Chapter One

"I don't want to go," Callum groaned as his best friend went through his wardrobe. He was sitting on his bed watching the brunette scowl at pretty much every piece of clothing that touched her hands.

"Why do you not have any club clothes?" Georgia asked, ignoring him, tossing another holey shirt to the floor. Callum was not looking forward to cleaning up after Hurricane Georgia.

"I do have clothes, you just don't like anything."

Finally, Georgia pulled out a dark indigo silk shirt and a pair of black skinnies that were not stained or falling apart, tossing them to Callum and demanding he put them on. She then ushered him into the bathroom to gel and comb out his raven hair. Callum refused the eyeliner. He may have succumbed once, but never again was he going to be subjected to such torture.

Twenty minutes later, the two were on the streets heading for the club.

"So what's this place called?" Callum asked, running his hands through his freshly spiked hair. Hair gel had never felt quite right to him.

"I forgot. It's down on Keynes though so we won't miss it. Follow me and you better not slow me down and quite messing with your hair," Georgia said, her heels in her hand over her shoulder. And then she set off running down the street with Callum close behind. Vampiric speed beat paying for a car and gas any day.

In no time at all, they ended up in front of a club pulsing music with a line at the entrance that curved around the block. Callum grimaced seeing it. It was loud and neon and flashy. Everything he was not.

"How are we even going to get in?" Callum wondered, hoping that they wouldn't. It would cut this night considerably short and he would be free.

"Don't worry, Evelyn's friend has connections. We just need to wait for them here," Georgia replied, slipping her monster heels back on.

"I'm not worrying about that…" Callum muttered.

They didn't have to wait long before a girl with cropped blonde hair came running towards them with Georgia catching the girl in her arms and spinning them around before kissing her.

"Okay, save that for later," Callum butted in when the kiss started to become a little too heated for his taste. Other guys, like the ones watching them from the line at the club, may have found it arousing, but to Callum it was uncomfortable, and quite frankly, girls were gross.

The girl blushed and looked down while Georgia looked smug as hell.

"You must be Evelyn, Georgia won't shut up about you," Callum said, earning a hard elbow to the side for his comment.

"And you're Callum. Nice to meet you," Evelyn said with an honest, warm smile.

A gust of wind blew and a scent hit Callum's nose. He frowned, "You're a shifter?"

Evelyn bit her lip and nodded, "Panther."

"That's not a problem, right, Callum," Georgia threatened.

"No, not at all. I just wasn't expecting it," Callum raised his hands in surrender. "I've got nothing against shifters. Honest." Callum rarely had encounters with other paranormals and from the time he knew Georgia, she never went out with them either. She usually preferred the company of normal humans.

"Mason, my friend, is one too. He's a wolf," Evelyn said. "He's actually waiting for us inside. Let's go."

Callum tensed briefly but shook of his irrational fear and anger as well as the memories that came with the terms Mason, shifter, and wolf in one sentence.

The three went to the entrance and to Callum's surprise the bouncers recognized Evelyn and the three went straight inside, much to the ire of the people waiting in line.

As soon as they entered, Callum flinched. A dubstep remix of sorts was blasting through speakers and it was crowded. Jam-packed with clubbers he did not want to get acquainted with. He would have much preferred to be at home with a story and tea with too much sugar to be considered healthy. Why did he agree to come again? Oh, that's right. He didn't.

"Mason's waiting upstairs," Evelyn yelled over the music.

Callum followed Evelyn and Georgia to the roped off stairway and again, the bouncers recognized Evelyn and the trio were allowed to pass with no hesitation.

The VIP floor was much more to Callum's liking. He could still hear the music from downstairs, but it was at a more acceptable level, as he wasn't at the risk of going deaf. This floor also had a lot more booths along with a bar that wasn't as crowded as the one downstairs.

"Mason's in the corner over there. I'll go get us some drinks," Evelyn said.

"I'll help you," Georgia offered and the two headed to the bar while Callum walked over to where Evelyn pointed. He stopped short when he saw who was sitting there.


Mason blinked and then grinned, "Callum? Long time no see, man."

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm waiting for my friend to bring her girlfriend and her girlfriend's best friend for a double date thing."

Of all the wolf shifters called Mason, Evelyn's Mason had to be this Mason. He was handsome as ever. In fact, he seemed to have gotten even more gorgeous over the past five years. Callum didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Callum, why aren't you sitting down?" Evelyn asked as she and Georgia came up to the table holding a glass of crushed ice and some sort of alcopop in each hand.

"Yes, Callum, why not sit down?" Mason agreed, making a show of patting the space next to him.

Callum wanted to sit on the opposite side of Mason, but Evelyn and Georgia ended up taking up the spot before he could, so he really had no options. It didn't help his mood that Mason was grinning smugly and had scooted to sit closer to Callum who had consciously left almost a foot of space between them.

"I'm Mason," Mason said to Georgia. "And you must be Georgia. Evelyn hasn't been able to stop talking about you."

"All good things, I hope," Georgia joked, kissing the side of Evelyn's head.

Mason chuckled, deep and husky, "Don't have to worry about that." He turned his face to Callum. "So, Callum, we've got a lot of catching up to do. Last I saw you, you were human."

"You two already know each other?" Evelyn asked, surprised.

"Yes," the two replied, Mason much more cheerfully than Callum's remorseful tone.

"We went to high school together," Mason explained. "So how'd you turn vamp?"

"I'm a halfie," Callum replied curtly, trying to direct conversation away of the events of him being half turned.

"That mean you still blush all prettily?" Mason asked.

To Callum's horror, his cheeks warmed and Mason laughed, "There's my answer."

