Author's Note: This is a short response to a themes challenge I've taken on deviantart. I really hope this doesn't come off as Twilight-ish as I think it does… It was just supposed to be a spin on Little Red Riding Hood with a wolf puppy. Still, I like it. Hope you do too! Who knows? If you really like it, I might write more.

*S. Snowflake

The young girl was unsure of what to make of the scene before her. This creature was a wolf, such eyes, ears, and teeth he had… they should have terrified her. And yet, as he rooted through the meadow full of flowers searching for something to bring her, she saw no villainy in his demeanor. The way he wagged his tail and whimpered as his search went on reminded her of a mere puppy from her village. She supposed that her confusion was because he was merely a wolf pup, but she knew that her mother wouldn't approve of this play, especially not while she was on such an important errand.

"U-funf-ut!" grunted the wolf pup, as he brought something indistinguishable back to her. He drew nearer to her and dropped whatever he was carrying in her lap. The wolf panted as she got a better look at the decayed mole–now nothing more than some bones, a fleshy tail, and patches of fur.
"You… really shouldn't have," she said, hoping the mole corpse wouldn't leave anything on her red cloak.
"Ah, I had to, miss," said the wolf, wagging his tail with approval. "It's not every day that I eat home baked goodies, after all." Then he licked his chops and gave a wolfy whine of approval. "Where did you say you were going again, miss?"
"To my grandmother's house," said the girl in the red riding hood. "I was bringing the goodies to her."
"Then I'll come along!" yipped the wolf pup. "There's a rabbit I could dig back up near my den. It's much fresher than the mole–"
"-Oh, that's not it," said the girl, interrupting the excited wolf. "I appreciate the gift, really. I just don't care for mole myself."
The wolf stopped his leaping and excitement, choosing instead to back away slightly on all four paws, a sad look on his face. "Yes," he muttered, "humans enjoy other things to eat, don't they? I'd forgotten…"
"Wolf?" said the girl, drawing nearer to the beast than any member of her village would ever tell her to.
"You'd best be on your way to your grandmother's house, miss. Your mother will be expecting you at home, as my pack is expecting me."
"Wolf, please don't feel that way," the girl pleaded. She reached out and petted the wolf, feeling the roughness of his fur, but strangely, no shiver down her spine.
The wolf, meanwhile, was stunned. She had touched him without any difficulty or fear. It couldn't be–it wasn't right… was it?