Summer's Crystal Chapter Fifteen:

Chapter Fifteen:

Emily gasped as she saw what she saw. She saw the Daughters of the Dark Earth Princess kidnap someone. Or at least, she thought she saw them kidnap someone. She was scared and she was mad. There was no reason for them to do that. But then again, they were the bad guys and that was what bad guys do right? She knew who that girl was. She was one of her new friend's Summer's friends. She wanted the same kind of friendship too with someone. Maybe with Summer too?

Emily watched in horror as she saw a bright dark purple light ball quickly absorb them. She had to tell her mother as well as Summer. She turned around and started to run.

Summer started to walk home alone from school. She was walking down the street when Emily caught up with her.

"SUMMER!" she cried out. Just then, Violet, and Victoria ran up to her.

"Summer, we need to get to your house okay?" Violet said.

"Our moms are meeting your mom right now," Victoria said.

"Huh?" Summer asked.

"SUMMER!" Emily cried out.

"WHAT!" the three other girls cried out.

"Summer, the bad girls took Danielle!" Emily said.

"WHAT!" Summer cried out.

"She said that the bad girls.." Victoria began to say.

"I heard that!" Summer said. Bad girls, those girls, Christine, Abby and Nancy, daughters of the Dark Earth Princess Witch. They took Danielle! No!

"I need my mom! She will know what to do!" Summer said. Then, all four girls ran towards Summer's house.

Gina, Rosie, Amelia, and Jasmine stood in front of Gina's house. All four women watched the sky. Just suddenly, there was a heavy black cloud hanging over the sky. The air turned bitter cold.

"I remember these clouds," Amelia said. Jasmine and Rosie looked at each other.

"So do I," Gina agreed. Just then, Rosie turned to her.

"We cannot wait any longer, Elizabeth has gotten stronger, and we need to defeat her now!" she cried out. Gina looked at her.

"Yes," She agreed. Just then, the four girls ran up to their moms.

"MOM!" Summer cried out.

"Summer?" Gina asked.

"They stole Danielle!" Summer cried out.

"Huh?" Gina asked.

"They took the Danielle girl and took her with them!" Emily cried out. Everyone gasped.

"What?" Gina asked. Now, they are using Summer's best friend to hurt us. Enough is enough!

"Come on, let's go!" Gina ordered.

Suddenly, there was a flash of bright light. The bright light surrounded the four women and the four little girls. Then, everyone's bodies started to glow.

"Momma?" Summer questioned.

"It is okay, it is our powers, we are summoning them right now," Gina said with a smile. Then, she bent down.

"Believe in yourself, child, have faith in yourself," she whispered into her ear.

"Believe in myself, Believe in myself," Summer thought over and over again. Her mind started to clear. All of her self doubt, all of the sad feelings went away. Suddenly she felt it. She felt the magic entering her body.

"I am becoming her. I am becoming the Earth Princess!" she thought happily to herself.

Suddenly, a bright green dress appeared on her. The Butterfly symbol appeared on her chest, as well as the crystal she got from Danielle appeared.

The bright light went away. There they were, the Four Earth Princesses, and their daughters were ready to fight once again.

"Come on, Let's go," Gina ordered.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion that Elizabeth owned, a dark cloud hanged over it.

Elizabeth crackled an evil smile across her face.