Chapter Sixteen: The Shock of the Fall Season

It was the day of the Fall Festival. Thankfully, Amy, Marissa's mother was gone for the day. She said she had some appointments that day, on a Saturday. Marissa was in her room. She was torn. She was dressing herself up to go to the Fall Festival. But she was in tears. Why couldn't she live in a world where it didn't matter to anyone who she was with? She searched her feelings and her whole being. She wondered if Justice ever felt that way about herself too. She thought she knew herself, but now, being with Justice, there was something inside of her that was waking up, a part of her that was either dead or asleep, the part of her soul and her heart. She thought that she was in love with Chad, but did she knew what love is then? Did she knew herself then?

Her father walked into her room.

"Are you ready for the Fall Festival?" he asked her smiling,"I am taking you and Victoria." Marissa smiled.

"Yes," she said. Then, he sat down next to her.

"Are you and Justice dating each other?" he asked. Right then and there, Marissa's mouth went dry and her heart started to beat. Kurt saw the fear in his daughter's eyes.

"It is okay, if you are Marissa, but please understand, I don't understand those feelings, that one person have for someone of the same sex, but I do understand love and that is all that matters to me," he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"What I mean, is that you are my daughter, and I want you to be happy, and I don't want you to be ashamed, or feel bad for feeling the way you feel, if you love Justice and she treats you right and doesn't hurt you, then it is fine," he said.

"What about Mom? Why does she have to be so I don't know, upset?" Marissa asked.

"I think your mother has bi polar depression, and I think that unless we get her some help soon, she would get worse, but that is my issue, I will deal with it, but all you have to do is live your life, right now, you are young, go to the Fall Festival, if Justice is there, then be with her, just don't get too carried away," Kurt suggested.

Then, someone else walked into the room. Marissa looked up and smiled so brightly. There stood Justice. She was so beautiful. She was in her basketball jersey and blue jeans and her black curly hair was tied back in a ponytail. Marissa went to her and hugged her.

"I called her, I found her number in your cell phone, I am taking you and her and Victoria," he explained. Justice looked at her.

"Let's go," Justice said.

They arrived at the Pier. The Fall Festival went underway. There were decorations everywhere. The school colors, purple and white were everywhere, balloons, as well as Fall colors, red, orange, yellow and brown were everywhere. It was in October, the temperatures were getting cooler, and everyone was wearing jackets, and hoodies.

Brianna was there with her two friends from the cheerleading squad, Brooke and Tina were there. Brianna showed them the pictures of Justice and Marissa together, hugging and kissing together.

"I used to think she was a goody, goody, but not anymore," Brooke teased.

"If she does showed up, I will expose her," Brianna threatened.

At the entrance of the Pier, Justice and Marissa met up with Lexi and Josh, a boy she was dating for a while. Justice told Marissa and Lexi about what Brianna said. Marissa and Lexi looked at each other.

"We don't have to be here," Marissa started to say. Justice looked at her. Inside of her, she was scared, she was afraid of what people would say about her and what will happen to her. But for the most part, she was afraid of what will happened to Marissa and Lexi too. One of them was her best friend and the other one was her girlfriend.

"I have to, I already told Ms. Williams," Justice said. She felt comfortable about Ms. Williams for some reason. But she was determined that Brianna would not bully her or scare her away. Lexi took one of her hands, and Marissa took her other hand. Justice and Marissa looked at each other. They loved each other and they shared their love with each other's eyes.

"Let's go," they agreed.

The whole day, there was no incident. Justice had her own little booth, face painting the children whose parents paid a dollar for. A couple of parents of the other athletes joked with her about how their season was going. Justice joked back and laughed with them. Marissa bought her a soda and brought it over to her. But they were on edge.

Then, Brianna looked over at the dunking booth and saw Justice there. She saw her smiling and laughing with other people. Everyone around Justice were smiling and enjoying themselves around her. Everyone liked her and loved her and respected her.

"That's it," she thought.

At the end of the day, everyone gathered around the platform. It was the crowning of the King and Queen of the Fall Festival. Neither Brianna or Justice were nominated. Justice didn't care but Brianna hated the fact that they didn't even consider her at all.

"WE NOW CROWN THE FALL FESTIVAL KING AND QUEEN OF THE FALL FESTIVAL, ANDRE DAVIDSON, AND THE BEAUTIFUL CASSIE THOMPSON!" the principal, Mr. Johnson said into the microphone as Andre, Justice's brother was crowned king and his best friend who he was hoping will be his girlfriend, were crowned the king and queen of the festival. Justice cheered loudly and so did Marissa and Lexi.

But then, Brianna had taken over the microphone after the festivities were over.

"Everyone I have an announcement to make," she stated. Suddenly, Justice frowned. She remembered the threat. She was going to do that here, in front of everyone!

"One of our most established and honored stars of the basketball team, one of the Lady Gladitors, is hiding a secret, a secret, that I think we as a school and as a community must know," Brianna went on. Marissa and Justice looked at each other. Justice must do something quick! Everyone was looking at each other and at themselves. Who was she talking about and what was she talking about? The Lady Gladiators were the best basketball team. What was going on?

Then, Brianna brought out a blue screen. With Brooke's help, and a laptop, what appeared on the blue screen was the pictures. There were pictures of Justice and Marissa. They were kissing each other and hugging each other. When the one picture of Justice and Marissa sneaking into the tower, and kissing each other like boyfriend and girlfriend, everyone gasped. Justice felt like she had died on the inside. Everyone turned and looked at her. Some people had looked at Marissa. Ms. Williams, the coach covered her mouth to hide her gasp. She was afraid something like this would happen if Justice wasn't careful about herself. She remembered finding Justice and Marissa in the locker room kissing each other. She closed her eyes and hung her head. Debbie, and the rest of her family watched in horror. Debbie wanted to smack the blonde for doing this to her daughter. Kurt himself, was shocked. As far as he knew, his daughter didn't have any problems in school and he just found out about his daughter having a relationship with this girl. Why was this girl doing this?

Justice did something she thought she was too strong to do, she started to cry. She looked at each face that was looking at her. Kevin walked up to her.

"You gay?" he asked. His voice had disgust in it. She looked at him. Then, he looked at Marissa.

"Well, I hope you enjoy yourselves, you dikes!" he said.

"Look at the 'hero' everyone! Look at the girl you all hailed as the best of the Lady Gladiators! She is gay!" Brianna taunted.

Justice looked at everyone again one more time, and turned and ran away.

"Justice!" Lexi cried out. Then, without missing a beat, Marissa went after her, herself was in tears.