Summer's Crystal Chapter Nineteen:

Chapter Nineteen:

Everyone gathered in Gina and Summer's backyard. Gina was having a barbeque and she made hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, a fruit salad, and everyone else brought everything else. Rosie and Violet brought macaroni and cheese, Amelia and Emily brought a veggie tray, and Jasmine and Victoria brought a chocolate cake. Danielle came as well, with bags of potato chips.

Once the food was done cooking, everyone gathered around and sat down at the table. It was a special celebration. The Dark Earth Princesses were gone and everything was back to normal. Christine, Nancy, and Abigail were never seen again at school. Some of the other kids asked about them, but eventually everyone forgot about them. The big dark house that Elizabeth and her daughters lived collapsed. But when construction workers went to clean out the debris, what was left of the house disappeared, like nothing was there. Elizabeth was gone as well.

"I am so glad that's over," Danielle said as she sat down next to Summer with a plate of food.

"Me too," Summer said. Then, she turned to her best friend.

"Hey, I have something for you," She said.

"What?" Danielle asked. Then, Summer pulled out a crystal, it wasn't the Earth Crystal, but it was an ordinary pink crystal that was shaped like the butterfly crystal. Pink was Danielle's favorite color and it was Danielle that lead Summer to the crystal and to her powers as well.

Danielle gasped as she saw the crystal. She took it in her hands and smiled at it. She looked at Summer. Then, she gasped. The other girls, Victoria, Emily, and Violet had pink butterfly shaped crystals that hanged around her neck.

"Now, you have a lot of friends," Violet said. The other girls smiled at Danielle.

"Yep," Summer said. Then, Danielle hugged Summer and Summer hugged her back.

"We are all Earth Princesses!" she said. The real one was in Summer's room, sitting on the drawer, ready, just in case something dark and evil comes to town again.

The women looked on as they smiled at each other.

"To the Earth Princesses," they said as they clinked their cups of soda together, as well as the girls clinked their cups of fruit punch together.

The sun shined down on them as they celebrated.

Meanwhile, the tree where the crystal once hid, still had the pink leaves and there was always a chance that something magical there, just waiting for someone to claim it.