Summer's Crystal Chapter Seventeen:

Chapter Seventeen:

Summer and Danielle looked at each other.

"I am so sorry, Summer, they made me do it! The mean lady made me do it! I didn't really want to," Danielle sobbed. Summer's heart went out to her. She wasn't really mad at her. She just wanted her to be safe.

"It's okay," Summer said.

"Elizabeth, enough is enough, let the little girl go, let's settle this once and for all," Gina ordered. Elizabeth sneered at her.

"Your daughter is here, the other Princesses daughters are here, why don't my three little girls take on your little girls, and see who would win," Elizabeth taunted. Rosie stepped up.

"That is four against three, you know that right?" she replied. Elizabeth glowered at her. Then, the three girls stepped into the room. Christine, Nancy, and Abigail stared at the four little Earth Princesses.

"Don't underestimate them," Elizabeth said. Summer, Victoria, Violet and Emily stepped up in front of their mothers. Summer remembered the dark girls. She remembered what they did. She would never forgive them!

Abigail, the smallest of the trio, stepped up. She had her teddy bear with them. She had always carried that teddy bear with her.

Suddenly, the eyes of the teddy bear started to glow. The four Little Earth Princesses gasped.

Then, a light shot out of the the eyes. Violet, who was Rosie's daughter, was hit by the light. She cried out as she was sent to the floor.

"Violet!" Rosie cried out. The other three stared at her.

"Hey!" Emily cried out.

Jasmine grabbed her small crystal that was around her neck.

"Waters of the earth help us now!" she chanted.

Christine, with no expression on her face, watched on.

"Do what you will," she said. Nancy looked on.

"I will destroy them!" she said. She pulled out a black stick that looked like a magic wand. Violet, Summer, Victoria, and Emily looked at each other.

"Mom, we will take care of them, how about you and the other moms take care of that evil queenie person?" she suggested. Gina looked at her own daughter. For a moment, Summer acted like a real Earth Princess.

Abigail, the smallest of the trio, stepped up next to Nancy. She glared at the smaller younger Earth Princesses. Then, she held up her white teddy bear. She had carried that teddy bear everywhere she went, and she wasn't seen without it. Summer and the others were suspected that there was something else going on with that teddy bear.

Then, the pink eyes of the teddy bear started to glow. Abigail smiled. It was the first time that she had seen that girl smile. This was probably not good. Then, pink lightning shot out through the eyes and was aimed at Summer and the others. Summer stood there scared as the pink beam of light went straight for her.

"SUMMER!" Gina cried out as she ran to her daughter.

"GINA!" Rosie cried out. Summer ran away from where she was standing.

"BY THE POWER OF THE WATERS OF THE EARTH, DESTROY THAT LIGHTNING!" Victoria cried out. She had pulled out a light blue crystal wand and pointed it at the teddy bear. Suddenly, a light blue beam of light, that was mimicking how a river would run, was shot straight for that teddy bear. The light blue water beam shot through the air, and hit the white teddy bear. The teddy bear flew out of Abigail's hands. She gasped. Summer and Gina looked on as Abigail glared at the dark haired girl.

"You hit my sister, you will pay," Nancy said with a glare in her own eyes.

"Well, well, I guess I am not the only one with daughters with special powers," Elizabeth taunted.

"Enough of you!" Rosie cried out as she went to Elizabeth. She managed to run up to her and tackled her to the ground.

"If I had my handcuffs, I would so take you to jail right now," Rosie said as she was on top of the wicked Dark Princess. Her and Elizabeth struggled. Christine watched as her mother struggled with the Fire Princess.

"Distract the others, Summer go get that crystal that Elizabeth has!" Gina said. Remembering the Crystal, she ran to where Rosie and Elizabeth was struggling and fighting. Rosie looked at the butterfly crystal that was around Elizabeth's neck.

Then, Summer suddenly remembered Danielle. She was still chained up to the wall. Summer looked at her best friend.

"Wait," she said as she ran to where Danielle was. Emily and Violet went up to her. Jasmine and Amelia watched out and guarded their daughters.

"She is going to pull something, there is no doubt about it, she had used the Crystal's powers," Jasmine, the Water Princess said. Amelia nodded. Rosie managed to wrestle her to the ground.

"Give us the crystal,now," She ordered.

"You are all fools!" Christine said. Then, she pulled out her own wand. Nancy looked at her and smiled wickedly.

"Let's prove it to them then," she said.

"Dark Powers of the Universe, give us the power to take down the enemy once and for all!" Christine chanted as a dark purple light shined on the tip of her wand. Nancy joined her and pointed the tip of her wand. Then, two dark purple lights shined brighter and brighter. Everyone watched as the girls shot the beams of light at the Fire Princess and the Earth Princess. The magical beams of light hit Gina in the stomach and hit Rosie on the back. Rosie cried out and fell off of Elizabeth. Gina held her stomach as she fell onto her knees. Amelia went to her.

"Gina! Are you alright?" she said as she knelt next to her.

"Fools! Never underestimate the power of a Dark little witch like me," Nancy said as she suddenly appeared in front of them. Amelia placed her hand in front of her.

"By the Power of the Air in the Earth's Sky, I command you to stop immediately!" Amelia ordered. Jasmine went to Rosie.

"Rosie, are you alright?" she asked. Rosie groaned as she held her arm. Elizabeth towered over them. Her shadow completely blanketed them.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," she jeered.

Then, suddenly, a shot of dark purple magic hit Elizabeth on the back as well. She cried out in pain as she fell in front of the Rosie and Jasmine.

All three of them turned in shock to see Christine holding her wand and it was pointed at her own mother.

"Now, I am the one in charge now," she said in a cold voice.