Chapter 2: Welcome home.

Finally, the awaited day arrived. It was that very weekend on which Emmy had promised (more to her) to meet with Diego again. Dr. Santiago; again, was busy with the board meetings so, he was not able to come with his daughter, much to Emmy's disappointment. Now, her mother was accompanying her to the orphanage. "Come on mom!" she drawled. "We're going to be late!" Emmy shouted from the main door.

"Coming honey … let me just get the car keys," came Mrs. Santiago's sweet voice.

Emmy was the first one to come out of the car. She was so excited that just as she entered the building, the first thing she was eager to do was to run to the same bench where she had found Diego the last time. Meanwhile, Mrs. Santiago hummed to herself as she parked the car.

Emmy went to the vast ground where she looked around with her big questioning eyes, she was wondering where Diego was. Fortunately, Her Friend was sitting there on the same bench, with the same stoic and bored expression and his arms lazily crossed over his chest. Emmy smiled at the view and without wasting time, she ran into Diego.

"Hey!" Emmy said (almost screamed) happily as she excitedly sat down next to him, but was received with no answer. After some silence, her smile faded away since there was not much response from the person beside her. She inquired, albeit hesitantly, "So… have you decided anything about what I said last time?" She was again playing with her fingers, showing her nervousness.

There was some more silence but then Diego sighed. What do I have here anyways… a little change in this pathetic life could be worth something… Still not sure if he made the right decision or not he said, "I agree to your offer …"

Emmy looked at him, "Really!" she was shocked! He agrees? HE AGREES! She shook her head unbelievingly, "That is so awesome!" she actually resisted the urge to hug him. "I promise you'll have loads of fun," she said abruptly, not considering that if Diego had something more to say as he did open his mouth slightly indicating the exact notion. But Emmy was to much excite to care for his further words. "C'mon, let's meet my mom. I told her everything about you. She's just as excited as me to bring you home…" she said as she headed for the office.

Diego rolled his eyes, Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all… this girl talks to much. I might regret being with her in the near future.

"MOM!" the door to the office of orphanage opened with a big bang. "This is Diego…" Emmy said, slightly out of breath. She looked at where she thought Diego would be but he wasn't. A moment later though, Diego came with no expression on his face that would indicate he was happy. Mrs. Santiago smiled and hugged Diego tightly, "Oh, Diego! Emmy talked so much about you. I was pretty excited to meet you, kiddo!"

Completely caught off guard and being squeezed so tightly, Diego had a hard time saying, "Thank you … Ma'am," though deep inside, Yes, I regret my decision…

In the car, Emmy couldn't stop the smile spreading across her face as she sat next to her newest family member. "So, how old are you? I'm 15."

Taking a deep breath, he said, "17."


Diego raised an eyebrow, "Pardon?"

Emmy looked at him confused, "What?" The expression on Diego's face did not change and Emmy got the hint, "Oh…" she giggled, "It's just that I've always wanted a big brother is all" She smiled brightly at him.

A smile tugged at the corner of Diego's mouth but he didn't make it obvious.

When Diego entered the house, he was completely surprised and astonished by the size of the building. Though, he kept hold of his stoic expression. Mrs. Santiago shoved Diego into the living room, "So Diego, how's your home?"

After some silence, "Thank you," was all Diego said.

Mrs. Santiago got hold of Diego's shoulders (he was almost at her eye level) and made him face her, "Sweetheart, this is your home now. So don't ever feel out of place. You are my son now and everything here is rightfully yours. So, I want you to relax, enjoy and if there's anything you need-"

Mrs. Santiago was cut by her daughter's voice from behind Diego, "-you can call me!" At this her mother started laughing.

"Now Emmy, why don't you be a dear and show Diego his room?"

"Sure thing, mom," Emmy instantly replied.

Much to Diego's blow, Emmy grabbed his hand firmly and ran along with him to his new quarters. Of course Diego let her do so willingly or he could've shoved her hand away at the moment. When they reached in front of a door, Diego moved his hand away from Emmy's immediately. She didn't notice though because she was busy opening the door. She entered the room, turned on the lights, and stepped away, allowed Diego to enter. "So, what do ya think?" She asked proudly with her arms spread wide and a slight cocky expression.

Diego was amazed by the fine furniture and the fine sheets on the bed. However, he did his best to hide his expression and kept his cool. He went inside and sat on the bed, which was surprisingly soft and cozy, he then entered the bathroom, which was quite huge. It had a separate shower and a bathtub. The main wall of his room was painted royal blue (his favorite) and the rest were plain white. The room had a decent balcony and there was also a cupboard which was also, to his surprise (again), filled with the clothes of his size, They sure did make some exceptional preparations… His new room was somewhat Royal for his taste. And he liked it!

After a long pause he turned to Emmy, hands behind his back like some army general, "It's adequate," he said in a deadpan tone.

Emmy frowned at his comment, her pride fading now, "Why are you so stubborn to say that You like it?"

He smirked, "I always say what I mean to say. Unlike you, I don't like wasting a lot of words."

