.

"Really?" Summer asked. One of the reasons why Summer liked Danielle so much was because she was always fun, sweet, and also looking around for adventures. When she heard about the stories of a magic crystal, she wanted to be the first to find the crystal. It was supposed to be shaped like a butterfly crystal and it can make pretty rainbows.

Summer thought about it for a minute. She wasn't sure if she wanted to go into the woods. She heard there were snakes in the woods, not to mention she heard from the other adults in the neighborhood where her and her mom lived, that the woods were haunted.

But then again, she didn't want to look scared in front of her friend either. Besides, what is the worst that can happen?

"Okay, but we can't let anyone know, if my mom finds out…" Summer began to say.

"Don't worry, she won't" Danielle said as she took Summer's arm and walked with her.

Both girls decided to go into the woods, to find the crystal with the magical powers.