"Shut up," Callum grumbled.

"So how long has it been?" Mason asked.

"Two years," he was still keeping his curt tone.

"Are you going to warm up to me at all tonight?"

"He's not usually this cold," Georgia said, shooting Callum a look that read don't even think about ruining this night, you antisocial dweeb.

But Callum couldn't care less about ruining the night at that moment. He slammed his hands down on the table, getting to his feet. "Sorry I'm not sociable and pleasant to the guy that made high school a living hell for me. I'm going to the bathroom."

Without waiting for anyone, Callum stormed off to the bathroom, after having asked one of the waiters for the location of said room.

Once in the white marbled room, he went straight to the sink, turning the tap and splashing his face with water. When he could see again, he jumped with a shriek.

"Holy mother of Christ, don't sneak up on me like that!" Callum snapped, hand on his pounding heart.

"Sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to startle you," Mason said, trying to stifle his laughter.

"Like you didn't enjoy scaring the living daylights out of me in high school," Callum muttered bitterly. He leaned back against the counter to face Mason, hands gripping the counter top though in a way that he could push off of them to get a bit of propulsion in case he needed the extra push to get away.

"Look, I'm sorry about high school. I didn't really make it a living hell, did I?"

"It was close. You were relentless."

"I was a kid, Callum. A stupid kid—"

"Very stupid," Callum interrupted.

Mason continued on over Callum's comment, "—that didn't know how to tell the boy he liked about his feelings."

Callum blinked, "Wait. What?"

In two strides, Mason had Callum caged against the counter, towering over the raven-haired male as he had a good couple inches over Callum. Their lips were millimeters from each other, Mason's ocean blues locked on Callum's forest greens.

"Uh, t-too close, Mason," Callum stuttered, feeling that dreaded blush creep up his neck and into his cheeks and ears. If Mason was gorgeous from a distance, he was godly up close.

"This might be the Goddess giving me a second chance after screwing up the first time," Mason mused.

"M-Mason," Callum tried. "What are you talking about?"

"You know, I was pretty obvious back then too. Almost everyone knew, except, of course, for you." Mason chuckled, "Callum, I've been in love with you for nine years, and yes I'm including those five years we haven't seen each other because I never stopped thinking about you."

"B-But, you were horrible to me!" Callum argued.

Mason had the decency to look slightly bashful, "Yeah, I didn't grow out of that bully your crush phase until I had to leave middle of senior year and realized I never even got to kiss you. Which, by the way, I'm going to do now."

Before Callum could protest, Mason diminished those few millimeters between their lips and his eyes closed, arms wrapping around Callum's waist.

Callum didn't know what to do. He was shocked. Speechless. Mason, his high school tormentor Mason, was kissing him.

Callum put his hands to Mason's chest, subconsciously marveling at its broadness and firmness, in preparation to push him off. However, Mason chose that exact moment to slide his hands down into Callum's back pockets and squeeze.

Callum made a sound between a gasp and a moan and Mason used that opportunity to let his tongue side into Callum's mouth, drawing out a deep long groan.

As if a switch had been flipped, Callum's hands slid up Mason's chest, over his shoulders, up his neck, into his thick brown locks. Mason pulled Callum even closer, their bodies flush against each other. He helped Callum sit on the counter and stepped between Callum's open legs, their crotches coming into direct contact making both men moan and groan at the spark of pleasure.

They continued touching, licking, tasting, nibbling, and moaning until someone entered the bathroom, made a sound of surprise, and then immediately left.

Callum, realizing what had had just happened and where they were, pushed back and tried to catch his breath.

"That was even better than I'd ever imagined," Mason said, amazed. His eyes were slightly glazed over and a dreamy smile was playing on his slightly swollen lips.

"You've fantasized…that?" Callum questioned. His face was flushed and his heart was pounding. It was times like this that he wished he had been fully turned. No more blushing and racing heart then.

"I've fantasized a lot of things concerning you, Callum. In case you decided to forget, I did say I love you. And although I'm no longer a teenager, I'm still quite horny."

Callum felt his face getting warmer, though that really shouldn't have been possible considering he was already blushing like mad.

"W-We should head back. The girls might be worried."

Mason pouted, honest to goodness pouted, "I was hoping we could continue."

Callum pushed Mason away to slide off the counter but couldn't seem to meet Mason's gaze, "Well we're not. That won't happen again."

"You sure about that, Callum? You were just as into it as I was," Mason teased.

Callum flushed another darker shade of red, "I thought you said you outgrew the bully your crush phase."

Mason grabbed Callum's arm and pulled him flush against his chest, hugging him around his waist and pressing a kiss to Callum's forehead. "I never said I didn't like teasing the man I love," he whispered hotly into Callum's ear.

Callum shivered and pulled away, quickly fixing his hair and trying to not look completely disheveled before making his way out of the bathroom and back to the girls.

"What took so long?" Georgia asked, suspicion lacing her voice.

"We talked," Callum said, unable to meet his best friend's eyes. Callum knew she could easily read him and figure out what had happened, especially with his swollen lips and still flushed complexion. But hell if he was going to talk to her about it and thankfully, Georgia knew when to leave Callum be.

Mason, who had been hot on Callum's heels, slid into the booth with him, once again sitting much too close for comfort. Callum's left arm was burning where it came into contact with Mason's right. He scooted closer to the wall.

He grinned at Callum, "Just got a few things cleared up."

When Callum felt Mason's hand on his thigh, slowly rubbing through his jeans, Callum knew he was in for quite the night and most probably future. If there was one thing he remembered about Mason, it was that he was one stubborn wolf.

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