Her eyes widened, "Hey!" She was offended but she stopped, sighed and shrugged, "Whatever! Mom's preparing dinner; dad will also be home soon, why don't you take a bath and meet- WHOA!"

She was abruptly cut off when Diego shoved her out of his room and closed the door at her back. She turned around, now facing the door with anger and irritation quite obvious on her face, "Hey! What was that for? That wasn't kind at all!"

"You talk too much. I couldn't stand it so, I turned you out," he answered sarcastically.

"You're being rude!"

"I was intending to be and I don't care. Now leave me alone!" he said, being exasperate.

"Loser!" She took a deep breath (or breaths), I. Will. Not. Let. Him. Get. To. Me! He wants to play stubborn? Fine! He's got it!

Emmy was walking through the hallway, where she showed Diego his room (which was next to hers). Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring him here after all … She shook her head, No! I can't think like that he's family now. But, I definitely will teach him a lesson for ignoring me, Emmy thought. She grinned at it, then again shook her head, went down the stairs and caught up with her mother in the kitchen, where she helped her to set up the dining table. While setting up the table, Dr. Santiago entered through the kitchen door (lab was at the walking distance from the house and was in the same compound) and was greeted warmly by both of his lovely females. "So, where is our newest family associate? I've been eager to meet him."

"He's in his room, getting ready for dinner," Mrs. Santiago replied. "Honey, why don't you go and see what he's doing?" Mrs. Santiago gestured towards Emmy.


While going down the hallway, upstairs, the thought of teaching a lesson to a certain stubborn newbie refreshed in Emmy's mind. And she smirked (her smirk resembling Diego's) at it. She was in front of Diego's room. "Hey, Diego! Are you done yet? Everyone's waiting downstairs."

No response…

She got curious and it got to her so she entered Diego's room. The only light lit in the room, was of the lamps on the side tables and there was some coming from the bathroom. This proved that he was definitely in it. Diego's clothes were sprawled all over the floor, which were quite filthy. Emmy took them and hit upon an idea. Very silently, she got over to one of his bed's side table, slid the drawer open and got the keys of his closet. She then locked his closet, where all his clothes were hung and piled up and quietly sneaked out of his room while trying not to make any noise. She threw Diego's clothes in the laundry basket.

Emmy was standing against the wall in the hallway inspecting her nails as if waiting for something until finally, there was shouting at the door of someone very particular. She smiled coyly and lazily reached at the front of Diego's door and asked, "Why are you shouting, Diego?" There was sarcasm in her voice which really got to Diego.

"You know exactly, why the HELL I'm shouting!" he banged at the door.

Someone's got temper issues. "Why, I've no idea what you're talking about,' she replied feigning innocence.

"Look, I'm not very expert at being patient and I'm definitely not skilled at anger management, so be good and give me the keys," his voice now had a stillness in it that scared Emmy to some extent… but not too much.

"Well that seems true …" she mumbled to herself. "Okay," she paused as if contemplating on something; "Fine, I'll give you the keys…" she stopped again, "But on one condition…" Pause.

"Say it already!" agitation was now clearly written on his face that even Emmy could see it in her mind.

"Okay! If, you promise to watch a movie with me in the recreation room and allow me to give you the tour of the whole compound. Deal?"


Emmy rolled her eyes, "Deal?" she emphasized.



"No way in HELL, I'm doing anything with YOU!"

Emmy frowned; He's more stubborn than I thought. She shrugged casually,"Awe!" she cooed. "That's real bad then, I thought you didn't want to miss the entire mouth watering feast mom prepared "Just. For. You."

She was met with only silence from the other side. "Oh! Come on Diego! You won't regret having me to accompany you. Just say "DEAL"!" she stressed on her last words.

Inside the room Diego slammed the back of his body against the door and rubbed his temples with one hand. God she's whining again. After a few moments which were more like eternity, he said, "Fine, DEAL!"

"YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!" Emmy squeaked with joy and slid the keys against the floor, through the door and said. "See, that was easy." She rubbed her hands together in satisfaction.

Diego just rolled his eyes and scoffed. With a deep sigh that would cool him down, he went to the closet to get something ADEQUATE to wear. She knows how to get her way…

Emmy was sitting at the dining table with her parents, waiting for Diego's appearance. After a moment or two, the "New Grumpy Member" made his entrance. He sat next to Emmy, beside him, on the other hand, was sitting Dr. Santiago. He ruffled the boy's hair affectionately, "There you are, my boy. We've been waiting for you."

Diego looked at Dr. Santiago for a moment and then turned back to the table and said, "I apologize that I kept you all waiting for so long … I just got distracted." He said the last line while eyeing Emmy; eyes narrowed. While she smiled sheepishly at him. "Oh, honey, don't worry about it, things like these happen all the time," Mrs. Santiago said absently in her cheery tone while handing Diego something delicious for him to devour down.

The whole household began their dinner. Everyone felt like they were never this complete before, especially Emmy who was planning for tomorrow.